Skyrim:Fort Frostmoth

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Military Fort:
Fort Frostmoth
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 20
Ash Spawn, General Falx Carius
Important Treasure
Champion's Cudgel
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2FortFrostmoth01, DLC2FortFrostmothExterior01, DLC2FortFrostmothExterior02, DLC2FortFrostmothExterior03, DLC2FortFrostmothExterior04
Southeast of Raven Rock
Northeast of Old Attius Farm
Special Features
# of Ruby Geodes 3
# of Heart Stone Deposits 2
Fort Frostmoth

Fort Frostmoth is a small fortress located southeast of Raven Rock and northeast of Old Attius Farm. There are several ash spawn located both outside and inside. The fort is home to General Falx Carius.

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To the south of the fort is a jetty with a sunken boat partially submerged. The jetty is patrolled by an ash spawn. To the west are a couple of clams harvesting these will give you clam meat, and also a couple of spiky grass plants. Approaching the fort from this direction, you will have to climb a couple of flights of stone stairs. At the top of the second flight of stairs you will see a tower off to the east and another flight of stairs in front of you. The tower has a leveled ash spawn guarding it. Most of the tower has filled with ash, but descending the few stairs still visible you will find a knapsack and a skeleton that can be looted.

Climbing the stairs that were in front of you, you come to the main wall of the fort with an open archway in front of you. Passing through the arch will cause two ash spawn rise from the middle of the courtyard and you will hear General Falx Carius alert the guards to your presence. There is also a third ash spawn patrolling the wall above you. Attacking these will alert another ash spawn on top of a tower that is to the northeast. You can enter the tower and climb a spiral stone staircase to the top. At the bottom of the tower is a workbench that has nearly been completely buried in ash and several barrels.

The central courtyard has a thick covering of ash and everything in the courtyard is fairly well buried. These include two stables to the southwest. Several archery targets to the northeast and several sparring dummies also to the northeast. There is a building to the west with an unlocked wooden door in the center and towers at either end. Another building is to the north with a locked wooden door, marked as key required. It has a tower to the right with a wooden platform atop. Finally the previously mentioned tower to the northeast.

Fort FrostmothEdit

Entering through the unlocked wooden door to the west leads to a corridor with a room to the right and the corridor heading north-south in front. As you move further into the corridor an ash spawn will rise directly in front of you. To the south, through a doorway you can see a wooden ramp leading up. To the north are stairs heading down. In the room on your right is a table and two chairs, one of which is nearly completely buried in ash. There are two random potions of healing, magicka or stamina on the floor by the table. Turning north, the wall on your left is broken and you can pass through into the room behind, there is an ash spawn stood facing the door.

Around the room you can find a plate, two goblets, a horse hide, a knapsack all on the floor among the ash. An adept-locked chest is found between two of four partially buried unusable beds. Against the east wall is a deer pelt, a sideboard with a pair of leather boots on a shelf and a drum on top. To the right of this is a food barrel with a cup on the floor in front of this. There is the door the ash spawn was facing in the southeast corner, which opens back to the first corridor.

Opposite the door in the corridor, to your left as you enter the building is a storage area. There are six weapon racks against the side wall on your left, with an iron greatsword in one of them. On the floor in front of these is a steel sword. To the right of the weapons is a set of shelves containing two pairs of heavy imperial boots, two pairs of imperial light boots, three heavy imperial helmets, two pairs of heavy imperial bracers and two pairs of imperial light bracers. A second set of shelves is to the right of this containing a set of heavy imperial armor, a heavy imperial helmet, an iron mace and dagger. There is a third set of shelves opposite the weapon racks containing three leather strips, a troll skull, an East Empire Company strongbox and three random books. To the right of this is a barrel partially buried in ash.

Proceeding to the south you enter the room with the wooden ramp leading up to a ladder that provides an exit to the top of the tower. To the left of the ramp is a sparring dummy partially buried with two sacks and two pieces of firewood beside it. Against the east wall is a bench with a set of banded iron armor on the floor in front of it. There are two bottles of wine also on the floor in this area. At the back of the room on this side is a partially buried set of shelves with a deer pelt and two random potions. Underneath the ramp is a buried archery target and another piece of firewood. To the right of the ramp next to the doorway is a straw bale with a sack on top. On the floor in the area among the ash you will find a sample of wheat. Against the west wall is a bench and to the left of it a bookcase containing four common books. At the top of the ramp there is a small round wooden table on the left with a leveled bow and quiver of arrows.

Exiting through the trapdoor in the ceiling you come out on top of the roof with an empty platform beside you, a stone bridge links to the top of the other tower at the other end of the building. There are two leveled ash spawn. On top of the second tower is another wooden platform, this one has an unlocked chest on top of it. Between the tower, underneath the bridge is a roof, but there is nothing of interest down there. It is possible to use Whirlwind Sprint to reach the top of the building to the northeast and from there climb onto the tower where there is a leveled heavy armor helmet and a set of random enchanted armor by the wall to the left of a trap door. There is also an empty wooden platform to the right. This enables you to avoid most of the interior of the fort to reach the final confrontation with General Falx Carius.

Returning to the original corridor and heading north down the stairs you come to a room with a master-locked gate in front of you, there are two leveled ash spawn in this room to your right. There is an iron battleaxe in the southwest corner. A doorway in the west wall is blocked by cobwebs. In the northwest corner is a patch of Namira's rot fungus. The locked gate has two sacks and a fish barrel to the right of it. To the right of you as you enter this room is an archery target. Further around the corner is the stand for a second archery target with three sacks and a crate to the left. To the left of these on the floor is a note titled A Letter to Selina IV. It was written by her husband Maximian Axius whose skeleton is trapped under rubble beside it. There is also his knapsack on the floor beside him containing the three previous letters A Letter to Selina I, II and III. In the southeast corner is an overturned table and bottle of wine on the floor. In the northeast corner are six pieces of firewood that have fallen out of an overturned cart. To the left of these in the north wall is a path heading down.

Through the cobweb to the west is a tunnel that has partially collapsed. At the bottom you can see unusual spiders scurrying around. When killed, any that aren't albino are destroyed. The albino spiders remain and can be looted for albino spider pods and damaged albino spider pods. These can be used to create spider scrolls: see the relevant page for more info. At the bottom of the path you enter a cave with several albino spider eggs, which can also be looted for both types of pods. Around the walls of the cave you find from the left around a Heart Stone deposit and a ruby geode. Then following the wall to a lower level filled with shallow water. On your left is a second Heart stone deposit and a second ruby geode. To the north is a tunnel with more albino spider eggs at the end and to the right of this tunnel entrance is a third ruby geode. Geodes can be mined for the corresponding gems, both flawless and normal.

The master-locked gate is blocking access to a storeroom. It contains two sets of shelves separated by a barrel containing eight portions of moon sugar, the shelves hold nine eidar cheese wheels, six bottles of Nord mead, eight bottles of ale, five bottles of Cyrodilic brandy, two bottles of spiced wine and five bottles of alto wine. To the right of the shelves is an unlocked boss-level chest with a wall shelf over it, there is nothing of interest on the shelf. In the northeast corner of the room are two mead barrels with a salt pile on top of one of them.

Following the path down to the north you come to a corridor lined with two rows of coffins one above the other some of which you can loot for bone meal or a few septims, on your right beside the coffin on the bottom level is a metal bowl with a pair of iron gauntlets next to it. At the end of the corridor, through a light cobweb is another corridor running east-west which is also lined with more coffins in both directions. To the west is a leveled ash spawn. The coffins on either side of you can all be looted. On the top level by the first coffin on the right is an apothecary's satchel, a bowl of glow dust and a sprig of snowberries.

Further to the west is a large room with coffins all around the walls and also in the center. To the right of the second coffin on the bottom row on the left as you enter the room is a metal bowl containing a cup and pearl. Beside this are three iron daggers. At the end of the room against the west wall is an open coffin that has spilled the skeleton on the floor, inside the coffin is a random potion and a leveled one-handed enchanted sword. Behind this is an unlocked chest. The coffins against the north wall, the top one furthest from the door has a metal bowl to the right of it containing a bottle of Nord mead with a sample of wheat beside it. There are two coffins in the center of the room, on top is an apothecary's satchel and Ildari's journal. The journal talks about experiments using a Heart stone to reanimate general Carius and vengeance. Beside these coffins is a knapsack containing the Fort Frostmoth key as well as other loot. Back to the junction and opposite where you originally entered is a coffin with two random potions of healing, magicka or stamina. Past these are more coffins. To the left of the one on the bottom left is an iron ingot and leather strip, while to the left of the one on the bottom right is a pickaxe. Past these is a cave-in.

Returning to the room above, the door to the east requires the key previously collected from the knapsack to open. Through the door you have to climb a long flight of stairs. At the top is a room with a damaged stone pillar with wooden supports around it in front of you. Behind this off to the left is a you can see General Carius standing in the rear part of the room. Attacking him will cause three leveled ash spawn to rise around the room. General Carius uses a unique weapon called Champion's Cudgel which can cause a lot of damage each hit-see the relevant page for details. Around the room you will find, starting on your left as you enter a crate and cupboard, in the cupboard are five common books and four uncommon books. In the northwest corner on top of a large ash pile that has partially buried two tables a potion of plentiful healing can be found. Passing a buried unusable cooking pot stand and fire place, there are two bulbs of garlic by one of the stone pillars, with a hanging rack above holding a garlic braid. There are stairs leading up to an exit in the middle of the south wall.

In the rear part of the room are six chairs, some of which are partially buried. At the rear of the room against the east wall is a cupboard holding a set of small antlers, three common books, four uncommon books, and a random magicka and healing potion. In the center is an small wooden table with gloves and the rare knife weapon. Against the south wall is a boss-level unlocked chest. Between the chest and sideboard is a ladder to a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Exiting through the trapdoor takes you to the top of the tower with a leveled heavy armor helmet and set of random enchanted armor.

Exiting via the door to the south that requires the same key as previously used returns you to the courtyard.