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Ralis Sedarys
(RefID: xx018109)
Added by Dragonborn
Location Kolbjorn Barrow
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=15-60) Class DLC2Ralis
RefID xx018109 BaseID xx0179C7
Other Information
Health 176-581
Magicka 106-286
Stamina 78-168
Primary Skills One-handed, Light Armor, Block, Sneak
Perks Magic Resistance; Augmented Flames (rank 1); Bladesman (rank 2); Bone Breaker (rank 2); Custom Fit; Dual Flurry (rank 2); Extra Damage 2; Fighting Stance; Hack and Slash (rank 2); Impact; Recovery (rank 1); Regeneration; Savage Strike
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes, until stage 400 of Unearthed
Follower Yes, if spared at the end of Unearthed
Voice Type DLC2MaleDarkElfCynical
Faction(s) DLC2dunKolbjornMinerFaction; PotentialFollowerFaction
Ralis Sedarys

Ralis Sedarys is a Dark Elf who can be found at Kolbjorn Barrow. He came to Solstheim from Mournhold in search of the relics of Ahzidal, but found the barrow buried in ash. He wishes to excavate it to proceed with his expedition. He carries Hoarfrost, a unique ancient Nordic pickaxe, as well as a standard pickaxe, a few potions, an iron dagger, and a small amount of gems and gold. He wears leather armor with matching boots and bracers.

Should you spare him at the end of the quest Unearthed, Ralis will relocate to the Retching Netch in Raven Rock and become available as a follower. However, when you speak to him you will not get any dialogue options including the option to recruit him as your follower and he will only give generic greetings if you already have an active follower.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


"I'll manage the dig if you can manage the coin."

If you explore just northeast of the Old Attius Farm, you'll find Kolbjorn Barrow, where Ralis Sedarys stands around some recent excavation work. If you approach him, you'll hear him complain:

"Damn it, what am I going to do?"
What's the matter with you?
"With me? What's the matter with you? Sorry, I've just had a lot of hork-faced cowards coming by to mock my efforts. ... bah. It probably can't hurt to tell you. You look mostly honest. The name's Ralis. Ralis Sedarys, out of Mournhold. I've got a financier waiting for me back on the mainland. Sent me here in the interests of obtaining some rare antiquities. The 'Relics of Ahzidal.' But this whole thing became a disaster right quick, let me tell you."
What happened?
"You come out to the northern ashlands, you don't expect things to go easy, you know? But this was something outside my particular expertise. When I first got to Kolbjorn, you couldn't even see it. Buried in the ash, like most other things on this blasted island. Dug out a pile of the stuff taller than me just to find the barrow. Who knows how much to reach the door. Excavating isn't exactly my specialty. Even if it was, the ash storms fill it in faster than you can dig."
Why not hire some of the miners out of Raven Rock?
"You think I've got that kind of money? No, I only get paid on delivery. Can't afford to go out of pocket for a thousand septims on this. Takes money to make money, all that rot. There's a lot of it at the other end, but I can't get there without a little kick to start it off."
So what's this treasure you were after?
"You ever hear of Ahzidal? He was the first great Nord enchanter, maybe even the first human to master elven methods. His best work was buried with him, though. A set that my patron calls 'the Relics' are supposed to be down in his tomb. Now, they're old, and they're powerful. A combination like that makes them pretty valuable to certain people, and I happen to know certain people."
I've got some money. Are you looking for a partner?
"What? Are you... are you serious? Well, I think I could make that work.. We can sort out the details of our little arrangement later, but for now, I'll manage the dig if you can manage the coin. Do you have the gold?"
Of course. (1000 gold)
"Hmm... it's all here. Well, then... looks like I have a good bit of work to start on. I'll head back to Raven Rock and round up some diggers. Once we've got something worth looking at, I'll send word to you. Pleasure doing business with you, partner. I'll see you soon."
Not yet...
"'... but I can get it.' Sure, sure. Listen, I've heard this song before and I'm already tired of it. Come back when you're not a waste of my time."

If you have told him you don't have the money at least once or backed out of the conversation during this, for each subsequent greeting he will always say:

"Do you have the gold?"

Once you pay him, if you talk to him before he contacts you again, he'll explain:

"Look, this can be a slow business. Digging takes time. Come around later, and I'll have something more interesting to show."

This dialogue is repeated for the same situation throughout the quest.

First ReturnEdit

"Well, unless you want to deal with the draugr, this whole little venture of ours is over."

When returning back to Ralis at Kolbjorn Barrow and he'll simply comment:

"Oh, it's you."
What's going on?
"This isn't good. We only got a little ways in when something managed to wake up the draugr. Before I could blink, all the miners were dead and I was next in line. Don't think anyone else made it out alive. This is what I get for skimping on labor."
What now?
"Well, unless you want to deal with the draugr, this whole little venture of ours is over. Might be over either way. It looked like a dead end before the place started crawling. We could have missed something, though. I don't know."

At this point, you are expected to go take care of the draugr problem. If you talk to him before the barrow is clear, he'll ask:

"Any luck?"
No, not yet.
"Just finish the job. If you aren't back in a couple of hours, I'll start packing up."

When the barrow is clear of draugr:

"Any luck?"
I've dealt with the Draugr and found a way past the dead end.
"Well, perhaps there's some hope for us yet. Now, I'll have to go recruit some more miners... it won't be easy, seeing as none of their friends came back from the first attempt. We'll have to sweeten the pot a bit, this time. I think I'll need... say, two thousand septims to hire replacements."
Here. (2000 gold)
"I never get tired of that sound. It'll take me a few days to dig up some more laborers, but swing back when you get a chance. See how we're doing."
I can't afford it right now.
"I hope your luck changes soon, friend. I'll do what I can to keep the ash from burying your investment, but we'll need more to keep going."

If you have told him you can't pay him at least once or backed out of the conversation during this, for each subsequent greeting he will always ask: :"Found the money?"

Once again, you will have to wait until he contacts you via courier.

Second ReturnEdit

"Do you think you could... go back in?"

Upon returning to Ralis he will say:

"And now you're back. Great, just great."
What is it this time?
"Draugr again. I mean... we should have expected it, right? What else do you find in these damn crypts, but waves and waves of draugr? At least six of the diggers are dead. The rest of them ran off, and I don't blame them. You've had some luck with these things before. Do you think you could... go back in? See if anyone's still alive?"

If you speak with him again before clearing the barrow:

"Any news?"
No, not yet.
"Then why are you still talking to me?"

After finishing your task and returning to Ralis:

I've defeated the Draugr and located the missing miners. They're dead.
"I should have figured. Damn. Well, at least we can get back to work. But hazard pay keeps piling up, and this won't be getting any cheaper. I'm going to hire some mercenaries this time, too. Having some people around who know how to fight should... Well, it'll set the miners at ease. And hopefully keep them alive. But they won't be cheap either. It's going to hit three thousand this time, I'm afraid. Have you got that on you?"
Here. This had better be worth it. (3000 gold)
"We're going to be making this back fifty-fold, partner. Trust me on this. I'll go hire a new crew, and some brawny types to keep them safe. Come back and check in on us. Nothing can stop us this time."
No, I don't.
"Look, I appreciate your company, but that's not why you're here. You're the money in this operation. And I guess some of the muscle. But for now, I need you to be the money. So come back when you can do your job."

If you have told him you don't have the gold at least once or backed out of the conversation during this, for each subsequent greeting he will always ask: :"I don't suppose you have the gold yet?"

Third ReturnEdit

"Five thousand."

When you return to Ralis:

"Oh... I was hoping I wouldn't see you quite so soon."
It looks like at least some of the miners survived this time.
"Yes, well, the mercenaries did their jobs. Worth every septim. Of course, they might disagree... the dead ones, anyway. Gods, what a disaster. I feel like we've done this before, but that just means we're getting good at it. You go make the draugr dead again, and I'll keep the rest of these n'wahs from running off."

If you speak to him before you have killed the draugr:

I'm still working on it.
"Well, don't just stand there! Go deal with the Draugr while I try to hold the survivors together."

When you have cleared the barrow:

All the Draugr are dead.
"Good. I'm glad I can count on you, at least. I think we're almost to the bottom of the Barrow, but... it's going to be everything I can do to find more miners. We've... developed quite the reputation. But for enough gold... I can do it. Just barely."
How much?
"Five thousand."
You want... 5000 septims?
"I know, you could almost buy a house for that much, but like I said... we've got quite the reputation out here. And coin is the only counterweight for a bad reputation. Have you got the money?"
As a matter of fact, I do. (5000 gold)
"Good, good. This time, I'll spring for some more experienced muscle. That should do the trick."
No, no I don't.
"Aww, don't start holding out on me now. We're so close."

If you have told him you don't have the gold at least once or backed out of the conversation during this, for each subsequent greeting he will always ask, :"Have you got the money?"

Fourth ReturnEdit

"Ahzidal, arise!"

Upon returning to the barrow this last time, Ralis is nowhere to be seen outside. Reading Volume 23 of his journal will reveal that he has gone into the barrow to see Ahzidal.

When you become close enough, you can faintly hear Ralis chanting things to arise Ahzidal such as:

"Ahzidal! Awaken!"
"It is time!"
"Master, arise!"

When you reach him, he will say:

"Ahzidal, arise!"

Ahzidal will then awaken, launching out of the center of the platform in the middle of the room with a red beam of light, ragdolling Ralis across the room and making him go unconscious.

Ralis Sedarys at the Retching Netch

After you have defeated Ahzidal, a shocked Ralis will awaken asking:

"Oh, gods... what happened? What have I done?"
What's going on here?
"I... I don't remember. Ever since I got here... to Kolbjorn... I've heard whispers. Voices. Thoughts. Imaginings. They've only gotten louder since I've stayed. Pounding, driving. A couple of times I blacked out. It was... It was just before the draugr woke up."
Did you… kill the miners?
"I don't know. I... maybe? It's what... it's what he wanted. He just needed their energy. I don't know! I hope I didn't. But... maybe I... please, you have to believe me?"

You then have two choices:

If you choose this option, he can later be found at The Retching Netch:

I believe you. Just… don't come back here.
"Of course! I don't even want to hear the word 'barrow' again. Ever. I'll go to Raven Rock and you... you won't mention this to anyone. If you see me there, just... give a nod and I'll lend a hand if you need it. It's... it's the least I can do. Just... keep this quiet."

The other option will initiate combat:

I can't let you go unpunished.
"What? No! You can't... I have his will on my side! He will command all of us!"

While fighting he may shout:

"No, please! I don't want to die!"


  • Ralis is one of the only two permanent followers who have the Dual Flurry perk (the other being Frea), and one of the only three that have the Extra Damage perk (Ralis has the Extra Damage 2 perk, while Celann and Durak have the Extra Damage 1.5). These advantages make Ralis one of the most powerful followers in the game, especially when given proper dual-wielding weapons.
  • Considering that he asks for 11,000 gold during the events of Unearthed, Ralis can be considered the most expensive follower in the game.
  • Despite possessing several perks relevant to Destruction and Restoration magic, Ralis does not know any spells.