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This article is about the effect in combat. For the Alchemy effect formerly known as Stun, see Entrapment.


Stun is a debilitating effect that prevents a target from attacking, defending, or moving for a short time. The simplest way to Stun an enemy is to interrupt them while casting a spell, most easily with a Bash attack. You can escape from a Stun using a Break Free action. Certain tougher enemies are immune to Stun effects.


Skill Duration Affects Cost Notes
Flame Lash (Ardent Flame) 2 sec. Single Enemy 2700 Magicka Only if target is Off Balanced
Deep Breath (Draconic Power) 2 sec. Nearby Enemies 4320 Magicka Only if interrupting spellcaster
Stonefist (Earthen Heart) 3 sec. Single Enemy 4050 Magicka
Stone Giant (morph) 3240 Magicka
Incapacitating Strike (Assassination) 3-4.5 sec. Single Enemy 50 Ultimate
Teleport Strike (Assassination) 2 sec. Single Enemy 4050 Magicka
Veiled Strike (Shadow) 4 sec. Single Enemy 2700 Magicka Only if attacking from stealth
Soul Shred (Siphoning) 3-3.5 sec. Single Enemy 150 Ultimate
Soul Tether (morph) 4.5 sec.
Summon Storm Atronach (Daedric Summoning) 3 sec. Enemies in Range 200 Ultimate
Summon Volatile Familiar (Daedric Summoning) 3 sec. Enemies near Familiar 3603 Magicka
Negate Magic (Dark Magic) 8.5-10 sec. Enemies in Range 225 Ultimate
Bolt Escape (Storm Calling) 1.5-2 sec. Enemies Around Origin 3780 Magicka
Streak (morph) 1.5 sec. Enemies Along Path
Piercing Javelin (Aedric Spear) 1.8 sec. Single Enemy 4050 Magicka
Aurora Javelin (morph)
Piercing Javelin (morph) 3.1-3.5 sec. 3442 Stamina
Focused Charge (Aedric Spear) 3 sec. Single Enemy 3510 Magicka Only if interrupting spellcaster
Explosive Charge (morph) Nearby Enemies
Toppling Charge (morph) 1.5-2.4 sec. Single Enemy Works even if not interrupting
Nova (Dawn's Wrath) 2.5 sec. Enemies in Range 250 Ultimate Only via     Supernova Synergy
Solar Prison (morph) 5 sec. Only via     Gravity Crush Synergy
Venom Arrow (Bow) 3 sec. Single Target 2430 Stamina Only if interrupting spellcaster
Scatter Shot (Bow) 1.5 sec. Single Target 2970 Stamina
Crushing Shock (Destruction Staff) 3 sec. Single Target 2700 Magicka Only if interrupting spellcaster
Shock Touch (Destruction Staff) (?) Single Enemy 4050 Magicka
Defensive Stance (One Hand and Shield) 3-4 sec. Single Enemy 2430 Stamina Only if it reflects a spell
Power Bash (One Hand and Shield) 3 sec. Single Enemy 3780-3510 Stamina
Shield Charge (One Hand and Shield) 2 sec. Single Enemy 3780 Stamina
Invasion (morph) 2-3 sec. Stuns longer based on distance
Dizzying Swing (Two Handed) 3.5 sec. Single Enemy 3240 Stamina
Volcanic Rune (Mages Guild) 3-4 sec. Enemies in Range Magicka
Mesmerize (Vampire) 5 sec. Enemies in front of you 3780 Magicka
Pounce (Werewolf) 2 sec. Nearby Enemies 4050 Stamina Only if target is Off Balanced


Set Duration Affects Triggered by Cooldown Notes
Death's Wind 4 sec. Nearby Enemies Hit by melee attack 30 sec. Only if below 35% Health
Defiler 5 sec. All enemies in front Dealing Critical Damage 5 sec. Enemies hit by poison attack
Mad Tinkerer 2 sec. Enemies in path of fabricant Dealing Damage 8 sec. Aims at nearest enemy
Sellistrix 3 sec. Nearby Enemies Dealing Damage 5 sec. 10% chance per attack


  • Poisons of Stun will stun enemies for 2.2-10 sec. (Potions with the effect will stun you instead.)