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ON-icon-skill-Bow-Scatter Shot.png Scatter Shot
Line Bow
Line Rank 14 Cost 3780 Stamina
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Enemy
Range 22 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Bow-Magnum Shot.png Magnum Shot
Deals increased damage and reduces the cost.
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Draining Shot.png Draining Shot
Heals you if enemy is successfully hit, but snares them instead of stunning.
Scatter Shot: Blast an enemy with an explosive arrow, dealing [1799 / 1817 / 1837 / 1858] Physical Damage, knocking them back 8 meters.
Magnum Shot: Cost: 3510 Stamina.
Blast an enemy with an explosive arrow, dealing [2228 / 2254 / 2279 / 2302] Physical Damage and knocking them back 8 meters.
Draining Shot: Blast an enemy with an enchanted arrow, dealing 1861 Physical Damage and reducing their movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds. If the enemy is hit, you heal for [3098 / 3132 / 3167 / 3200].

Scatter Shot deals Physical Damage to the target and knocks them back 6 meters, stunning them. This is a good way of keeping melee-based enemies away from you so that you can avoid getting swarmed. It has a fairly small range (the smallest of all the Bow skills), so it mostly serves as an emergency measure, as you should on principle not be allowing enemies to get that close to you while using a bow. The Magnum Shot morph is useful if more than one enemy is getting to close, as it pushes you back as well. Alternatively, Draining Shot will restore your Health when the disorientation ends.


  • In a multiplayer situation, knocking back enemies may be slightly confusing. As a matter of etiquette, it might be best to avoid using this on enemies that are already engaged with other players, unless they appear to need rescue.
  • When using Magnum Shot, you should be aware of what's behind you. You can potentially knock yourself off of cliffs or into other groups of enemies. There are even a few cases where you can accidentally knock yourself through thin walls, such as locked gates and even into cages. (Most of these have been patched, but there may still be a few of them around, so it's best to avoid taking the chance.)
  • The Virulent Shot set from Blackrose Prison adds damage over time to this ability.
  • The Piercing Spray set from Asylum Sanctorium can cause this ability to do more damage when combined with Arrow Spray.

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