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Ultimate is the resource needed to cast Ultimate Abilities. There are a total of 32 Ultimate Abilities available, but you may only choose from up to 16: one each from the 3 skill lines in your class, 6 from the Weapon Skills (which require you to use that specific weapon type), and 8 available to all classes, two of which are mutually exclusive, since you cannot be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time. There is at most one Ultimate Ability per skill tree. Only one Ultimate Ability may be slotted on each bar at a time, so two different Ultimate Abilities can be slotted in total. Ultimate regeneration triggers upon hitting a non-trivial enemy with Light or Heavy attacks, when healing others (healing yourself does not count), or upon blocking an attack. The hidden Ultimate regeneration buff lasts for 9 seconds, generating 3 ultimate per second, for 27 total.

The maximum Ultimate that you can accumulate is 500. Casting your Ultimate Ability consumes all accumulated Ultimate regardless of what the listed Ultimate cost of the ability is.

Some skills or items may cause you to gain additional Ultimate, allowing you to use your Ultimate Abilities more often. Others may reduce costs instead. The Aetherial Well furnishing allows for instant restoration of Ultimate from within a player house.

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate abilities are unique in that they scale off the highest damage attributes of a character, namely Magicka or Stamina, Spell Damage or Weapon Damage, and Spell Critical or Weapon Critical.

Tree Skill Cost
Ardent Flame Dragonknight Standard 250-200 Ultimate
Draconic Power Dragon Leap 125-110 Ultimate
Earthen Heart Magma Armor 200 Ultimate
Bone Tyrant Bone Goliath Transformation 300 Ultimate
Grave Lord Frozen Colossus 225 Ultimate
Living Death Reanimate 335 Ultimate
Assassination Death Stroke 70 Ultimate
Shadow Consuming Darkness 200 Ultimate
Siphoning Soul Shred 150 Ultimate
Daedric Summoning Summon Storm Atronach 200 Ultimate
Dark Magic Negate Magic 225 Ultimate
Storm Calling Overload 75 Ultimate
Aedric Spear Radial Sweep 75 Ultimate
Dawn's Wrath Nova 250 Ultimate
Restoring Light Rite of Passage 125 Ultimate
Animal Companions Feral Guardian 75 Ultimate
Green Balance Secluded Grove 75 Ultimate
Winter's Embrace Sleet Storm 200 Ultimate
All Characters
Tree Skill Cost
Weapon Skills
Bow Rapid Fire 175 Ultimate
Destruction Staff Elemental Storm 250 Ultimate
Dual Wield Lacerate 150 Ultimate
One Hand and Shield Shield Wall 100 Ultimate
Restoration Staff Panacea 100 Ultimate
Two Handed Berserker Strike 150 Ultimate
Fighters Guild Dawnbreaker 125 Ultimate
Mages Guild Meteor 200 Ultimate
Psijic Order Undo 165 Ultimate
Assault War Horn 250 Ultimate
Support Barrier 200 Ultimate
Vampire Blood Scion 320-350 Ultimate††
Werewolf Werewolf Transformation 400-300 Ultimate
Soul Magic Soul Strike 175 Ultimate
These skills do not deplete your Ultimate in the normal way. See individual pages for details.
††Due to the nature of the Feed skill's cost reduction on all Vampire abilities, the actual cost of Blood Scion can range from 243 to 329, depending on morph chosen, rank, and current Vampire stage.
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