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Health is the amount of damage that any person or creature can take before dying. It is equivalent to the hit points (HP) used in other games.

Increasing Health[edit]

The amount of health you have depends on your character's level. Each time you level up, you can choose whether to add ten points to your health or to one of your other attributes.

Your health attribute can be increased using a Glyph of Health's effects. Enchantments are particularly useful, since they have a constant effect. With spells, potions, and provisions, care is needed when relying on Fortify Health effects that will end in the middle of combat. When the effect expires, you will immediately lose all the bonus health, potentially killing your character.

Argonians, Imperials, Nords, and Orcs have a higher maximum health than other races, and Khajiit, Nords, and Orcs have faster health recovery.

Restoring Health[edit]

You lose health when taking damage. The red bar in the bottom center of the screen shows you the current status of your health (although this bar will be invisible when health is full). There are many ways to restore health:

  • Health slowly regenerates over time. You regenerate faster outside of combat than during combat. Most NPCs do not regenerate health during combat.
    • Your health regeneration rate can be increased by Regenerate Health effects, including potions and enchanted items.
  • Restore Health effects are available in various forms:
    • From potions that can be found or purchased.
    • From custom potions created through alchemy.
    • From food and drink that can be found or purchased.
    • From cooked food or brewed drink created from recipes.
  • Whenever your character levels up, your health is fully restored.