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ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Uppercut.png Uppercut
Line Two Handed
Line Rank 2 Cost 2700 Stamina
Cast Time 0.8 seconds Duration
Target Enemy
Range 7 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Dizzying Swing.png Dizzying Swing
Also sets the enemy Off Balance. Hitting Off Balance enemies stuns them. Enemies that are immune to Off Balance are snared.
ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Wrecking Blow.png Wrecking Blow
Grants you Empower after casting.
Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 7958, Max Health 8744, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1037.
Uppercut: Slam an enemy with an upward swing, dealing [3450 / 3487 / 3524 / 3566] Physical Damage.
Dizzying Swing: Slam an enemy with an upward swing, dealing [3563 / 3602 / 3640 / 3680] Physical Damage and setting them Off Balance for 7 seconds. Hitting an enemy that is already Off Balance stuns them for 2 seconds. Targets that are immune to Off Balance are snared by 40% for 2 seconds.
Wrecking Blow: Slam an enemy with an upward swing, dealing [3563 / 3602 / 3640 / 3680] Physical Damage. Grants you Empower for 5 seconds, increasing the damage of your Heavy Attacks against monsters by 80%.

Uppercut is a simple skill that deals Physical Damage. The Dizzying Swing morph adds stun, if executed twice, and it is a good way to interrupt enemies who are charging a powerful attack. The Wrecking Blow grants you Empower, which increases the damage of your next attack, making it a good opener for a larger follow-up attack.


Patch NotesEdit

* Slightly reduced the cooldown for this ability from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds, and increased the damage of this ability by 10%.
  • Wrecking Blow: This ability's damage bonus is no longer calculated twice.
* Reduced the cost of this ability by approximately 20%.
* Reduced the cast time for this ability by approximately 12%. We also increased the damage by approximately 2%.
  • Dizzying Swing:
    • Reduced the debuff for this ability to 15% from 20%.
    • This ability now has an increased duration, and applies to stun-immune monsters.
    • The debuff no longer stacks with similar effects such as Low Slash.
* Uppercut and Flurry can no longer be interrupted.
  • Dizzying Swing: This ability now grants the buff Minor Maim for 10 seconds.
  • Wrecking Blow: This ability now grants the buff Major Empower, and the damage now correctly scales up with each rank.
* This ability and the Wrecking Blow morph no longer knockback and stun enemies hit.
    • Note: Wrecking Blow will continue to add the Major Empower buff to your next attack as a morph effect.
  • Dizzying Swing will no longer apply the Minor Maim debuff to enemies hit; instead, it will add a knockback and stun to the ability.
* Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
    • Uppercut
    • Critical Charge
    • Cleave
    • Reverse Slash
    • Momentum
      • Developer Comment: This change is aimed at newer players. Our intention for this weapon line and the ones below is getting players into the habit of using their primary damage ability as soon as possible.
* Reduced the damage dealt from this ability and its morphs by 14% to make up for the removal of the post global noted above. Note this will result in a 6% overall DPS increase when used in quick succession.
* Reduced the cast time of this ability and its morphs to 0.8 seconds from 1 second to help its reliability when being used in fast combat in melee range.
  • Reduced the base cost to 2700 from 3240.
  • Increased the damage from this ability by approximately 9%.
* Reduced the damage dealt by this ability and its morphs by approximately 16% to ensure it does not eclipse other damage abilities such as DoTs.
  • Dizzying Swing (morph): This morph no longer knocks the target back and stuns them, but instead sets them Off Balance for 7 seconds. Note you can retain the function of the stun if you attempt to Heavy Attack the target while they are off balance!
* Dizzying Swing (morph):
    • This morph now stuns enemies who are already off balance.
    • Enemies hit by this ability that are immune to Off Balance are now snared by 40% for 2 seconds.
      • Developer Comment: Like the situation of Power Lash, the changes to Off Balance greatly affected the power of this morph in one-on-one scenarios. While we are okay with the loss of a frequent stun on a spammable, we wanted to still ensure this morph didn't feel like it wasn't adding anything to your gameplay throughout the entirety of the fight; we've opted to add in a function that helps you become more "sticky" to your target when trying to use it multiple times. Traditionally, we try and avoid CC's without intense requirements on high damage abilities, but similar to Puncturing Strikes, cast time abilities are far harder to land at a frequent cadence, so we are more comfortable adding the snare here in addition to enabling a contextual stun with Off Balance.
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