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Flame Damage is a type of magical damage. It is mainly used by Dragonknights, but available to other classes as well. Some enemies may use Fire Damage against you, notably Flame Atronachs, which are some of the first enemies you will encounter. Dunmer characters receive a bonus to Fire Damage through their Destructive Ancestry passive skill. Can cause the Status Effect Burning.



There are several ways of protecting yourself against Fire Damage. These are particularly important for Vampires, as they receive increased damage from fire.

  • Dunmer characters have access to the Resist Flame passive skill, which reduces all Fire Damage received.
  • A Glyph of Fire Resist, created with a Rakeipa Essence rune and a negative Potency rune, can be applied to jewelry.
  • Any effect which increases your Spell Resistance will also reduce Fire Damage in addition to several other elemental types.
  • Champion Points spent in Elemental Defender on The Lady constellation will reduce damage from fire.


  • This effect was previously referred to as Fire Damage in a few cases, but has since been corrected for consistency.
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