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Elder Scrolls Online: Combat

Immobilize, also known as Root, is a debilitating status effect that prevents a target from moving from their location, though they can still attack and defend themselves as normal. You can escape the effect by performing a Roll Dodge or Break Free action. Abilities which have a movement built in such as Bolt Escape or Teleport Strike still work, but you are still immobilized after you teleport. Many tougher enemies are immune to this effect.


Skill Duration Affects Cost Notes
Dragonknight Standard (Ardent Flame) (?) All Enemies Within AoE 250 Ultimate Activated via Shackle synergy
Dark Talons (Draconic Power) 3.5-4 sec. All Nearby Enemies 4050 Magicka
Crippling Grasp (Siphoning) 1.5 sec. Single Target 3240 Magicka
Daedric Mines (Dark Magic) 1.5 sec. Any Enemies Hit 6480 Magicka
Encase (Dark Magic) 4.5 sec. All Enemies in Front of You 4320 Magicka
Bombard (Bow) 2-3 sec. Any Enemies Hit 4050 Stamina Also reduces Movement Speed when effect ends
Frost Touch (Destruction Staff) (?) Single Target 4050 Magicka
Wall of Frost (Destruction Staff) (?) All Targets in Range 3510 Magicka
Trap Beast (Fighters Guild) 6 sec. Single Target 3780 Stamina


  • The Eternal Hunt set causes you to leave behind a trap when performing a Roll Dodge which will Poison and Immobilize enemies who trigger it for 1.5 seconds.
  • Poisons with the Entrapment or Unstoppable effect will Immobilize your targets. Entrapment's effect lasts longer, but Unstoppable also protects you from Crowd Control effects.