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This article is about The effect in combat. For Scribing script, see Healing (script).

Healing effects can be found in many skills, sets, potions, and other sources.

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Skill Healing Affects Cost Other Effects
Cauterize (Ardent Flame) 1378-1418 Health every 5 seconds Allies 3240 Magicka
Dragon Blood (Draconic Power) 33% Health Self 4320 Magicka 20% Health Recovery for 20 sec.
Obsidian Shard (Earthen Heart) 1649-1699 Health Self or Ally 4050 Magicka
Killer's Blade (Assassination) 20% Health (if target dies in 2 sec.) Self 1511 Stamina
Mark Target (Assassination) 40% Health (if target dies) Self 2700 Magicka
Reaper's Mark (morph) 60% Health (if target dies)
Consuming Darkness (Shadow) 7644 Health over 4 seconds Ally (synergy) 200 Ultimate 50% Increased Movement Speed
Refreshing Path (Shadow) 301-311 Health per second Self and Allies 3510 Magicka 30% Increased Movement Speed
Soul Shred (Siphoning) 2615 Health Ally (synergy) 150 Ultimate
Soul Siphon (morph) 2827 Health + 7538-7784 Health over 3.5 sec. Self and Allies
Absorption Field (Dark Magic) 424-439 Health every 0.5 sec for 10 sec. Self and Allies 225 Ultimate
Dark Exchange (Dark Magic) 7696-8059 Health Self 3240 Stamina Restore 4514-4696 Magicka
Dark Deal (morph) 8059 Health 3240 Magicka Restore 4696-4878 Stamina
Dark Conversion 2431-2160 Stamina Restore 4696 Magicka
Summon Unstable Clannfear (Daedric Summoning) 35% Health (if already summoned) Self and Clannfear 3603 Magicka
Summon Twilight Matriarch (Daedric Summoning) 1592 Health (if already summoned) Matriarch and up to 2 Allies 3603 Magicka
Surge (Storm Calling) 2550 Health (on Critical Strike) Self 4051 Magicka 20% Increased Weapon Damage
Power Surge (morph) 4051-3781 Magicka
Critical Surge (morph) 2700-3000 Health (on Critical Strike) 4051 Magicka
Rite of Passage (Restoring Light) 2262-2332 Health per sec. for 4 sec. Self and Allies 125 Ultimate
Practiced Incantation (morph) 2332-2335 Health per sec. for 6 sec.
Rushed Ceremony (Restoring Light) 2826-2914 Health Self or Ally 4590 Magicka
Honor The Dead (morph) 2914-3001 Health
Breath of Life (morph) 2914 Health (first target)
1413-1459 Health (second target)
Healing Ritual (Restoring Light) 2826-2914 Health (+30% on self) Self and Allies 3780 Magicka
Ritual of Rebirth (morph) 2914-3001 Health (+30% on self)
Lingering Ritual (morph) 2826-2914 Health when first cast,
970-1000 Health after 8 sec.
(+30% on self)
Repentance (Restoring Light) 796-801 Health per corpse Self and Allies Free Restore 796-801 Stamina per corpse
Cleansing Ritual (Restoring Light) 311-322 Health every 2 sec. for 12 sec. Self and Allies 3780 Magicka Remove 2 Harmful Effects
Ritual of Retribution (morph) 390-401 Health every 2 sec. for 12 sec.
Extended Ritual (morph) 322 Health every 2 sec. for 18-24 sec. Remove 5 Harmful Effects
Purify (synergy) 1581 Health Ally (synergy) Remove All Harmful Effects
Draining Shot 2450-2523 Health Self 2970 Stamina
Restoration Staff
Panacea 5737 Health per sec. for 5 sec. Self or Ally 125 Ultimate
Light's Champion (morph) 5908 Health per sec. for 5 sec.
Life Giver (morph) 5908 Health per sec. for 5 sec. plus
Regeneration and Blessing of Protection
Grand Healing 565-584 Health plus
565-584 Health per sec. for 3 sec.
Self and Allies 3510 Magicka
Illustrious Healing (morph) 584-604 Health plus
584-604 Health per sec. for 4 sec.
Healing Springs (morph) 584 Health plus
584 Health per sec. for 3 sec.
Restore 230-338 Magicka
per target healed on self
Regeneration 4349-4512 Health over 20 sec. Self or up to 2 Allies 2160 Magicka
Rapid Regeneration (morph) 4923-5089 Health over 16.5 sec.
Radiating Regeneration (morph) 4512 Health over 20 sec. or
1508-1554 Health instantly
if below 20% Health
Remove Harmful Effect
if below 20% Health
Blessing of Protection 1413-1459 Health Self and Allies 3780 Magicka Increase Physical and
Magical Resistance
Blessing Of Restoration (morph) 1886-1947 Health
Combat Prayer (morph) 1459-1500 Health Increase Physical and
Magical Resistance
and Damage Done
Two Handed
Momentum 282 Health every 2 sec. for 33 sec. Self 4051 Stamina
Forward Momentum (morph) 2971 Stamina
Rally (morph) 282 Health every 2 sec. for 33 sec. plus
424-437 Health on expiration
4051 Stamina
Soul Magic
Consuming Trap 7-10% Health (if target dies) Self 2700 Magicka Restore 7-10% Magicka and
7-10% Stamina (if target dies)
Devouring Swarm 804-831 Health per enemy Self 275-200 Ultimate
Drain Essence 20% of missing Health Self 2700 Magicka
Hircine's Bounty 4524-4658 Health Self 4590 Magicka
Hircine's Rage (morph) 4658-4795 Health Increase Weapon Damage 10%
Hircine's Fortitude (morph) 4658-4795 Health plus
1976 Health over 8 sec.
Claws of Life 1698-1749 Health Self 3240 Stamina
Mages Guild
Entropy 509-525 Health plus
509-525 Health every 6 sec. for 12 sec.
Self 1620 Magicka Increase Spell Damage 20%
Blood Altar 40% Health Ally (synergy) 4320 Magicka
Overflowing Altar (morph) 62-65% Health
Energy Orb 265-275 Health Self and Allies 4590 Magicka
Vigor 2546-2620 Health over 5 sec. Self and Allies 2700 Stamina
Echoing Vigor (morph) 2620-2696 Health over 5 sec.
Resolving Vigor (morph) 3390-3494 Health over 5 sec. (on self)
2620-2696 Health over 5 sec. (on allies)
Reviving Barrier 6925-7178 Health over 30 sec. Self and Allies 200 Ultimate 9708 point Damage Shield
Cleanse 15-18% Health Self and Allies 8100 Magicka Remove 2 Harmful Effects