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Skyrim:Cleansing the Stones

Skyrim: Quests
Use the Bend Will shout to cleanse each of the remaining All-Maker Stones.
Quest Giver: Storn Crag-Strider
Location(s): Beast, Earth, Sun, and Water Stones
Prerequisite Quest: The Fate of the Skaal
Next Quest: At the Summit of Apocrypha
Concurrent Quest: The Path of Knowledge, The Gardener of Men
Reward: Access to the powers of each stone as they are cleansed
Suggested Level: 10
The Sun Stone being cleansed

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Use the Bend Will shout to cleanse the Beast Stone.
  2. Use the Bend Will shout to cleanse the Earth Stone.
  3. Use the Bend Will shout to cleanse the Sun Stone.
  4. Use the Bend Will shout to cleanse the Water Stone.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

With the Wind Stone cleansed, return to Skaal Village and tell Storn Crag-Strider the good news. He will suggest you to do the same for the remaining four stones of Solstheim. He doubts it will fully stop whatever Miraak is doing, but it may slow his progress. Your map will be updated and show you the location of your targets: Beast Stone, Earth Stone, Sun Stone, and Water Stone.

Beast StoneEdit

The Beast Stone is southwest of Skaal Village; this is the nearest stone you may find. Two entranced Rieklings are working there. A leveled cultist is patrolling around the stone and monitoring the work of Miraak's poor slaves. The cultist will attack you on sight, so defeat your enemy and use the Bend Will shout to cleanse the stone. The structure around the stone will collapse and a leveled lurker will raise from the water. The two Rieklings won't turn hostile to you. They will stay here for a short moment then return to their tribe at Thirsk Mead Hall.

Sun StoneEdit

Keep traveling south and you'll find the Sun Stone in the north of Tel Mithryn. A group of Reavers are focusing on their building. Shout at the stone and a leveled lurker will attack you. The fight will be much easier with the help of these Reavers. They won't attack you after the combat; they'll just wander around the stone and give you some generic, non-hostile responses. After you leave this area, they will be removed from the game.

Earth StoneEdit

Travel to Raven Rock and you should find the Earth Stone without much trouble. Bralsa Drel, Rirns Llervu, and three Redoran guards have lost themselves here, doing their work mindlessly. Cleanse the stone and two lurkers will appear this time. One is near the stone, the other one is near the coastline. The guards will try their best to give you a hand. Pay close attention to the safety of Bralsa as she gives a quest later on. They will return to the city soon after regaining their freedom.

Water StoneEdit

Walk along the west coast of Solstheim to find the Water Stone. The shrine at this stone is being worked on by a group of sailors, and a cultist is monitoring their work. The cultist will attack you without hesitation. Defeat your enemy and do the same to the stone. A leveled lurker will rise from the water and try to kill you. In addition, a low-level dragon will fly in from the west. If you haven't already triggered the reiklings hidden in barrels to the southeast, they'll also arrive shortly, which can make for a chaotic battle. Fortunately, you don't need to guarantee the safety of every sailor. They will return to their boat docked in the bay once they are freed. After you leave this area, they will sail back to Skyrim with their ship.


  • Before you cleanse the stones, the entranced people working there will repeat the following texts mechanically: "Here in his shrine.(Here in his temple.) That they have forgotten. Here do we toil. That we might remember. By the night we reclaim.(Here we reclaim.) What by day was stolen.(What faithless minds have stolen.) Far from ourselves. He grows ever near to us. Our eyes once were blinded. Now through him do we see. Our hands once were idle. Now through them does he speak. And when the world shall listen. And when the world shall see. And when the world remembers. That world will cease to be."
  • The entranced Rieklings around the Beast Stone will repeat some similar texts in their own language: "Wafoo athaaaal. Bertiflik a goroowala. Hra woong aba. Tika twafaara filik. Wilberk tikflaaar. Yuchaaa tungar cha tiweki. Bura warag faaanig. Tiri fuklik taaar aburak."
  • More people and Rieklings would appear at Beast Stone, Sun Stone, and Water Stone during the night.
  • The Tree Stone is the only All-Maker Stone that is not cleansed by the end of this quest.
  • This quest must be completed to finish The Gardener of Men and the rest of the expansion's main questline.
  • Prior to completing this quest, there is a chance that you will wake up at one of the stones whenever you sleep. See the notes section on the All-Maker Stones article for more detail.
  • You can cleanse the stones before the quest has started. If you cleanse all of them before getting the Dragonborn quest, Storn will send you to find Frea at the Tree Stone, instantly completing Dragonborn and starting The Temple of Miraak.


  • When attempting to use the Bend Will shout on a corrupted stone, you may lose the ability to interact with it, but the event will not start, causing the quest to become stuck.
    • Travel to the Wind Stone and acquire its power to get the quest working properly. Stones you've already tried to cleanse will spawn Lurkers as soon as you near them but the shrines will not explode.
    • Alternatively, simply leaving the cell and returning to it, or saving and reloading the saved game, may resolve the problem, with the Lurker(s) appearing and the quest updating after the fight.
  • As many as three lurkers may appear (rare). One or two may be a significant distance from the stone after cleansing it. (Even out in the ocean or falling off a cliff).

Quest StagesEdit

Cleansing the Stones (DLC2MQ03B)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Cleanse the Water Stone
Objective 20: Cleanse the Earth Stone
Objective 30: Cleanse the Beast Stone
Objective 40: Cleanse the Sun Stone
After I destroyed Miraak's control of the Wind Stone, Storn has asked me to free the remaining sacred Stones using my "Bend Will" Shout.
200 Finishes quest  I cleansed the sacred Stones that Miraak had corrupted. Solstheim is free of his influence except for the Tree Stone, which remains imprisoned inside his new Temple.
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