Skyrim: Sun Stone

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All-Maker Stone:
Sun Stone
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
North of Tel Mithryn
West-southwest of Nchardak
The Sun Stone

The Sun Stone is an All-Maker stone located north of Tel Mithryn.

Once cleansed, it gives you the power to cause a Sun Flare, a fiery explosion that deals up to 100 points of fire damage around you. The closer the enemy, the more damage it deals. Once you use it the power disappears from the powers menu and the only way to get it again is to go back to the Sun Stone.

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Sun StoneEdit

This stone, like the others, is having stonework built around it by a band of unique reavers and people living at Tel Mithryn, who are being controlled and are chanting and bowing to the stone. There are many pickaxes, buckets containing hammers, and shovels around the construction. There are many plants and fungi growing in the vicinity including nightshade and trama root plants, as well as fly amanita, white cap and bleeding crown fungi.

When you cleanse the stone a leveled Lurker will appear from the water around the stone and attack you and the other workers. Once defeated you are able to talk to both the people from Tel Mithryn and the reavers, who do not become hostile, but they are all confused and angry at whoever did this to them. Don't forget to activate the stone once it is cleansed to add the power to your menu.