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This article is about the location. For the quest, see The Temple of Miraak.

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Nordic Ruin:
Temple of Miraak
(view on map) (lore page)
# of Zones 2
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 30
Cultists, Draugr, Skeletons
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2TempleOfMiraak01, DLC2TempleofMiraak02, DLC2TempleofMiraakExterior01, DLC2TempleofMiraakExterior02, DLC2TempleofMiraakExterior04
North of Kagrumez
West-northwest of the Beast Stone
Special Features
Word Wall Dragon Aspect
# of Alchemy Labs 1
Temple of Miraak

The Temple of Miraak is a Nordic temple north of Kagrumez and west-northwest of the Beast Stone dedicated to the dragon priest Miraak.

The Tree Stone is in the center of the exterior structure. Once cleansed by completing the quest At the Summit of Apocrypha, this stone gives you the power to make all spells cost 75% less to cast for 60 seconds. Once you use this power, it disappears from the Powers menu, and you must return to the Tree Stone to obtain it again.

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Temple of Miraak

The main approach to the temple is from the west. Climbing the wide flights of stairs past the bones of fallen dragons, you will pass under a pair of large stone arches fitted with construction scaffolding. Herkja, Sirkjorg, and three reavers are working on the arches. They take no notice of you, as all are enthralled by Miraak through his control over the Tree Stone in the center of the compound.

At the top of the stairs are two stone lookout arches, one pointing southeast and the other pointing southwest. Wooden scaffolding is set against the circular temple wall to the north, allowing two more reavers access to their work. Ascend the wooden ramps to overlook an amphitheater, with the Tree Stone in the center. Approaching the stone will complete the quest Dragonborn and start the quest The Temple of Miraak. However, activating the stone will cause you to become enthralled as well; break free by moving away from the area.

Frea pleading
Tree Stone

As you approach the area around the stone, you will hear Frea pleading with the enthralled Oslaf and Yrsa to leave the temple. Speak with her to learn she is here to save or avenge her people. When you tell her Miraak tried to have you killed, she will say you both must find a way inside. At this point, part of the circular stone floor around the stone will drop to reveal a ramp, and two cultists will emerge from the temple entrance at the bottom and attack. Once they have been dealt with, enter the temple.

Temple of MiraakEdit

The circular table

The entrance leads into a passage leading north. The first room on the left contains a large circular stone table with five stone thrones and two seated lootable skeletons, with a third lootable skeleton on the floor. The table holds a random potion of stamina. Small recessed shelves lining the walls hold a bowl containing an emerald, a garnet, and a flawless amethyst, a random potion of resist magic, and two random potions of healing.

Returning to the passage, the first room on the right contains a lit brazier between separate areas to the left and right. The area on the left has four cages suspended over a fire, three of which contain burnt corpses. The area on the right has a stone table holding a medium coin purse and an unlootable skeleton crushed by fallen masonry. Returning again to the passage, the next room on the left contains a broken stone table in front of a wooden wall, with a chest and a set of shelves holding three poisons on the other side of the wall.


The passage descends a short flight of stairs and turns west, leading to a room with two patrolling cultists. Just inside the room is a pressure plate that triggers a poison dart trap. In the southwest and southeast corners are ominous upright sarcophagi. Not surprisingly, the southwest sarcophagus bursts open to release a draugr. The path continues down a flight of stairs to the west, turning south into a semicircular room like those found in many barrows across Skyrim. Along the east wall is a set of shelves holding an empty common soul gem. On the dais in the middle of the room are two soul gem stands, one of which holds another empty common soul gem. The room also contains two urns and four burial urns. The next room widens to the left, with two pressure plates activating a battering ram to the left and straight ahead. The path continues to the northwest, descending a flight of stairs to a portcullis which may be raised by using the pull chain to the right. Beyond the portcullis is a huge square chamber lit by four large braziers hanging from the ceiling, with a stairwell leading down into a large sunken area in the center. Four cages containing lootable skeletons hang from the ceiling as well.

There may be trouble ahead...

To the northeast is a short flight of stairs leading up to a balcony, but as the upper steps have collapsed, the balcony cannot be reached directly. Instead, climb to the landing, then turn east to find a lootable skeleton and a potion of healing at the foot of the angled stone buttress. Climb the buttress, and jump onto the balcony from there. The balcony features a chest and a throne overlooking the room.

From the balcony

Returning to the main level, along the east wall are two sets of shelves holding two random potions of magicka and a random potion of extra magicka. A stone table nearby holds a draugr corpse. At the top of the central stairwell near the west wall are three upright sarcophagi. One sarcophagus is already open, with the draugr dead on the ground, and the other two will burst open to release two hostile draugr. This will alert the three cultists at the bottom of the stairwell to your presence.

Descend the stairwell to the bottom, where five draugr corpses are stacked in and near a cart. Opposite the corpses is a stone table holding three bowls of bone meal and a bowl containing a garlic bulb and two grass pods, with two urns next to the table. The path continues to the north before descending a flight of stairs to the crypt area. A handle on a plinth raises the nearby portcullis at the start of the crypt. Beyond the portcullis, a draugr slumbers in a burial alcove to the northeast. Proceed northeast, passing a lootable skeleton on the ground and two more draugr corpses in the alcoves. Another slumbering draugr is ahead, and two more will be alerted by any fighting. Near the end of the section leading northeast are three urns and a burial urn near three sets of shelves holding two salt piles, a bowl of fire salts, a random potion of strength, a random enchanter's potion, and a bowl containing three potions of healing.

East of the shelves, a sitting draugr will awaken as you approach. Two draugr corpses are in alcoves nearby, and to the northwest is a chest flanked by two more draugr corpses on stone tables, one of which has been broken by fallen rubble. Returning to the main passage, a pressure plate activates a spike wall, and a second pressure plate activates two battering rams ahead and to the left.

Five draugr attacking

Just past the second pressure plate is an intersection where the path branches to the north and the northwest. Up to five draugr will converge on the junction and attack. Nine draugr corpses are stacked in the intersection, with three more in a cart. Both branches merge again ahead, so take the path on the right north past another draugr corpse in an alcove to an urn and a chest. The path then turns west to join the end of the northwest branch, which is guarded by a draugr. Ahead to the west is a pressure plate in front of a set of iron doors that causes the doors to close and flamethrowers to fire from the walls. There is just enough room between the pressure plate and the flames to avoid damage. Beyond the doors, a series of ten swinging blades begin to scythe across the wide corridor ahead. The lever at the end of the corridor will stop the swinging blades and raise the adjacent wall of spears, allowing you to proceed. On the ground around the spears are the remains of a puzzle door that had clearly been broken open.

Follow the passage down to the west, then south to a set of iron doors. Beyond the doors is a room with rubble and a barred window to the south ahead, and a portcullis to the west. Move around the rubble to find a concealed door on the east wall with a pull chain to the right. The door reveals a tunnel that leads to a small room with a chest and a stone table holding an empty black soul gem, a filled black soul gem, and a bowl containing an empty petty soul gem, an empty lesser soul gem, and an empty common soul gem. Returning to the previous room, beyond the doorway to the south is an upright sarcophagus that bursts open to release a leveled draugr. Follow the corridor to the east and north to the two barred windows, where a handle on a plinth raises the portcullis.

Beyond the portcullis are three strings of bone chimes in front of a wooden ramp that falls into place as you approach. Three more wooden ramps to the south on the far side of the room also drop down to reveal two high-level draugr and a high-level cultist. A pressure plate at the bottom of the entry ramp activates a poison dart trap, as do three more pressure plates at the base of each of the three ramps to the south. All three ramps ascend to the same foyer, where a set of iron doors leads to the Temple of Miraak Sanctum.

Temple of Miraak SanctumEdit

Entrance tunnel

The entrance leads into a passage that descends a short flight of stairs to a bone-strewn caged walkway crossing over a large room below. Six skeletons will arrive as you cross the walkway and start looking for you. On the far side of the walkway, the passage rises to the west before descending a short flight of stairs to the south. As soon as you start to descend, a pair of battering rams will swing across the passage, and two draugr will emerge from upright sarcophagi on either side. A pressure plate in the middle of the passage also activates the rams. Proceed through a round cage, and when you emerge, look to the south to find a partly buried cage section covering a hole large enough to enter.

Down below

At the bottom of the hole, continue up a flight of stairs and east and north around a corner to a doorway. Beyond the doorway is a small room containing a set of sideboards holding a random paralysis poison, a random potion of invisibility, two empty petty soul gems, a Conjuration spell tome, eight loose coins, a small coin purse, two medium coin purses, an Alteration spell tome, an empty greater soul gem, and a potion of healing. The path continues east and north down a short flight of stairs to rejoin the previous main passage. Ahead to the northeast is the room below the caged walkway, patrolled by two cultists. To the northeast is a short flight of stairs leading up to a small balcony, where an upright sarcophagus will burst open to release a draugr. Stairs along the west wall descend north to the lowest level, which features another upright sarcophagus concealing a hostile draugr, a broken sarcophagus containing a draugr corpse, three burial urns next to the broken sarcophagus, and a random enchanted sword on the ground near a skeletal arm. Returning to the upper level, continue north down a flight of stairs along the east wall by the small balcony. A pressure plate at the top of the stairs activates a battering ram ahead.

The word wall

Proceed north and west to a lit brazier with stairs leading down on either side. Descending the stairs, you will hear the sounds of a word wall which teaches part of the Dragon Aspect shout. In the small room at the bottom of the stairs, the skeleton of a dragon hangs from the ceiling over a chest next to an upright sarcophagus ahead, the word wall is to the left, and a row of five more upright sarcophagi is to the right. Learning the word causes all five sarcophagi to the right to burst open and release three leveled draugr and two dead draugr, while the Gatekeeper, a unique draugr carrying the Temple of Miraak key, emerges from the sarcophagus next to the chest. The Gatekeeper's sarcophagus contains a locked set of iron doors that requires the key. It is possible to avoid a difficult fight by using rune magic to cause each of the sarcophagi to open individually before learning the word.

Beyond the doors in the sarcophagus is a room containing a long stone table with two thrones, both occupied by draugr corpses. The corpse on the left wears an ancient Nord helmet, and the corpse on the right holds an ancient Nord battle axe. Behind the thrones is another locked set of iron doors that requires the same key, beyond which is a narrow room with a window into the next room ahead. Continue to the left to a large dining room containing several sets of shelves and two long stone tables. There is nothing of interest in this room, so exit in the northwest corner.

The kitchen

Follow the corridor as it leads north past another narrow corridor on the right to end in a kitchen. Several sets of shelves and sideboard hold a variety of alchemical ingredients, including two deathbell flowers, two samples of creep cluster, a bowl of void salts, four salt piles, a bowl containing a chicken's egg, a pine thrush egg, and a rock warbler egg, a sample of bear claws, a bowl of frost salts, two dragon's tongue flowers, and three bowls of bone meal. On a work table is a potion of healing, two bowls of spriggan sap, a salt pile, and a sample of elves ear. Hanging from the ceiling are four bunches of dried elves ear, four bunches of dried frost mirriam, and four garlic braids. In the northeast corner is a set of shelves holding a random potion, a random skill potion, an empty black soul gem, and a bowl containing a filled lesser soul gem and an empty greater soul gem. Along the east wall is an alchemy lab built into a sideboard.

Return to the nearby narrow corridor through either the southwest or southeast doorways. In the alcove near the east end of the corridor is a handle on a plinth that opens a concealed door in the south wall of the dining room. Follow the twisting tunnel beyond the door to a room with a circular grate in the floor covering a spiral staircase. Two sets of shelves in the room hold three potions of magicka, two samples of frost mirriam, a sample of elves ear, and six iron ingots. In the southwest corner is a doorway to another room with a trap door in the floor over another spiral staircase. Near the west wall, beneath a bizarre three-headed relief, is a handle on a plinth.

Trap door handle

Pulling the handle opens the trap door, allowing you to descend the staircase. At the bottom is a path that leads past an urn and a sideboard holding two filled random soul gems to the first spiral staircase seen in the previous room. At the bottom of this staircase, the path continues to the west and turns south. Another handle on a plinth at the end of the corridor lowers the structure ahead to reveal a spiral stone staircase leading down. At the bottom is a set of wooden doors.

Dragon skeleton display

Beyond the doors is a dragon head statue. Continue south around the statue to a large room where a wide flight of stairs lined with stone sculptures rises ahead. Several draugr patrol the room. A dragon skeleton is arranged in a macabre display in the middle of the stairs, with another hanging above. Two tripwires on the right side of the stairs activate two sets of falling boulders, while another tripwire on the left side activates a third set of boulders. Four draugr and four skeletons guard the south end of the room near the top of the stairs. At the top, the boss chest is at the base of a large unusual statue. Behind the statue is a pull chain that opens a rotating door.

Beyond the door is a twisting tunnel that leads to a strange circular room with a pedestal in the center holding the Black Book: Waking Dreams. A second doorway to the east connects to another twisting tunnel that leads to an exterior exit, which emerges north-northeast of the temple a short distance southwest of the Wind Stone.



  • Some draugr that emerge from sarcophagi, including the one near the end of the Temple of Miraak, may fall from the sarcophagi as dead draugr deathlords.