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Isobel Veloise
Location Castle Navire
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly Class Templar
Isobel Veloise

Brave, forthright, and just a little dorky, Isobel Veloise is a knight errant sworn in your service. Call this companion to your side and lead her forth in search of glorious tales, wrongs to right, and delicious candy sweets.

Isobel Veloise (nicknamed Bella or Izzy) is a Breton noble and companion who can be found at Castle Navire.

If you are using an ESO Plus free trial and have not purchased the High Isle chapter, Isobel will not appear.

Related QuestsEdit

Companion DataEdit

Isobel Veloise
Racial Skill Enchanted: Decreases ability cooldowns by 3% and damage taken by 3%.
Companion Perk Isobel's Grace: Bestows a chance, after defeating a world boss, to recover the pack of a slain knight. Packs may contain additional loot.
Default Gear Heavy Armor, One-Handed Sword and Shield, base quality Default Style Steadfast Society armor, Ancestral Breton weapons Default Mount Sorrel Horse
Rapport Status
Cordial Isobel is grateful you two are friends. Allied Isobel likes you more than saltwater taffy. Wary Isobel's not angry, she's just disappointed.
Friendly Isobel thinks Stendarr smiles on you. Companion Isobel regards you as her very best friend. Irritated Isobel strongly disagrees with your life choices.
Close Isobel is proud to ride in your service. Likes and Dislikes Disdainful Isobel regrets leaving High Isle to work with you.
  This pottery effigy has a small cap on top, allowing access to the hollow interior. Within, Isobel has secreted away a delicious assortment of some of her favorite sweets.
Permanently grants the passive "Isobel's Grace" to the bearer.
Stendarr's Sweets Vault

Class Skill LinesEdit


Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost
   Baneslayer 20 3.8 seconds Enemy 15 meters 15 x 10 meters 200 Ultimate
Isobel Veloise channels their energy and conjures a weapon made of sunlight before striking downward, dealing 3150/6000 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them.
Enemies damaged by Baneslayer have particles remaining on them for 10 seconds that detonate for 1575/3000 Magic Damage when a player deals damage to them.

Blazing MightEdit

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
   Penetrating Strikes 1 1 second Self 1 second 15.5 seconds
Isobel Veloise attacks three times with a magic spear, dealing 1050/2000 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them with each strike.
After their assault, Isobel Veloise grants themselves and nearby allies a boon that increases the damage of their next Light or Heavy Attack by 50%.
   Sun Brand 2 0.2 seconds Enemy 28 meters 8 seconds 11.6 seconds
Isobel Veloise hurls a blazing ball of fire at an enemy, dealing 3150/6000 Flame Damage on impact and an additional 2360/4496 Flame Damage over 8 seconds.
   Divine Destruction 11 3 seconds Enemy 28 meters 3 seconds 7.8 seconds
Isobel Veloise unleashes a concentrated beam of divine energy at an enemy, dealing 11810/22500 Magic Damage over 3 seconds.
Used when the enemy is below 25% Health.

Brilliant ShieldEdit

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
   Solar Ward 1 1 seconds Self 6 seconds 7.8 seconds
Isobel Veloise summons the power of the sun to defend themselves from harm, reducing incoming damage by 20% and granting a damage shield that absorbs up to 12.5% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.
   Gallant Blitz 5 Instant Enemy 7 - 22 meters 11.6 seconds
Isobel Veloise charges toward their enemy with a vibrant spear that bursts in a flash of light, setting all enemies in the area Off Balance for 7 seconds.
   Spear of Light 14 0.5 seconds Enemy 15 meters 15 x 10 meters 4 15.5 seconds
Isobel Veloise hurls a barrage of spears made of radiant light at all targets in front of them, dealing 1500/3000 Magic Damage and knocking them down for 4 seconds.
This attack ignores the enemy's Resistances.

Healing GraceEdit

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
   Blessed Sacrament 1 0.8 seconds Area 28 meters 4 7.8 seconds
Isobel Veloise sends out a burst of soothing light, healing themselves or a nearby ally for 1575/3000 Health, and an additional 590/1125 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds as the light momentarily lingers.
Used when Your Companion or an ally is below 75% Health.
   Holy Ground 8 0.5 seconds Area 12 meters 8 seconds 15.5 seconds
Isobel Veloise consecrates the ground under them for 8 seconds, healing themselves and nearby allies 750/1500 Health every 2 seconds and snaring enemies by 50%.
Used when Isobel Veloise or a nearby ally is below 75% Health, or if an enemy is nearby.
   Beam of Reproach 17 Instant Enemy 28 meters 8 seconds 11.6 seconds
Isobel Veloise bathes an enemy in a beam of sunlight, immediately dealing 1575/3000 Magic Damage and healing allies nearby for 1575/3000 Health. The residual light will then continue to heal allies near the enemy for 393/750 Health every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Ways for Isobel to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
  +500 Completing The Lost Symbol, A Mother's Request, The Princess Detective companion quest Once each
  +125 Return a Undaunted daily challenge offered by Bolgrul Daily
  +125 Return High Isle group boss daily offered by Parisse Plouff Daily
  +25 /   +5 Visit an Undaunted Enclave 20 hours
  +10 /   +5 /   +1 Talk to an alliance leader (Emeric / Ayrenn / Jorunn) 1 hour
  +10 Talk to Lyris Titanborn 1 hour
  +10 Complete a volcanic vent (?)[verification needed — bugged?]
  +5 Craft sweet delicacies or fruit dishes 1 hour
  +5 Craft an item at a blacksmithing station 1 hour
  +5 Kill a world boss 1 hour
  +5 Kill a delve boss or group dungeon boss (?)
  +5 Kill a daedric boss 1 hour
  +1 Kill a daedra 210 seconds
  +1 Use a repair kit Daily
  +1 Accept a duel (?)
  +1 Summoning a dog non-combat pet 1 hour
Actions that give Negative Rapport
  -10 /   -1 Murder 0
  -5 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 20 hours
  -1 Steal from container or loot a thieves trove (?)
  -1 Enter an Outlaw's Refuge (?)
Dog pets include the Alik'r Dune-Hound, Druadach Mountain Dog, Imperial War Mastiff, Bravil Retriever, Jerall Rescue Dog, and Greenhill Farmdog.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Tournament of the HeartEdit

When first approached outside the tourney grounds, she will be comforting Aurelia:

Isobel Veloise: "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll figure something out. I always do."

You can then speak with her, to see what is going on:

"I'm sorry, this isn't the best time. My friend Aurelia has a bit of a problem. Her mother has promised her hand in marriage, and I need to get her out of it … somehow.
Hmm. Actually, you look quite capable. Would you mind lending me a hand?"
And who are you?
"Apologies! My name is Isobel Veloise. I'm an aspirant in the Sapphire Tourney, a proving ground for squires looking to join the knightly orders.
Aurelia's mother is Knight Commander, and umm … brashly offered her daughter's hand as a prize."
How are you going to get your friend out of this promise?
"Well, normally aspirants only compete in one of the trials. If I can win all three, the Knight Commander will be compelled to grant a boon of my choosing. I can free Aurelia from her mother's promise!
What do you say? Will you be my second?"
I'll help you, Isobel.

The Three TrialsEdit

Once you agree to act as Isobel's second, you can ask her about the three trials and decide which one to do first:

"The Eight must have me in their hearts. My second just left my service, and here I was thinking I'd have to do it alone.
All right. There are three knightly orders here on the Isle. Let's decide what task to tackle first."
You mentioned the three orders, what are they? What do they want us to do?
"The people of the Systres take pride in our knights, the same as anywhere in High Rock. The Sapphire Tourney hosts three orders: the Iron Knot, the Oaken Order, and the Order of the Albatross."

The three tasks can be done in any order. You have the option to ask for more information about any of the three orders. Once she has given you the information, you are given the choice of beginning the quest she's just explained to you or hearing about one of the other options.

After the first trial is completed, you return to this dialogue with only two choices. After the second quest is completed, there is only one remaining, so you have the option to get the information about it again or begin it immediately.

What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
"They're martial warriors and excellent ahorse. You might say the Iron Knot is the most traditional of the Sapphire Orders.
Our trial will be to find the hilt from a lost sword called Redheart. It was the blade of the first Duke Dufort."
Where was the sword lost?
"Somewhere on these lands, before they belonged to the Duforts. The hilt supposedly had a massive rough-cut ruby in it, should be easy to spot.
My last squire, Berjo, suggested we hit the castle library to get an idea of where to start looking."
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
Let's find that hilt for the Iron Knot. To the library!
"Let's meet up at the castle library, in the knight's wing. I've spent many an hour there studying up on monsters, history, and healing.
My only complaint is there aren't a lot of novels."
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
"Oaken knights tend to be battlemages, conjurers, and support spellcasters. Their power stems from High Isle's strong tradition of druidic magic.
Our trial will be to convince an elder of their order to give us a staff, a symbol of their order."
Do we talk to the mage, or fight them?
"I'm guessing it won't be that straightforward. But who knows?
There's a wayshrine near the coral river to the east. I'll meet you there, and we can make for the site of the trial."
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
Let's get that staff for the Oaken Order.
"I'm guessing it won't be that straightforward. But who knows? There's a wayshrine near the coral river to the east. I'll meet you there, and we can make for the site of the trial."
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
"Eight above help me … they're artists and sailors. Singers, bards, and pirates, all. Brave swashbuckling warriors that make you recite poetry. Ghastly stuff."
Is our trial a poem?
"No, thankfully. Our trial will be to reclaim the Gilded Lute of Captain Brenvale. The story goes that he went down into the castle crypts years ago, hoping to use song and steel to subdue a spirit.
He never returned. Hopefully we'll do better."
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
Let's find the lute for the Order of the Albatross.
"The catacombs are beneath the castle's chapel. We should just be able to grab a key near the stairs. I'll meet you there.
With luck, this one should be fairly straightforward. Not counting the ghosts, of course."

Once you have selected your task, you can ask Isobel some additional questions. These will be available each time you choose a new trial:

Can we talk about what's going on?
"Of course. Draigh, I'm sorry. I bet I came on a little strong. I've spent months preparing for the tourney.
And now the commander's pronouncement has set me adrift. I'll be all right. What would you like to know?"
What does Draigh mean?
"Hah, sorry. It's a curse I picked up from my dad. A word from the old druid tongue that's been co-opted for common folk.
I sort of grew up here at the castle and it's a little more acceptable than the curses the dockhands use. So I use it."
Got it. Why are you so eager to help Aurelia?
"Aurelia and I grew up together. We've been close since we were very young and … well. I can't stand the thought of her marrying one of the other aspirants.
Especially Mortens. My goodness, what a dreary man."
Does this tourney happen every year?
"Nope! The tourney is only called every few years, as schedules and aspirants allow. The commander wants to make sure there are enough people in the mix to make it a challenge.
And the orders are only so large on High Isle, as you might imagine."
How does the tourney work?
"I'm not sure how tamsfolk tourneys work, but here each order sets a challenge. Attempting the challenge for an order marks you in good standing, and each order only chooses one or two aspirants for knighthood.
It's fairly competitive, as a result."
Which order do you belong to?
"I'm not a knight just yet. That's why I'm in the tourney! I was a squire for years before I 'came an aspirant.
You don't want to know how many stalls I've cleaned. The tourney gives me a chance to prove my worth to the orders, you see."
Which order do you want to join?
"That's a handsome question. I wish I had an answer for you. I can see ways that I'd be a good fit for either the Oaken Order or the Iron Knot … maybe even the Order of the Albatross!
That's a problem for day's end Isobel to face. Heh."
That's all the questions I have for now, Isobel.

Order of the Iron Knot TaskEdit

Once you have chosen this trial, Isobel will remind you where to meet her and, if this is your first trial, Aurelia will chime in:

Isobel Veloise: "Go on, I'll catch up with you at the castle's library. It's easy to find: big room, full of books. Can't miss it."
Aurelia Jourvel: "You're going to help us? The Eight bless you!"

Going through the main gate to the castle, there is a large door straight ahead to the "Castle Navire Courtyard". Use the smaller door to the left to the "Castle Navire Knight's Wing".

Go to the end of the hall where Elise Moret is standing and turn right. You will hear overhear Isobel:

Isobel Veloise: "There you are! Let's see if we can unearth the past, shall we?"
Isobel Veloise: "People left books open all over the place. How rude."

Turn left, then go through the doorway on the right into the library. Isobel will say this if you speak to her:

"My previous second, Berjo, had a good thought. To look for the early history of the Duforts.
He likes reading dry texts. I like hitting things with a sword."

If you read Mad Baron Densil, Part the First before leaving, Isobel will comment:

Isobel Veloise: "What was that one about? I found something about crop rotation. Exciting."

Reading The Battle of Meadow Fort, will attract Isobel's notice:

Isobel Veloise: "Find anything promising? Let's chat."

You can then speak with her about the book you just read:

"The book was already open … I bet my old second Berjo offered the same advice he gave me to Aspirant Langley. Draigh!"
I think it had a clue about Redheart. Oldstone Woods?
"Let's see … You're right, looks like the Duforts had a holdfast there, before they became nobles.
Oh, wait. I know this place! It's an old ruin off to the east. Aurelia and I used to pretend it was a witch's lair when we were young."
You knew about this place? Why did we need to look it up in a book?
"Well, in my defense, I didn't know it was owned by the Duforts when we played there as kids.
We also didn't go looking for knightly relics! Which, now I wish we had."
Fair enough. How do we get to the ruin?
"There aren't really roads back there. But I remember a nice wide path we can take. I'll mark your map.
Maybe if we hurry we can beat Berjo and Langley to the ruin!"
Sounds good, I'll meet you there.

She continues, and if you talk to her again after this, she'll say:

"I'll see you there! I'm hoping we can beat the other aspirants to the hilt."
Why are we looking for a hilt? Didn't you say the Iron Knot valued martial skill?
"Each of the captains have their own view on how to earn honor. I've heard stories that the Iron Knot's captain, Orlfeth, has slain trolls twice her size!
So just swinging a sword won't impress her. She wants warriors that can think as well as fight."
Does she hide this hilt out there for every tourney?
"Hah, that's a funny thought. I don't think so? But we can ask her.
The hilt itself is classic Iron Knot. A historic trophy from a mighty warrior who fell in single combat at a crucial battle. And changed history with his blade."

Speaking to Isobel when you reach near the ruins:

"Berjo was my previous second. A good man, but too ambitious by half.
Good luck to him. Langley's a bit of a prat."

After reaching the path that Isobel pointed out for you, you will find Aspirant Langley and Berjo. The path appears to be blocked by fallen trees, Berjo will be trying to move them and Langley will be rude:

Aspirant Langley: "Oh ho! Madam Veloise, you're too late. I'm here first. You cannot pass through."
Berjo: "Uh. I guess. What he said. Sorry Isobel."
Aspirant Langley: "Hurry up, will you lad? I'll need sustenance forthwith, and you don't have much time to make me a meal!"
Isobel Veloise: "Second, over here. Let's talk."

Talk with Isobel:

"It's not worth a row with Langley over who can search the woods first. I'd best him easily, don't get me wrong.
But blatant fighting between aspirants is frowned upon. Doesn't matter, I have an idea."
What's your idea?
"Langley's first and last thoughts every day are about himself. He'll have Berjo working on moving those trees … well. Until he gets bored.
So let's just go around."
There's another way up?
"Remember, Aurelia and I used to play up by the ruin. There's a path around the rise to the east. Let's go carefully, though.
We stopped playing up there when a faun warband moved in."
Sounds good. Let's go.

Speaking to her while moving:

"We can get to the ruin before them if we hurry. The path around to the ruins is off to the east. Let's move."

Isobel knows of a second path to the ruins, once you find her path, Isobel will call out:

Isobel Veloise: "Here it is, just like I remembered, by the curved tree. The ruin should be at the top of the rise."

Talking to Isobel here:

"Here we go! Just up the path, here.
This brings back some memories …."

Once you reach the ruins of the old fort:

Isobel Veloise: "This is it. The old stones, the locals call it. Let's find that hilt!"

Speaking to her before finding the hilt:

"The hilt should be somewhere around here.
Let's find it before Langley makes it past those trees!"

The will be lying on some carved stones, once you pick it up:

Isobel Veloise: "That's it! Come on, let's get out of here before Langley and Berjo arrive."

After you acquire the hilt, you will hear an annoyed Langley:

Aspirant Langley: "Ah! Careful there squire! Don't let the branches snap back! You've scratched my armor!"
Aspirant Langley: "That hilt must be around here somewhere! Get to work!"

Follow Isobel down the hill and she'll say:

Isobel Veloise: "I'm not sure it's chivalrous of me, but I hope that arse wastes the rest of the day looking for the hilt."

You can speak with Isobel to complete the trial:

"We did it! Redheart's hilt! As a knight aspirant, I know I should wish all of my competitors equally good luck.
But, Stendarr forgive me, I hope Langley gets bitten by every mosquito out here."
We've got the hilt, and the Iron Knot's trial is complete. You must be pleased.
"I am! I assumed the Iron Knot trial would be all about swordplay and martial skill. Maybe horse riding? Horses and I don't like each other much.
Anyway, I'm actually quite pleased how we did. Let's move on."

Oaken Order TaskEdit

If you decided to do this task first, Isobel will point out where she needs to meet you and Aurelia will chime in. If you accept this task later, her response might or might not be the same, but Aurelia will not be there:

Isobel Veloise: "I'll meet you near the old wayshrine just up the road."
Aurelia Jourvel: "You're going to help us? The Eight bless you!"

If you accept this task later, Isobel will run off after she tells you where to meet. Her response might be the one above or this one:

Isobel Veloise: "I want to check on Aurelia first. I'll meet you at the old wayshrine along the road."

When you reach the Coral Road Wayshrine, Isobel will meet you there and you can speak with her:

"Ugh. I thought I heard Snegh yelling in the distance. He's another aspirant, and a complete donkey's arse.
Never mind him, we're on a quest!"
Right, the elder and the staff. Where do we go?
"So, we have a bit of a leg up on this one. The elder is a wizard named Erlibru. He's actually a friend of my father's.
Heh, he used to tell me stories when I was young. Funny little man."
And you need to steal a staff from him?
"I would never! Stealing is … well … unknightly. Knowing Erlibru, the challenge will be more about thinking and reason than magic or subterfuge."
All right, let's find this wizard.

She explains that you'll need to find Erlibru's home, a wizard of the Oaken Order. After you have spoken with her:

"Right. If I remember correctly, I think he lives in a little grotto to the south, near the coast. He likes his privacy, our oaken elder."
I'm not sure I've heard of a knightly order of mages before.
"I suppose in the stories knights are usually all swords and glory. But the druids have been here forever, practically.
Every kid in the Systres grows up knowing a little bit about runes, and nature, and the True Way."
So the Oaken Order is a druidic group?
"I think they used to be? But no, these days anyone can join. Even non-mages who want to learn the ways of Y'ffre.
Just another little quirk of life on High Isle."

As you reach his home, you will find Snegh and Brelannal have arrived before you and are standing before a magical barrier:

Isobel Veloise: "Damn. Snegh and Brelannal beat us here."
Aspirant Snegh: "Get behind me, squires. Snegh was here first! Hah!"
Aspirant Brelannal: "We arrived at the same time, you simpering buffoon."
Aspirant Snegh: "Well, you're still too late. A wizard's magic is no match for the strength and honor of this aspirant!"
Aspirant Snegh: "For Honor!"
<Snegh rushes at the barrier and appears to be teleported away.>
Isobel Veloise: "All right … seems like the direct approach won't work here."
Aspirant Brelannal: "Hmph. I'm sure I can get this barrier open."
<Brelannal walks up to the barrier and carefully touches it>
Aspirant Brelannal: "Augh! Meow meow meow! Meeeeeoooowww!"
<Brelannal is turned into a cat which runs away.>
Isobel Veloise: "Hmm. Erlibru doesn't go easy on aspirants, it seems."
Isobel Veloise: "I think the trick to this is the pillars themselves. Take a look … carefully."

Speaking with Isobel before examining the pillars:

"Just brute forcing the barrier is not the way to go. Let's see if the pillars hold any clues."

If you try touching the barrier and get repelled:

Isobel Veloise: "I'm pretty sure that's not how we're supposed to do this."
Isobel Veloise: "Careful there!"
Isobel Veloise: "What are you doing?"
Isobel Veloise: "You'll hurt your…oh no, I sound like my mother."
Isobel Veloise: "Hahaha."

Observing each pillars from left to right, Isobel will comment on what is carved on them:

Isobel Veloise: "A cat's paw? Hmm."
Isobel Veloise: "Look at the branch there … representing Spriggans, maybe?"
Isobel Veloise: "A bird. Looks like a forest heron, perhaps."

Once you have examined all three, you can talk to Isobel:

"That old man … I know exactly how to bring down the barrier.
He's lifted the pillars and the symbols from a story he told me as a child."
This barrier is from a story he told you?
"Almost exactly! A wise old sage puts up a barrier around his home. He's trying to protect the little girl he's raising from a fearsome dark knight.
She grows up to be a mighty warrior. But the sage makes her figure a way out of the sacred grove."
How did she bring the barriers down in the story?
"In the tale, the symbols on the pillars held the key. Like the cat, there. A cat's paw is a pretty little flower that grows in shady forests.
And that bird looks like a forest heron. I'd bet anything we need one of their feathers."
And the branch on the third pillar?
"I've seen it before … it's a druidic symbol for spriggans. In the tale, she befriended one that lived in the grove. She wore a spriggan's veil, a wreath of leaves they shed every year.
Here, if you can find the items, I'll guard our spot."
You got it. A heron's feather, cat's paw flowers, and a spriggan's veil.

Speaking to her again:

"Everything we're looking for should be nearby. You should find the heron's feather south along the coast. Cat's paw grows beneath some trees east along the road.
Spriggan's veil … hmm. Maybe check around Breakwater Cave? It's to the southeast."

Isobel will wait at the barrier while you retrieve the items needed to bring the barrier down. She will greet you when you return:

Isobel Veloise: "You're back. Carrying feathers and branches and flowers, I hope."

Speaking with Isobel before using the items:

"Looks like you've found them! Just place them on the pillars, there. That should lower the wards."

Isobel will call out as you place each item on a pillar:

Cat's Paw Flower:

Isobel Veloise: "Cat's paw, beautiful."

Spriggin's Veil:

Isobel Veloise: "A spriggan's veil, powerful symbolism."

Heron's Feather:

Isobel Veloise: "Majestic birds, right up until you're cleaning scat off the docks."

Once all three items are placed, the pillar will come down:

Isobel Veloise: "That did it!"

Erlibru's home is a small cottage in this isolated grove.

"We made it. Let's go say hello to the old man."

Once inside, Isobel will ask you to talk to him first:

Isobel Veloise: "Can you talk to him? I'm all … sweaty."

Speaking with her before Erlibru:

"Now that we're inside, I don't suppose you'd chat with the old man for me?"

After you have spoken with Erlibru, he will congratulate you both and allow you to take his staff from outside.

Isobel Veloise: "He said it's out back. Imagine being that casual about something so precious."
Erlibru: "Come here, lass. No need to dawdle near the door like you're still a squire."
Isobel Veloise: "Hahaha. Thank you, you old goat. Still thinking of me all these years later."

Talking to Isobel before leaving the cottage:

"Just need to grab that staff now, and the Oaken trial is in the bag.
I mean, not literally, I don't have a bag large enough for the staff. But you understand my point."

The Staff of the Wild Woods will be leaning again the cottage, once you have collected it you can speak with Isobel to complete the trial and select another one:

"We've got the staff! The moment I heard Erlibru was representing the order I knew we might have a shot.
Well done!"
Are you glad the Oaken trial is behind us?
"I am. Those stories Erlibru told me when I was little … they're a part of why I'm in the tourney today.
And, I won't lie, it's nice to know he still cares about me. Strange, lovely man. Let's move on."

After you have selected your next trial, Aurelia will arrive:

Aurelia Jourvel: "Hello? Isobel?"
Isobel Veloise: "Aurelia! What are you doing here?"
Aurelia Jourvel: "Don't be annoyed. I … um. Did sort of follow along."
Isobel Veloise: "I'll catch up to you. I'll want to talk to Aurelia, make sure she is all right."

If this was your third and final trial, Aurelia will not show up, and Isobel will jump to her completed trials dialogue.

Order of the Albatross TaskEdit

If you decided to do this task first, Isobel will point out where she needs to meet you:

Isobel Veloise: "I'll meet you at the castle's chapel. The entrance to the catacombs is within!"
Aurelia Jourvel: "You're going to help us? The Eight bless you!"

If this is not your first trial, she will instead say:

Isobel Veloise: "We can meet up at the Navire Chapel. The entrance to the catacombs is in there."

Isobel will ask you to wait for her outside the chapel so you can retrieve the Golden Lute from the catacombs. When you arrive, you will find an annoyed Isobel waiting for you:

Isobel Veloise: "Eight give me strength! Of all the sneaky, dishonest …."

Speak with her to see what is going on:

"We've got a small hitch in this rope. The key to the catacombs entrance is usually right near the door … but someone took it."
Perhaps one of your competitors?
"Draigh, I hope not. The idea of aspirants trying to directly sabotage each other doesn't sit well with me. And I see that look in your eye … no lockpicking. But buff my plates, we still need that key."
No lockpicking, got it. Is there another key somewhere?
"Yes, let's split up. I'll go speak to the castle stewards, and you head for the offices of the knight commander. We can meet back here. Stendarr willing, one of us will have some luck."
I'll meet you back here, then.

You can ask Isobel some more questions before leaving:

"I still can't believe someone took the key. So childish. I bet it's Mortens. Mortens!"
Did you say the Albatross knights are pirates?
"I mean, they're not real pirates. They're knights who ride the waves instead of horses. And sing. By the gods do they sing. There's an old joke around the castle that they're called the Order of the Albatross because they're so damned loud."
Right, they want us to get a musical instrument.
"Yes, a golden lute. The story goes that some years back the head of the order, Sir Brenvale, went down to clear the catacombs of a mad spirit. I think it was some Dufort noble? I'm not sure who. But Sir Brenvale never returned."
Why did a singing, sailing knight go after a ghost?
"I'll be honest, this is one order I'm not likely to join. They're an odd group.
But it kind of makes sense. Just think of them as something like chivalric bards. They're constantly on the hunt for new adventures, new tales to tell."
Isobel Veloise: "Let's meet back inside the chapel. The catacombs entrance is down the stairs."

At this you will need to enter the knight's quarters at Castle Navire to find someone who can provide you with a key. You can meet Aurelia there and she can give suggestions on who to speak with to get a catacomb key. There are multiple options to go with. Once you have the key, you can meet up with Isobel down in the catacombs:

Isobel Veloise: "I hope you've had better luck than I did. The stewards were no help at all."

Speaking with Isobel before unlocking the door:

"You've got a key? Wonderful!"

Once the door to the crypts is unlocked:

Isobel Veloise: "All right, let's see if we can find that fancy lute. Sir Brenvale probably made it deep into the crypts."

Speaking with her while searching the crypt, Isobel will say one of the following:

"Let's see if we can find that fancy lute."
"If Sir Brenvale managed to reach his goal, he'll be rather deep into the crypts."
"Can you imagine not believing in ghosts? A friend once told me that you can't swing a stick in Glenumbra without it passing through some lost spirit."

Traversing through the catacombs, she will say:

Isobel Veloise: "These catacombs have been built over generations. Might be a bit twisty down here."

Soon you will come across Aspirant Mortens locked in one of the side rooms:

Aspirant Mortens: "Hello? I say, Langley? Is that you? Help a fellow out!"
Isobel Veloise: "It's Isobel Veloise, Mortens! I'm here with my second. We'll try to help you."

Speaking with Isobel before Mortens:

"Do you mind talking to him? He's a rather irritating man."

Aspirant Mortens will explain he has the key for the deep catacombs and says he will trade it if you retrieve his sword. He lost it while fleeing a giant spider. Talking to Isobel afterwards:

"I know Stendarr preaches patience. But that man is insufferable. Tch.
Let's find his sword, shall we?"

Once you have his sword, you can come back to Mortens:

Aspirant Mortens: "Hello, is that you all with my sword? Or a spider? If you're a spider, please leave!"
Isobel Veloise: "We found your sword, Mortens. My second will pass it to you."

Speaking with Isobel before handing over the sword:

"Well, we've got his sword. Here's hoping he holds up his end of the bargain.
Mortens, I swear to Stendarr …."

Mortens will keep his word and hand over the key to the deeper catacombs, once inside Isobel will makes some comments:

Isobel Veloise: "I've never been this far into the catacombs. What a story this will make!"
Isobel Veloise: "They say that Sir Brenvale died at the hands of a ghost. The old Mad Duke! Gives me the shivers."

You will eventually find the remains of Sir Brenvale ... along with the spirit of Mad Baron Densil. Isobel will point out the remains when she sights them:

Isobel Veloise: "Look, I think that's the lute! Oh … and that must be what remains of Sir Brenvale, then."

Once you have collected the Gilded Lute:

Isobel Veloise: "We've got it! Draigh, let's get out of here."

Speaking with her at this point:

"Well done, well done. Let's get out of this dreary place."

You can then follow the passage to exit, along the way, the spirit of Sir Brenvale will accompany you with song. Once outside, Isobel will exclaim:

Isobel Veloise: "Ah, fresh air. Those catacombs were musty as a … uh. As a crypt!"

You can then speak with Isobel to complete the trial:

"Not quite how I imagined that would go. But we faced the Mad Duke, walked with the spirit of Sir Brenvale, and lived to tell the tale!
I'm sure the order will approve."
The Gilded Lute of Sir Brenvale is yours. How are you feeling?
"Good! Except for the make-up-a-poem-or-sing-a-song about it part coming up at the end of the tourney. That, I'm less excited about.
Let's keep moving."

You can then choose another trial.

Three Trials CompletedEdit

Once you have complete your third trial, you will point this out when you speak with Isobel to complete it:

We've completed all three trials, Isobel. What now?
"All that's left is to present the trophies. Everyone will be gathered at the tourney pavilion. I'm excited!
And nervous. I get a bit … uncomfortable being the center of attention. Here, meet me on the jousting grounds. We'll head in together."
I'll see you there.

Speaking to her again:

"All that's left is to go to the tourney pavilion and present our trophies.
My nerves are jangling like horse barding!"

Isobel will ask you to meet her at the Tourney Grounds to present the items you retrieved.

Isobel Veloise: "We've done it! All three trophies! Meet me near the tourney pavilion, and we'll present them together."

At the Tourney Grounds you will find her speaking with Aurelia:

"I think my nerves are as settled as they are going to be. I get more anxious doing formal things like this than I do fighting werewolves!
Come on, Izzy. Deep breaths."
What do we do now?
"We walk in, and the Tourney Herald announces us. I go forward and claim the trophies. As my second, you have the honor of displaying each of them as I call them out.
Oh, and most important: don't start laughing when I recite a poem."
You're reciting a poem?
"It's tradition, Stendarr help me. The Order of the Albatross requires it.
Having you do this with me was more than helpful. You've been a calm and steady influence. A real partnership. Thank you. Let's just get through this last bit."
I'm ready.

The ceremony will then begin, you and Isobel will need to head over to the stage:

Isobel Veloise: "Follow me. The sooner we start, the sooner it's over."
<Isobel heads towards the stage.>
Herald Nilularon: "Lords and ladies, men and mer, a knight aspirant approaches the stage! Lady Isobel Veloise!"
Isobel Veloise: "Let's get things started."
Herald Nilularon: "Proceed, madam. Your second may present any trophies you have won."

At each prompt, you will need to place trophy on the designated table:

Isobel Veloise: "Together we found the hilt of blade Redheart, lost in a battle long ago. This we present to the Order of the Iron Knot."
<The hilt is placed.>
Orlfeth the Valiant: "Well done, Aspirant Veloise."
Isobel Veloise: "To the Order of the Albatross, we present the Gilded Lute of Sir Brenvale."
<The lute is placed.>
Melflen Le Fleury: "Wonderful! Now … perhaps we could hear a poem or a ditty about the adventure, Aspirant?"
Isobel Veloise: "The lute of gold, did gather mold, lost for many years. I cannot lie, Brenvale did die, tripping on a tomb."
Isobel Veloise: "And finally we present the Oaken Order with the Staff of the Wild Woods, after solving the Wizard Erlibru's puzzle."
<The staff is placed.>
Odelia Ambloc: "The Oaken Order commends you, Aspirant."
Isobel is knighted

With all three trophies presented, you can witness Isobel being knighted:

Knight Commander Jourvel: "Aspirant Veloise, claiming all three trophies makes you the Champion of the Sapphire Tourney. Come. You have earned a boon from your commander."
<Isobel kneels before Knight Commander Jourvel.>
Knight Commander Jourvel: "From this day forward, you are a Knight of High Isle. Be brave, courteous, loyal and act with honor. Arise, Dame Isobel Veloise!"
Isobel Veloise: "Lord Commander, I know what my boon will be. You may know, as well. Please release Aurelia from the promise you made."
Isobel Veloise: "Allow her to make her own choice to marry, or not, as she sees fit."
Knight Commander Jourvel: "I cannot deny such a selfless boon. Aurelia is free to make her own choices … within reason."
Aurelia Jourvel: "Oh, thank the Eight."
Knight Commander Jourvel: "Dame Isobel, I am deeply impressed. I wish to speak with you and your second. Find me in my office, at your convenience."

Speaking with Isobel after the ceremony:

"I couldn't have done this without you.
Let's see what the commander has to say, before I thank you myself."

You can then head back the knight's quarters in the castle and meet with Knight Commander Jourvel in her office:

Knight Commander Jourvel: "You did well, Isobel. It seems as though your second was a great boon to you today. Second, step forward. I'd like to speak to you."
Aurelia Jourvel: "She was amazing! I am so proud of you! Dame Isobel, what a nice ring to it!"
Isobel Veloise: "They're far more than a mere second, commander."

Talking to Isobel before the Knight Commander:

"I wonder what she wants to talk about? She doesn't seem upset, at least. That's an improvement."

After you have spoken with the commander, you can talk to Isobel to complete the quest. She will offer to travel with you some more:

"What a day! I suppose that just shows what determination can get you. When the tourney began Aurelia was in the depths of despair. I was … well. I was struggling.
And now look at us."
Congratulations, Dame Isobel.
"Hah, thank you! Take the credit you're due. You kept me focused, gave me a sounding board. And most importantly, I knew whatever happened, I wasn't alone.
I can't tell you what that meant to me."
I was glad to help.
"I still can't get used to it. Dame Isobel Veloise. I dreamed about wearing shining armor, riding a valiant steed. So far it's been crypts, creatures, and a lot of running around.
Hah! I've loved every moment. Except maybe the poetry part."
So what do you want to do next?

Leaving the conversation after asking what she will do next and speaking with Isobel again before completing the quest:

"Quite the adventure, eh? I'm not some flashy, showy sort. But I'm careful, and try to be clever.
It's good to have an ally that values those attributes in a knight."
What will the newly knighted Dame Veloise do next?

Otherwise, continuing the conversation:

So what do you want to do next?
"I've been thinking. I have a place here on High Isle. But I think I want to expand my horizons. I would like to see more, do more, learn more.
If you could use a strong and loyal knight of High Isle in your travels, I'm up for anything."

Once you have completed the quest:

Isobel Veloise: "If you'll excuse me, I have to get my things. I want to get ready for adventure!"
Aurelia Jourvel: "I'm sorry mother. But you didn't break your word. And I didn't get stuck having breakfast across from Mortens or Langley. Yech."
Knight Commander Jourvel: "I think things have turned out just the way they should have. Just be ready to see Isobel less often, dear. A page has turned on our little story."

The Lost SymbolEdit

Once Isobel reaches friendly rapport with you, she will have a favor to ask. Speak with her once she is summoned to see what is going on:

"My friend, I am not in the habit of asking for favors. But … well. I just got some news from Aurelia.
You remember her, my childhood friend we helped during the tourney?"
How is Aurelia?
"She's gone traveling. After that business with her mother and the tourney, I encouraged her to find her own way. Which is … grand.
Unfortunately, some of her things were stolen. Including a signet ring I gave her many years ago."
Is the ring still important to you?
"It's a signet ring representing my family's business, Veloise Mercantile. Someone wearing that ring could pretend they were working for my parents. That would be … bad.
Aurelia is on Stros M'Kai. If you don't mind … could we go speak with her?"
We'll head to Stros M'Kai, then.

After agreeing to help, you can speak with Isobel some more to learn more information. Speak with her again to continue:

"Thank you so much. Hopefully Aurelia will exercise a little wisdom, and stay put.
According to her letter, we should find her at the Screaming Mermaid inn on Stros M'Kai."
Can we talk about what's going on?
"Of course. It's been a pleasure to travel with you since that day at the tourney, but we haven't had much of a chance to chat about my past.
What would you like to know?"
Why do you think Aurelia went to Stros M'Kai?
"I'm not sure, she didn't say. If I had to guess, she met a pretty face and decided to follow him to the island.
Half of Aurelia's stories sound like the beginning to a romance novel."
You're a fan of romance novels?
"I would never … yes, of course I'm a fan of romance novels. What woman in the Knightly Orders is not?
Have you read "Desires of the Sword?" But, wait. That's not important right now."
The signet ring, is it valuable?
"It's not made of gold or studded with gems, no. But signet rings allow banks and trading partners to know if one of the family's agents are negotiating in good faith.
Someone could cause no end of trouble for my parents with that ring."
Why did you give that signet ring to Aurelia all those years ago?
"That … ah. That is a very good question. It … seemed like a good idea at the time?
Because. Well, that's not important right now. Let's just focus on the here and now, all right?"
Why did you grow up with the Jourvels and not your own parents?
"My father and the late Lord Jourvel were friends. When it came time to see to my education, the Knight Commander offered me a place in her household.
It was a kindness I still thank her for to this day."
How long had you wanted to become a knight?
"Since I was old enough to hold a branch and pretend to fight Daedra? My parents supported me all the way, and set about making sure I got what I needed.
So that's why Aurelia and I grew up together. As almost-but-very-much-not sisters."
Do you see your family very often?
"As much as I can, but they're often out of town on business trips. We're always together for holidays like New Life, though.
They were in Summerset when we won the tourney. That's why they weren't at my knighting ceremony."
Thanks for chatting with me, Isobel. (Appears after asking one of the questions and ends the conversation)

When you arrive in Port Hunding, you will find Aurelia outside the Screaming Mermaid along with one Captain Marso:

Isobel Veloise: "There she is! Who's that with her? He looks familiar."
Aurelia Jourvel: "I can't believe the town guard didn't want to help us."
Captain Marso: "We'll keep looking, Lady Aurelia. I bet he's just laying low somewhere on the island."

Speaking with Isobel before Aurelia:

"There she is, with … oh, is that Captain Marso? Marso works for my parents, a good man.
Could you talk to her first? Let me get my thoughts in order."

Aurelia will explain that while she was travelling, she met a handsome Dark Elf by the name of Kiv Lindres. They came to Stros M'kai to paint, but found their rooms had been broken into and some of their belongings stolen. But Aurelia discovered that Kiv had actually robbed her, they got into a tussl and he escaped, along with the signet ring.

Isobel Veloise: "I cannot believe you lost that ring, Aurelia. Hello Captain Marso. Funny to see you here."
Captain Marso: "Good to see you, Isobel. I know you're upset, but the thief may still be on the island. Perhaps more stolen goods fell from his bag as he ran?"
Isobel Veloise: "That's a great idea. If he dropped more things as he ran, we could use the trail to track him."
Aurelia Jourvel: "Yes, go and see. Maybe he dropped the ring and it's just sitting in the street somewhere."

Speaking with Isobel after this, she will be upset:

"I cannot believe she followed some Dark Elf knave with a wink and a grin to the far side of the world!"

Like Marso predicted, items have fallen out of Kiv's bag as he escaped. Isobel will comment on some of them:

Betty Netch Ambergris Pomade:

Isobel Veloise: "Ugh. I can smell that from here. Is that … hair grease? Figures."

Engraved Arm Band:

Isobel Veloise: "Could be something from our thief. If he didn't hear it hit the ground, he was probably moving quickly."

Kiv's Journal:

Isobel Veloise: "If he cut through here … he went to the docks! I can't wait to get my hands on that skeever."

Crumbly Sweetroll:

Isobel Veloise: "Ooh, sweetroll! I was right, he must have gone for a ship. Let's ask around, maybe someone saw where he went."

At this point you will be on the docks, but Kiv is nowhere to be found:

"Maybe someone here on the docks will know where this Kiv Lindres went off to.
Dockworkers always know what's going on. Well, at least they do in stories."

After you have spoken with Seeks-Shadow:

Isobel Veloise: "That … was a bit creepy."

You can then speak with Aydrah, who confirms she witnessed Kiv board a ship heading to Seyda Neen in Vvardenfell. At this point Isobel will want to talk to you:

Isobel Veloise: "Draigh. Let's talk, my friend."

Speak with Isobel to see what she wants to do:

"I hoped this would be a quick trip to a distant port. Retrieve the ring, then share a drink at the docks.
Instead … I have to ask if you'll sail to Vvardenfell with me."
You want to go after him?
"I feel like we have to. He's already used the signet to buy a passage on a boat.
My parents' business is built on their excellent reputation. What if he uses that ring to withdraw funds, or cheat one of our trade partners?"
We're going after this Kiv Lindres, then.
"Thank you, my friend. On top of what this could mean to my family, I'm just so annoyed with Aurelia!
I cared … when I gave her the ring, all those years ago, it meant a great deal. I can't believe she let this happen."
Let's head to Seyda Neen.

After this, Aurelia will catch up to you:

Aurelia Jourvel: "Oh no! He got away! Isobel, I'm so sorry!"
Aurelia Jourvel: "Are you going after that scoundrel?"
Isobel Veloise: "Yes, thanks to my extremely kind companion here. Aurelia … what am I going to do with you?"
Aurelia Jourvel: "Good luck to you both!"

Speaking with Isobel before heading to Vvardenfell:

"Vvardenfell has always sounded so mysterious to me.
I mean, I'm from an island country as well, but the Dark Elves, their culture … it seems so very different than the Systres."

Once you are in Seyda Neen, you can meet Galedra Athram, who was recently fired from the inn because of Kiv. She vouched for him after claimed to have gone straight and had started working for the Veloise family... he even had a ring to prove it. But he was suspicious and left in a hurry, Galedra wants revenge and tells you to search the belongings he left behind:

"We're looking for a double-crossing, two-timing thief and rogue … who is also apparently quite the charmer!
Let's take a look at Kiv's things. See if they hold any clues."

Inside, you will find Letter from Julles Laurdon. Julles is in Wayrest and is another person Kiv has been scamming:

Isobel Veloise: "Stendarr help us. I guess we're heading to Wayrest."

Speaking to her:

"Wayrest is a pretty big place. Didn't that letter say Julles is often at the Temple of the Divines? Let's try there."

When you arrive in Wayest:

"Kiv must be something else. The way the barmaid talked about him, the tone of that letter from the fellow in Wayrest ….
Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to punch him in the throat. But he seems interesting."

You can find Julles outside the Temple of the Divines in Wayrest. After you listen to his story, he will hand over a letter from one Goldleaf in Belkarth. At this point Galedra Athram will arrive, having followed you as you are her best bet at revenge.

Galedra Athram: "Are you Julles? I can tell by your face that fetcher left you in the lurch."
Isobel Veloise: "This is just like a romance novel I read once."
Julles Laurdon: "Oh no. You poor thing! That dastardly man, how could he?"
Galedra Athram: "I decided these two have the right idea. You want to help track him down? I plan to make sure he remembers me."
Julles Laurdon: "By the Eight you're right. Self-pity serves no one. Young lady, Kiv has gone to Belkarth. Let's go."

You can then speak with Isobel for her thoughts:

"Aurelia is going to go beet red when she hears what an absolute scoundrel she got herself involved with.
And now his other victims are along for the ride!"
What do you make of all this?
"Now that we've met Julles and Galedra, I think he acted out of character with Aurelia. He must have wanted the signet ring badly.
He's nervous, maybe not as careful? I … I truly wish I hadn't given that thing to Aurelia."
Why is that?
"Well, when I gave it to her my feelings towards her were very different. I thought … I thought I loved her.
I assumed Aurelia would realize what the ring meant to me … and so in turn she'd understand what she meant to me."
You don't feel that way about her now?
"Draigh, no. She's still my best friend, but we've taken such different paths in our lives. It never would have worked out.
If you're still game, let's head for Craglorn. Seems we'll have lots of company in Belkarth."
Let's go.

Once you arrive in Belkarth, Craglorn:

"I am so sorry, this was supposed to be a quick trip to Stros M'Kai.
Now we're running off to Craglorn after a thieving skeever with my family's signet ring."

You can find Engelreth Goldleaf in the inn upstairs, but when you arrive Galedra and Julles are already talking to him:

Isobel Veloise: "Looks like our, uh. Friends are already here."
Galedra Athram: "Goldleaf, you have to listen. That fetcher will just cut and run, the same as he did to us."
Engelreth Goldleaf: "Oof, you're giving me a headache. And what's this, more of you? This is not how I figured today would go."
Isobel Veloise: "Let's talk to Goldleaf. See what he knows."
Julles Laurdon: "She's not lying. He broke my heart! Listen to the young woman."

Speaking with Isobel before Engelreth Goldleaf:

"If I wasn't so worried about getting the signet ring back, I'd laugh.
Kiv's problems are coming home to his doorstep."

Engelreth explains Kiv had wanted to talk about a business deal for awhile, and then had announced in a letter that he was now working for Veloise Mercantile. After he learns that it was a con, he lets you know where he was going to meet Kiv. Isobel is ready to confront him:L

Isobel Veloise: "You three stay here. We'll handle this."

You can speak to her before going to the basement:

"That skeever is going to want to bargain, isn't he? It makes me so angry, he should be arrested.
But if he'll give us the signet back…."

You will find Kive Lindres in the basement and the people he was meeting with will run away. Kiv will then attack you but soon surrenders:

"Of course he gave up quickly. Can you find out where my ring is?
Another moment and I might pick him up and shake him to see if it falls out of his pockets."

Speaking with Kiv, he is willing to tell you where he hid it if you let him live. You agree with the terms, but leave him for his scam victims who come down to join you. Julles and Galedra have different ideas for punishment and you can decide which one:

"I'm not entirely comfortable with Julles and Galedra taking justice into their own hands.
But they're not the murderous type, it seems. I suppose Stendarr would approve."

After you have decided the punishment, you can speak with Isobel as you head to the old winery outside Belkarth:

"If the ring isn't where he said it would be, we're going to go back there. I'll hold him up by his greasy hair and you'll whack him like a Witches Fest candy totem."

As you reach the location, Isobel will point out the hiding place:

Isobel Veloise: "There, that rock with the two points. Didn't that greedy skeever say twin spires?"

After you dig up the mound you will retrieve the Veloise Signet Ring:

Isobel Veloise: "Draigh, looks like he was honest. This time."

You can then speak with Isobel to hand the ring over:

"Finally holding it again … this little thing caused so much trouble. Damn.
I can't tell you what it means to have this back."
It was quite the journey.
"Just looking at it … my emotions have me all tangled up. Aurelia knew me better than anyone in the whole world when I gave her this ring.
But she didn't know what the ring meant. She never really understood it. Or me."
What do you want to do with it now?
"The only thing I want in the whole of Tamriel right now is to see my parents.
I need to tell them what happened. Leave this with them for safekeeping. Maybe get a hug from my mom."
All right. Where should we go?

Isobel will ask you to accompany her to her parents house:

Isobel Veloise: "My parents live in a townhouse near the port in Gonfalon Bay, back on High Isle. I'd love for them to meet you."

Speaking with Isobel once you are in Gonfalon Bay:

"My parents live down by the harbor. I'm sure they'll be happy to see me. Less happy when they hear about the ring, probably. But we have a good relationship.
I'm not nervous. Nope."

When you near their home:

Isobel Veloise: "This is it. My family home. I'm not nervous, you're nervous."

Once inside their home:

Miriette Veloise: "Bella? Is that you? Come on up, we're just upstairs!"
Isobel Veloise: "Hello mother, hello father. I have some news. A thief stole my old signet ring, and may have caused us some issues. Don't worry, my friend and I are looking into it."
Delven Veloise: "Hmm. That would explain some letters we've received."
Isobel Veloise: "We caught the thief and I have the ring, but I want you to have it. I clearly can't keep it safe."
Miriette Veloise: "I am sure there's a story here, and I bet it involves Aurelia. But for now I'm just so glad to see you."
Isobel Veloise: "My friend, I'm proud to introduce you to the honorable Delven Veloise, and Lady Miriette Veloise."
Delven Veloise: "Welcome! Isobel writes us often, so we feel like we know you already!"

You can then speak with Isobel to complete the quest:

"So … now you've met my parents. They really are the sweetest people. Even if they can be a little much."
You're sure you want to leave the ring with your parents?
"Very sure. If I lose the ring on our travels, it could end up in another scoundrel's pockets.
Plus, it feels right that the ring returns to my real home. Closing a chapter from my past."
Closing the chapter on your feelings for Aurelia?
"Yes. Hmm. Exactly. I'd much rather it sit on the mantle here, a reminder of my devotion to my family.
And no longer a reminder of the Isobel from all those years ago."
That makes sense.

Leaving and returning to the conversation to complete the quest:

"I had no idea we'd end up wandering the length and breadth of Tamriel just to get that ring back!
I guess it's true like they say in the stories. Adventure is around every corner."
I'm glad we could recover the signet, Isobel.
"We saw justice done and put right something I should have sorted a long time ago. This adventure has reminded me how important it is to be honest with the people you care about.
So, hey. Your friendship means the world to me. Thanks."

Once the quest is finished you can listen to the Veloise family talk:

Isobel Veloise: "Thank you, both. I'll feel a lot better if I know you have it. I love you guys."
Miriette Veloise: "Of course we'll hold it for you. But you know we trust you."
Delven Veloise: "Just let us know if you need any help sorting out where he went, all right? We love you too."

Speaking to Isobel again before leaving the house:

"Next chance I get, I'll stop home again. Have some proper time with my parents.
And try to talk my mother out of forcing you to dinner. Stendarr help me."

A Mother's RequestEdit

Once you reach a Close Rapport with Isobel, she will have another request for you. She has been sent a letter by Knight Commander Jourvel:

"I have news! I've received a letter from the Knight Commander.
She asks that I return to Castle Navire at my earliest convenience."
Did she say why?
"No, she didn't. But if you and I were wagering at a tavern, I'd put money down this is about Aurelia.
Since I'm on errantry, she can't technically order me back. But she's like a second mother to me."
So you'd like to help her, then?
"You know I'm at your service. But it would mean the world to me if we could return to High Isle and speak with Dame Jourvel.
If she needs my help, I'd like to give it."
Of course, Isobel.

After agreeing to meet with the Knight Commander, you can ask Isobel some questions:

"It will be nice to see Castle Navire again. The commander will likely be in her office, off the Knight's Wing.
My parents have been asking after you, by the way. I've told them you're too busy to go to dinner any time soon."
What did you mean by errantry?
"Since I opted to travel with you, I'm considered a Knight-Errant. A wanderer, basically.
Just trying to make the world a better place one act at a time. Like you."
If you'd joined one of the orders, you wouldn't be traveling?
"That's entirely up to the head of the order. Knights might be assigned to a town, or asked to go on a quest, or even just patrol the isle.
I know it was hard to tell during the tourney, but the orders are meant to serve the community."
Do you regret traveling with me instead of joining an order?
"Draigh, no! I never thought my knighthood would be quite like this, true.
But we've righted so many wrongs together. I wouldn't change my decision for all the treasure in Gonfalon Bay."
Thanks for chatting, Isobel.

You can then head to Castle Navire on High Isle to meet with Knight Commander Jourvel. As you approach the castle gates, Isobel will comment:

Isobel Veloise: "Good to see these old stones again. Like my home away from home."

When you enter the commander's office, she will greet you and Isobel will ask you to speak with her first:

"Why don't you talk to the knight commander first? See what she wants?"

Knight-Commander Jourvel will then explain, after the events of The Lost Symbol, Aurelia has been trying solve the issues caused by the theft of the Veloise Signet Ring. Her mother is worried about her and asks you to find her. She also mentions that her aide, Nilsmon Booklover has not been seen since Aurelia left and that you can search the barracks for clues. Once you have agreed to help:

Isobel Veloise: "I'll do my best to find Aurelia. I'm sure she's safe."
Knight Commander Jourvel: "I hope that's true, Isobel. But we both know Aurelia. Once she's set a course, there's no changing it. Good luck."

Speaking with Isobel here:

"I cannot believe Aurelia ran off. What was she thinking?
Let's follow the knight commander's suggestion and see what we can find in Nilsmon's bunk. The way he follows Aurelia around, maybe he knows something."

You can search Nilsmon's bunk in the barracks, there will be bottles everywhere and pages of handwritten poetry:

Isobel Veloise: "I'd guess he was drinking. A lot. It stinks like a tavern over here."

After reading The Rose of Navire, Part the First:

Isobel Veloise: "That man … that man is not a poet."

You can then speak with Isobel about what you found:

"Look at this place. Yech."
Hard to believe his poetry didn't win Aurelia over.
"I know, right?
Let's see … if I'm reading these scribbles right he went down to Gonfalon Bay."
Where do you think he'd go in Gonfalon Bay?
"These bottles here are All Flags rum. It's foul stuff, proudly made right near the harbor. They serve it at the Ancient Anchor, just south of the main gate.
Nilsmon, you'd better be down there. I swear to Stendarr …."
Sounds good. Let's go.

You can then head eastwards from the castle to the city of Gonafalen Bay, speaking with Isobel once you arrive:

"The Ancient Anchor is just south of the main gate. It's been quite some time since I was down there.
Hmm. I wonder if they still do amateur bard nights on Fredas. You haven't lived until you've heard Stagger and Sway performed by a drunk Argonian."

Once in the Ancient Anchor, you can speak with Birin Bellec and find the next page of The Rose of Navire, Part the Second at a table:

Isobel Veloise: "Stand on the quay … oh! The docks! Let's see if he's still down by the water."

Speaking with Isobel before leaving:

"Maybe Nilsmon is down on the docks?
Wait, is his awful poetry saying Aurelia set sail somewhere?"

As you approach the main bridge in the city, Isobel will notice more poetry:

Isobel Veloise: "Stendarr give me strength. Look, on the bridge. More poetry."

After reading the third part of The Rose of Navire, Part the Second Isobel will point out the trail of bottles:

Isobel Veloise: "Nilsmon must be … do you smell that? All Flags Rum. There's an empty bottle just ahead. He went over this bridge!"

Following the bottles you will see Nilsmon sitting on the sand near the bridge:

Isobel Veloise: "Aha! There's Nilsmon. Over there, on the beach."

As you approach, Isobel will call out to Nilsmon:

Isobel Veloise: "Nilsmon! Where's Aurelia? Have you seen her?"

Speaking with her before Nilsmon:

"I … ugh. I can smell the rum from here."

Nilsmon will be drunk and upset because Aurelia boarded a ship with Captain Marso to parts unknown. He suggests you speak with a shipping clerk to find out where she went:

Isobel Veloise: "Let's see if we can find a shipping clerk, my friend. They're back across the bridge, on the right."
Isobel Veloise: "Nilsmon, when you wake up go back to Castle Navire. And Stendarr's breath, take a bath! Woof."
<Nilsmon lies down.>
Nilsmon Booklover: "A knight does not nap when love is unrequited! No … wait. Sleep is good."

Talking with Isobel after this:

"I had no idea Aurelia and Captain Marso kept in touch. And my parents are out of town right now, so I can't ask them where he's gone.
Let's go see what that shipping clerk has to say. They work out of a building back across the bridge."

You can meet with Elzugoth on the docks, she is willing to tell you where Captain Marso's ship was heading but she won't do it for free. Either you can bribe her, or you can collect Seathorn from outside the city and bring it to Halz in the Outlaws Refuge in return for a bottle of wine. If you decided to trade with Eluzgoth:

"Doesn't anyone ever just do something helpful, without asking for favors first?
I know, I know. That's not how the world works."

Speaking with Isobel in the refuge before handing over the Seathorn:

"These outlaws lurking beneath the city … gives me a bad feeling. Let's get in and out as quickly as possible. All right?"

After getting the bottle of wine from Halz:

"We picked smelly plants, to give to a thief, so he'd return the wine he stole and the clerk won't get in trouble with her smuggling partner. All so she'll tell us where Marso went.
I know I've read something like this in a story before."

When you hand over the wine to Elzugoth or bribe her, she will reveal that Captain Marso's ship was heading to Northsalt Village in Rivenspire. Talking to Isobel after this:

"Why go to Rivenspire? What are they up to?"

Along the beach near Northsalt village, you will find Captain Marso fighting off pirates:

Isobel Veloise: "Look there, it's Captain Marso!"
<Captain Marso kills the pirate and starts limping along the beach.>
Captain Marso: "Isobel! Thank Leki! Quickly, Aurelia is this way."
Isobel Veloise: "We're right behind you."
<Captain Marso finds First Mate Ordante Sebell.>
Captain Marso: "Mate, report. Where's Aurelia?"
First Mate Ordante Sebell: "Sorry Captain, two of those bastards jumped us. Threw her in a boat, headed down the coast."
Isobel Veloise: "Talk to Marso, my friend. I'll keep watch."

Talking to Isobel before Captain Marso:

"Quickly, talk to Captain Marso. We need to know what's going on here."

Speaking with Captain Marso he will reveal that Aurelia had approached him for assistance. She had people looking into the activities of Kiv Lindres as she wanted to rectify any misuse of the Signet Ring. Aurelia had found that Kiv had sent letters to Northpoint while pretending to work for the Veloise Mercantile business. When they approached the village, they were attacked and Aurelia was snatched.

If you talk to Isobel here, she will be in no mood for words:

"We have to find her. Let's move!"

Captain Marso will suggest you move southeast along the coast. Soon you will find a tied up Aurelia in one of the camps.

"Untie her, quick. I'll keep watch for more pirates."

Once you untie Aurelia, Captain Marso will arrived and you can listen to their conversation:

Captain Marso: "Aurelia! Thank the gods. Are you all right?"
Aurelia Jourvel: "I'm here Marso! And I'm fine. Thanks to Isobel and her friend."
<Turns to Isobel.>
Aurelia Jourvel: "I don't know how you found us, but I'm so glad you did! I have so much to tell you!"
Isobel Veloise: "Aurelia, your mother reached out to me. She's worried sick."
Aurelia Jourvel: "Oh don't worry about mother. I've been on a quest! And I've learned so much!"

Speaking with Isobel before Aurelia:

"Stendarr help me, she's an adventurer now. You'd better talk to her, my friend."

Talking with Aurelia, she will reveal that she had been stopping any schemes caused by Kiv Landres to make up for what she feels is her fault. One of these was drawing some money from an account in Northpoint. Aurelia then enlisted Captain Marso for assistance and they were immediately attacked when they approached the nearby village. She believes that she has stumbled onto something big and will ask to continue investigating.

You can then speak with Isobel to complete the quest:

"I'm trying to focus on the fact that we found Aurelia safe. That's the important thing, here."
You heard, then. Aurelia doesn't want to go home yet.
"I did. And … agh. I can't believe it. She's been impulsive before, but this? Running around pretending she's Investigator draighing Vale?"
She seems pretty sure of herself.
"She always did. You know, as bad as Nilsmon's poetry was? I … sort of … understood it. She made me feel that way once, too.
All right. She's a woman grown. If she wants to stay in Rivenspire, I'm not going to drag her home like an unruly child."
What will you tell the Knight Commander?

Leaving the conversation and returning at this point:

"It wasn't until I met you that I really started thinking about friendships. About how much they give and take, about how they can change.
Thanks for helping me walk this path."
What will you tell the Commander?
"I may just take a page from the Lady Investigator's book and send the knight commander a letter. We both just have to accept Aurelia is going to do what Aurelia is going to do, and get out of her way.
In any case, thank you. You're a good friend."

Talking to Isobel after completeing the quest:

"I have no idea what I'm going to say in that letter.
Dear Dame Jourvel, I let your daughter stay in the dodgy part of High Rock with a merchant captain. I'm sure she's going to be fine investigating a criminal conspiracy. How are you?"

The Princess DetectiveEdit

Once you have reached Companion Rapport with Isobel, she will have received another letter. Talk with her to see what is going on:

"Hey, friend. So … I received another letter from the knight commander. I haven't opened it yet. I wanted to wait until we were together."
This should be interesting. Go ahead.
"All right … hmm. The Knight Commander is asking for another meeting. She's in Gonfalon Bay on business, at the Ancient Anchor Inn.
Apparently she wants to talk if I have the time."
Is this another formal request?
"Actually, it seems quite informal. Maybe Commander Jourvel heard from Aurelia?
Remember, Aurelia and Marso had plans to investigate that conspiracy in Rivenspire. If there's been a development, we should head to Gonfalon as soon as we can."
I'll meet you at the Ancient Anchor Inn in Gonfalon Bay.

After agreeing to meet with the Knight Commander, Isobel will say the following if you speak with her again:

"It will be good to catch up with Commander Jourvel. I've been thinking about her and Aurelia quite a bit lately.
Just, whatever you do, don't order any All Flags rum at the tavern. I've seen sailors use it for paint remover."

Knight Commander Jourvel can be found on one of the upper floors of the Ancient Anchor, she will be reading a book when you arrive:

Knight Commander Jourvel: "Fair day! Just the people I was hoping to see."
Isobel Veloise: "Good to see you, Commander."

Talking to Isobel before the Knight Commander:

"Let's see what the knight commander has to say."

The Knight Commander will thank you for coming and explains she has been in regular correspondence with Aurelia about her investigation in Rivenspire. Aurelia's last letter said she would be coming home soon with good news, but no other updates since then and Jourvel is worried. She asks you to read the letter she left on the nearby table.

"Did … did she just thank us for making her relationship with Aurelia better? Stendarr's grace, what's in that note?"

Aurelia's Letter will reveal that she was in Fell's Run and was close to finding the people behind the criminal group that has the Veloise Mercantile's missing gold. From the wording, it appears Aurelia and her mother's relationship has improved. You can speak with Isobel to see what she thinks:

"Well look at this. She sounds so sure of herself, investigating crime in Fell's Run. And she's so friendly with her mother.
I told myself that I wouldn't rush off to her rescue again. She clearly didn't want my help."
Do you want to go to Rivenspire?
"You know me all too well, my friend. Some of this hurts to read. Why didn't Aurelia tell me she blamed herself? And enough that she feared speaking with me?
That girl, I swear to Stendarr …."
At least Aurelia and her mother are getting along better.
"Yes … it's … Draigh! I'm finally a good influence on her, and she might be missing?
Let's head to Fell's Run. We're not going to learn anything standing here smelling the rum fumes."
Agreed. Let's head to Rivenspire.

Speaking with Isobel once you arrive in Rivenspire:

"Fell's Run … that's northeast of Shornhelm, I think. I looked at a lot of maps growing up.
We had better find her alive and well in Rivenspire or the princess detective is going to have a whole different problem to investigate."

As you enter Fell's Run, Isobel will suggest where to start:

Isobel Veloise: "Funny how the inn is always the biggest building in these small towns. Maybe we should start there?"

When you enter The Run Inn, you will find a worried Aurelia speaking with Ennic Fenvale. Speaking with Isobel before Isobel:

"Well, she's safe. But whatever they were talking about, that didn't sound good.
Quick, find out what's going on."

Talking with Aurelia, she will reveal that Captain Marso has been taken by the people they were closing in on. It turns out that Kiv Lindres owed money to a minor noble called Vetitia Marcott, whose family was loyal to Ranser during the civil war. She is behind the criminal group and they took Captain Marso to Obsidian Scar. You and Isobel agree to rescue him:

Isobel Veloise: "We'll go find your Captain, Aurelia. Just stay here, stay safe."
Aurelia Jourvel: "I'm so glad you came. I feel better already, just knowing you're going after Marso."

Speaking with Isobel before leaving:

"If Captain Marso is being held in some dungeon we have to save him.
I've known that man for years. I won't leave him to moulder in some cell."

As you approach the entrance to the Obsidian Scar:

Isobel Veloise: "This must be the place. Let's get in there. If they've hurt Marso, I swear to Stendarr …."

Speaking with Isobel while inside the Obsidian Scar before finding Marso:

"Marso has to be safe. He just has to be."

Captain Marso can be found in a cage next to where the boss Bumbuk Bear-Slayer spawns:

Isobel Veloise: "Over there, it's him! Captain Marso, we're here!"
Captain Marso: "You're a handsome sight! Thank the Eight!"

Before unlocking the cage:

"Get him out of that cell, my friend! I'll stand watch."

Once you have unlocked the cage containing Marso:

Isobel Veloise: "Let's get you out of here, Captain. Aurelia is worried sick!"
Captain Marso: "Thank you both. I thought I was going to end up in an Ogrim's belly."

Speaking with Isobel during the rescue and escort outside:

"I'm so glad he's safe. We'll follow your lead. Let's get out of here."

When you are outside, Marso will thank you again for the rescue:

Captain Marso: "You were sent by Leki himself. Thank you, my friends."
Isobel Veloise: "Aurelia figured out where you were, Captain. She deserves the credit."

Talking with Isobel before Captain Marso:

"Hah, another daring rescue. We're getting quite good at this, aren't we?"

Captain Marso will agree to meet with you in Fell's Run and it is clear he is fond of Aurelia:

"It's obvious they're sweet for each other. I think they make kind of a cute couple. Don't you think?
Hmm. Let's get back to Fell's Run so I can tease Aurelia mercilessly."

However when you arrive back in town, Ennic Fenvale will run out of the inn yelling "they" took Aurelia. Isobel wants you to talk to him immediately:

"Oh no. What now? You'd better talk to him."

Ennic will tell you that a group lead by Vetitia, snatched Aurelia and took her towards the Ayleid ruins northeast of town, she was fighting them all the way.

Isobel Veloise: "Draigh! I am going to bounce this Vetitia across the turf when we find her!"

Talking to Isobel before heading out to find Isobel:

"Stendarr give me the strength to survive amateur detectives.
Aurelia's friend said she was taken northeast towards an Ayleid ruin. Let's move."

As you approach the ruins, you will hear Aurelia yelling at her captors:

Aurelia Jourvel: "Just you wait, you beef-witted sandpiper! My friends will find me!"
Isobel Veloise: "We have to be close."

Vetitia Marcott will be with the tied up Aurelia, and you and Isobel will need to kill her. Once the noble is dead:

Isobel Veloise: "One less villain to trouble the world. Let's help Aurelia."

Speaking to her before untying Aurelia:

"Oh thank every single Divine, she's not hurt. Get her out of here, my friend.
I'll keep an eye out for more of Vetitia's men."

Once you have untied Aurelia, Captain Marso will have caught up to you, you can stand back and listen to them talk:

Isobel Veloise: "Thank Stendarr you're all right."
<Captain Marso appears.>
Captain Marso: "Aurelia!"
Aurelia Jourvel: "Marso! Oh, Izzy thank you! I knew you would find him!"
Isobel Veloise: "I am truly glad that both of you are safe. But it's dangerous out here. Move your butts."
Aurelia Jourvel: "She's right. Marso … let's go home. Back to High Isle."
Captain Marso: "Absolutely, sweetheart. Let's go home."
Aurelia Jourvel: "Izzy, we'll stay at the Ancient Anchor. You and your friend should come see us when you're back in Gonfalon Bay."
<Aurelia and Marso walk away together.>

You can then speak with Isobel with what just happened, she is bemused:

"What … I. What just happened?"
I think Aurelia and Marso are very much in love.
"Yes, my friend! I … I caught that. Hoo, what a day.
You know what, I joke? But I'm glad they're going home. Marso is a good man. And I imagine they'll want to talk to the Knight Commander."
Do you want to head home as well, then?
"I do. Let's go see those crazy kids in Gonfalon Bay. Our friendship has withstood some rocky seas, the last few days.
But it will make me happy to see her finally at ease."
Let's go, then.

Speaking with Isobel again before heading reaching the Ancient Anchor Inn:

"It'll be good to breath the salt air of the archipelago and hear the familiar sounds of the sea.
There's no place like High Isle, my friend."

You will find Aurelia and Marso on the same floor as the Knight Commander, looking very happy. Speaking with Isobel before Aurelia, who wants to talk to you:

"Looks like everyone's here. Let's see what Aurelia has to say."

Aurelia reveals she has been speaking with Isobel's parents regarding the theft of the ring and what she has done to resolve the matter. She also asked for their and her mother's permission to begin sailing together with Captain Marso. You can then speak with Isobel who is feeling overwhelmed:

"Stendarr's got to be smiling on us. My family's coin and reputation are safe.
Aurelia and Marso are in love. Draigh, I think even the Knight Commander's mood has thawed a bit."
What about you, Isobel?
"I'm tired but … happy. My life has changed so quickly it made my head spin.
And the part that twisted me up the most was my changing feelings. Heh, and my changing friendship."
You're both different people now.
"I'm not the little girl who gave her friend a ring. And she's not some entitled princess. I think she truly cares for Marso. You can see it in every word, every gesture ….
Divines help me, I've read too many romance novels."
Do still want to adventure with me?
"Are you pulling my leg? Look at all we've done together. We dominated the Sapphire Tournament and freed my childhood crush from a stupid promise.
We recovered a lost signet ring that could have cost my family dearly."
I met your parents.
"You met the Lord and Lady Veloise. We unlocked Aurelia's passion for investigation, brought her together with her true love, and defeated a rebel madwoman!
Why in Stendarr's name would I stop adventuring with you? Think what could happen next!"
I'm glad our journey will continue, Isobel.

Leaving and returning to the conversation at this point to complete the quest:

"You know, not everyone would be so patient watching a new friend muddle her way through feeling and relationships.
I got pretty lucky finding a friend like you."
I'm glad our adventures will continue, Isobel.
"Traveling with you has made me a better knight. A better person. You are one of my very best friends.
My life changed when we won the Sapphire Tourney together. And now, I can't wait to see what awaits us next."

Once you have completed the quest, Isobel will speak to Aurelia:

Isobel Veloise: "Aurelia, I hope you know we're here for you if you need us again. But I hope our days of coming to your rescue are at an end."
Aurelia Jourvel: "Hah, me too. Same to you, Dame Veloise. You two are traveling all over, so you have no excuse not to meet up with us from time to time."
Isobel Veloise: "Deal. Look after Marso, all right? And Stendarr keep you safe, Aurelia Jourvel."

Talking with Isobel after this:

"All right, enough talk of feelings and growth. Let's plan our next adventure.
Stendarr keep us safe, and our coin purses full!"

A Chance for PeaceEdit

If you completed the Tourney of the Heart prior and don't have Isobel summoned, she will attend the ceremony at the Gonfalon Palace:

"I'm in the same room as High King Emeric, Queen Ayrenn, and Prince Irnskar!
I'm trying to stay calm but I'm not doing a great job."

Speaking with her again after the quest is completed:

"I'm going to stick right here by the Knight Commander.
At least if I stand here and keep my mouth shut I can't embarrass myself any further."
Do you want me to introduce you?
"What? No, no, no … nope. I'm good here. I tried to introduce myself to High King Emeric when the commander spoke to him, and I … kind of forgot my own name.
So. If I try that again I think I'll die of shame."
Are you enjoying the party?
"Other than putting my boot squarely in my mouth, you mean? Yes, I'm having a lovely time. Have you had any of those little finger sandwiches?
And Jakarn has tried to hit on me no less than three times. I don't have the heart to tell him."
Have a good time, Isobel.

High Isle Main Quest CommentaryEdit

If you have Isobel accompany you for the following quests, she may have comments during or after the completion of the quest:

Quest Isobel's Commentary
Of Knights and Knaves "These Ascendant Order thugs give knights a bad name. Glad you're doing something about them."[verification needed — see talk page]
People of Import "This Magus character threatens the heart of my homeland. Honor demands we stop him."[verification needed — see talk page]
Deadly Investigations "We're going to Amenos, are we? Stendarr keep us safe." [verification needed — see talk page]
Escape from Amenos "You saved the alliance leaders! Stendarr's breath, what can't you do?" [verification needed — see talk page]
To Catch a Magus "The Ascendant Order have eyes everywhere. We should be careful." [verification needed — see talk page]
The Ascendant Storm "Draigh, look at you. The hero of the day! And you've brought me along as part of the tale. Thank you, my friend. For everything."[verification needed — see talk page]
A Chance for Peace "Because of you, we might see an end to this bitter, stupid war. It's an honor to ride with you, and be a blade in your service."[verification needed — see talk page]

Companion DialogueEdit

Much of Isobel's companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with her. The following sections list her known dialogue:


When you talk with her, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize her abilities etc.
  • Ask how she feels about you.
  • Ask about her.
Cordial-Friendly Close-Companion Wary-Disdainful
"My blade is yours." "New tales to tell, eh? What needs doing?" "I swore to ride with you, and so I will. What do you need?"
"How can I help?" "Stendarr smiles when we're together. What can I do for you?" "Hmm. Yes?"
"What would you ask of me?" "I know that look. What are we up to?" "My honor as a knight is the only thing keeping me here."
"Ready to write the next chapter of our tale?" "What adventures do we have planned?" "I pray to Stendarr that you'll change your ways. What is it?"
"I'm in your service." "Let's get into it. Side by side." "You do not make it easy to be your companion. What do you want?"

"Let's talk about our partnership."Edit

With this option, you can ask about her feelings towards you and about herself:

"What would you like to talk about?"
"I'm at your service, of course."
"Of course. What did you want to discuss?"
How do you feel about our friendship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Alliedgreen end of the bar Companiongreen end of the bar
"I wouldn't have offered you my service if I didn't trust you, my friend. A knight's word is her bond." "I'm so glad we met, the day of the tourney. And I very much hope you feel the same way, my friend." "I'm still so grateful you took me into your service. The adventures we've had, the sights we've seen … they mean the world to me." "I'm so proud to ride at your side. I thank Stendarr every day that I met you."
"It's a pleasure to ride with you. I hope this is just early days in our tale." "This may surprise you but I haven't had a lot of close friends over the years. I hope you stick around." "You inspire me every day! Don't laugh. I mean it." "I think you know more about me than Aurelia at this point! I don't know if that's a good thing, but I mean it as a compliment.
"Stendarr willing, our adventures have only just begun!" "I offered you my blade hardly knowing anything about you. You've been so kind to me ever since." "Well let's see, you helped me get over my first crush, and save my life on a regular basis. I think we're friends." "Anyone who's put up with my nattering on about stories and sweets as long as you have has to be my best friend."
How do you feel about our relationship?[verification needed — see talk page] (Wary to Disdainful)
Wary Irritated DisdainfulRed end of the bar
"Look within. I know you have it inside you to make better choices." "I will continue on in your service, of course. But given your actions I'd rather not engage in idle talk." "It's clear honor means nothing to you. I don't believe there's more to say."
"If I'm to continue in your service, I hope you'll seek a more honorable path." "I offered you my blade, and I hold to my word. But your actions make me uncomfortable." "I don't think we work very well together. Perhaps it would be a good idea for me to return home to High Isle."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"I've always had a bit of a sweet tooth.
I grew up eating the saltwater taffies of High Isle, and to this day it's a guilty pleasure I allow myself from time to time."
"The Daedra fill me with … loathing isn't the right word. Fury. Their darkness threatens everyone and everything on Nirn.
Stendarr gives me the strength to fight them, and I swear to do so at every turn."
"If you're up for it, my training as a knight has me itching to take on some tougher enemies. I've heard stories about them lurking out in the wilds, or in the depths of delves.
And, of course, perhaps we could net some good stories as well."
"Some of my favorite tales are those of the alliance leaders. And the Companions, the adventuring group? Incredible.
Especially Lyris Titanborn. She's so … impressive. Ahem. Never mind. Forget I said anything."
"My honor as a knight has given me purpose over the years.
Thievery and murder run counter to that code. I hope you understand."
"Draigh, the Undaunted are impressive. I wish I'd known about them when I was a lass. Across the world, a band of adventurers explores the depths and fights monsters.
And they sing! 'Who knows no fear of Daedric blades? We are Undaunted!' Hah!"
"I grew up squiring for the knights at Castle Navire. Just because my family comes from nobility, I hope you don't think I'm stuffy.
I certainly don't think I'm stuffy. Am I stuffy?"
Is there anything else I should know about? (Appears if Character is member of Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood or a Vampire)
"You have quick fingers, and while your skill is admirable, it's also … ugh. I always feel like such a stick in the mud. Aurelia used to joke that I was worse than the guard.
Look, please don't steal things in front of me? Thank you, my friend."
"I understand that you have obligations to your friends in the Dark Brotherhood. If I might ask a favor?
Allow me to step away when you're engaged in such activities. My honor makes it hard to reconcile our friendship and your actions."
"I'm uncomfortable bringing this up. I know from your actions that our bond is true. But your nature is … challenging for me.
If you need to, well. Feed? Might I ask your leave to step away first? It would make things easier for me."
(Player is a Vampire)
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Isobel will remark on various situations during your travels.

When summoned:

  • "Did someone call for a knight?"
  • "What new tale will we tell?"
  • "Ahh, good to see your face again."
  • "I was hoping I'd see you today."
  • "Stendarr protect us. Let's get out there." [verification needed — Was at friendly Rapport]
  • "Isobel Veloise, at your service."
  • "I'm right beside you. Let's get out there."
  • "Where will our adventures take us today?"
  • "I am your shield."

When Isobel levels up:

  • "I've learned so much riding with you, my friend."
  • "Your guidance has made me a better knight. Thank you."
  • "Hah. A new chapter for Dame Isobel! ...Too much?"
  • "Our travels together have taught me so much."
  • "Riding with you never stops surprising me. Well fought!"

When getting on a mount:

  • "Hyah."
  • "Be nice to get off my feet."
  • "Ready to ride."
  • "Back in the saddle!"
  • "On the move."'
  • "Let's go."
  • "Stendarr keep us safe, your children walk a dangerous path."

When getting on a multi-rider mount:

  • "I'm with you!"
  • "Where are we going?"
  • "You've got the reins."

When starting combat:

  • "Shining steel!"
  • "For Stendarr!"
  • "Side by side!"
  • "<Confident laughter.>"
  • "<Yelling.>"
  • "Together!"
  • "No guts, no glory!"
  • "To battle!"
  • "Stendarr, protect us from harm."
  • "We've got this!"
  • "This is not the end of our tale!"
  • "Here we go."
  • "You don't want to do this!"
  • "We'll see it done!"
  • "Guard up, get moving!"
  • "For High Isle!"
  • "On my honor!"
  • "Get back, fiends!"

When ending combat:

  • "I hope I was of some assistance!"
  • "We're still standing. Be proud of that."
  • "Stendarr see you safely to your rest."
  • "Stendarr was with us in that fight."
  • "What do you say to some celebratory sweets?"
  • "A knight never yields!"
  • "Your prowess was befitting a knight. Well done."
  • "Any battle we can walk away from, eh?"
  • "We fought well!"
  • "Stow your weapons, my friend. We've won."
  • "That's the end of that tale."
  • "There are none left to stand against us."
  • "I do believe we're good at this."
  • "That was it, right? Sometimes its hard to tell."
  • "Yes!"
  • "I take no pleasure in killing. But I'm glad we're alive and they're not."

When you get stunned:

  • "Shake free!"
  • "Roll free!"

When you become snared or immobilized:

  • "Move, get out of there!"
  • "Move your feet, get moving!"

When you get knocked down or knocked back:

  • "Focus your mind! Stay with me!"
  • "I'm right here, stay focused!"

When you use an ultimate:

  • "That's sure to leave an impression."
  • "<Pleased laughter.>"
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Give it all you've got!"
  • "That's it! Keep your guard up!"

Isobel is low on health:

  • "I'm not doing so well."
  • "I'm hurt, bad! I need aid!"
  • "My wounds! I'm not sure I can keep going."
  • "I need healing!"
  • "I'm wounded! Stendarr save me!"

When getting healed after being low on health:

When you are running low on Health:

  • "Mind your wounds!"
  • "You won't take them! Not on my watch!"
  • "Stendarr save you, you're wounded!"

When you are running low on Magicka:

  • "Give your magicka a chance to recover!"

When you are running low on Stamina:

  • "You're winded, take care."
  • "You're exhausted, watch yourself!"

If you fallen in combat:

  • "Draigh! Get back on your feet!"
  • "Stendarr save us! Rally!"
  • "You're not alone, I'm with you!"

When starting a boss fight:

  • "You've met your match."
  • "This one looks tough. Get your guard up!"
  • "Draigh! Going to be a tough fight."
  • "You and me. We got this."
  • "Riding with you is never dull. Lay on!"
  • "We're in this together!"
  • "Fight now, stories later. Haha."

When ending a boss fight:

  • "Ha! We are mighty!"
  • "That was just a normal day for you, wasn't it? Always exciting!"
  • "You're like the hero of a fantastic tale. And I get to ride with you. Hah!"
  • "Hah, Stendarr is generous today."
  • "I will never get tired of watching you fight like that. Well done!"
  • "When ... when I offered you my blade ... I had no idea we'd get to do things like this!"
  • "Stendarr please bless my good friend here, for they are mighty and somewhat frightening."
  • "You were spectacular. Stendarr's might flowed through you, I could almost see it!"

When you commit a crime:

  • "I don't know why you consider these actions just. They are not."

After killing a Daedra:

  • "Stendarr forgive me, but I hate those things. Good riddance."
  • "And never return, fiend!"
  • "Tell your dark master who sent you!"
  • "We'll be cleaning our weapons all night, now. Ugh."
  • "Another Daedra banished from this realm."
  • "Draigh, disgusting creatures. We'll be smelling them for hours."
  • "Stendarr, bar that thing from a swift return."

Fighting a Dragon:

  • "Draigh! Even bigger than the stories!"
  • "Dame Isobel and the Dragon! Here we go!"
  • "We're fighting a dragon, then? Lay on!"

Defeated a Dragon:

  • "Dragon down! A fight fit for the storybooks!"
  • "Dame Isobel the Dragon Slayer. The other knights will be so jealous."
  • "We killed a Dragon! Riding with you is never dull."

If you kill multiple enemies in quick succession

  • "Nobody's going to believe this story."

When the Player levels up:

  • "Draigh! I didn't think you could get more powerful."
  • "Like every good story, your tale just grows in the telling."
  • "Your quest to improve never ends. Just like a knight."
  • "You're always striving to learn something new. One of my favorite things about riding with you."
  • "Stendarr is with you. I can feel it."

Pointing out a Heavy Sack

  • "Hmm. I wonder what's in that sack of supplies."
  • "Could be useful supplies in there."
  • "There's a supply sack just there."
  • "Hmm. There's a sack of supplies over there. What's inside?"

Opening a Heavy Sack

  • "Wonder what price that lot might fetch."
  • "Draigh, that's quite the haul there."
  • "Oh, lucky! Stendarr must be watching."
  • "That's going to come in handy."

When you visit a cooking fire

  • "Ahhh. This is nice. Aurelia and I used to go camping like this on High Isle. Seems like a long, long time ago."
  • "When I was a kid, on cold nights, I used to curl up by the fire in the Castle Navire main hall. I'd sit there with a book and fall asleep over the pages. Heh. Simpler times, eh?"

After crafting a Fruit or Delicacy recipe she likes:

  • "Is there any chance you made extra? I'm just curious."
  • "Draigh, that looks delicious. Please, don't tempt me."
  • "You have to teach me how to make that. It smells so good!"
  • "I'm not drooling over your delicious food. That would be unknightly."

Crafting a Blacksmithing Item:

  • "I admire your technique. Not everyone is so deft with a blacksmith's hammer."
  • "Hmmm. Good craftsmanship, there. Well made."
  • "I learn a little more from you every time you're at the anvil."
  • "Are you going to keep that, or sell it, I wonder."
  • "Hmm! Even my old blacksmith friend at Castle Navire would be impressed!"

Harvesting a Node:

  • "Oh nice. What did you find?"
  • "Hmm. Good quality, there."
  • "Looking forward to see what you make with that."
  • "Ah, that could be helpful."
  • "Another find for your pack."

Use a Repair Kit on your equipment:

  • "Hmm! Even my old blacksmith friend at Castle Navire would be impressed!"
  • "Repair your blade to keep the Daedra away. Little rhyme I told myself as a squire."
  • "Wise to keep your gear in good repair. Very wise."
  • "Ahh, excellent repairs. Good technique."
  • "My first lessons as a squire were how to maintain gear. Brings me back."

Completing an Undaunted Delve Daily from Bolgrul:

  • "We could explore a delve every day and … I promise you … I wouldn't get bored."
  • "What do you think Bolgrul does when he's not at the Enclave? Do you think he has any hobbies?"
  • "Another one in the books. I hope you never get tired of exploring dank caves and ruins. Because I love them."
  • "I wonder what Bolgrul's favorite delve is? We should ask him one day."

Completing a High Isle World Boss Daily from Parisse Plouff:

  • "Home sweet home. Always makes me proud when we can help the people of High Isle."
  • "Giving aid to the people of High Isle makes me so proud. Thank you, my friend."
  • "Nothing like helping keep the home isle safe. Stendarr bless you."
  • "Quelling the unrest on the Isle was well worth our time. Well done."

Entering a town or a city:

  • "If you see a pawn shop, give a shout. I want to get a gift for Aurelia."
  • "Do you think there's a sweets shop around here? Let's take a look."
  • "Hmm. I bet I can bang the dents from my armor while we're in town."
  • "What do you suppose they do for fun around here?"
  • "Stendarr keep me safe. And my coins in my purse!"

Visiting a Striking Locale:

  • "What do you think about all of this? Incredible."
  • "You know, I've read about this place. Amazing!"
  • "Stendarr's grace hangs around us here. I can feel it."
  • "I can't believe I'm here. Look at this place."

Approaching a Delve:

  • "I'll watch your back. Who knows what's in here?"
  • "Now this is why I joined you. This place is great!"
  • "I can't wait to explore this place! I know, I know. I'm strange."
  • "Thanks for bringing me along. Think of the stories we can tell!"
  • "What do you you think we'll find around the next corner?"

Visiting an Outlaws Refuge:

  • "Do these people know anything of honor?"
  • "So much wealth. But everyone here is so poor in spirit."

First time you visit an Undaunted Enclave

  • "I cannot believe this place exists. Look at … look at all these people! Look at all this stuff! Are you a part of the Undaunted? Can we go explore a dungeon? I'm so happy."

Visiting an Undaunted Enclave:

  • "I want to ask Glirion to go drinking someday. I bet he'd have some fascinating tales to tell."
  • "Do you think Maj noticed us returning to the enclave? I hope she did."
  • "I've watched how Chief-bane holds herself, and that lady knows combat. I'd love to spar with her someday."
  • "All of these beasts are so interesting. Before I left home I'd never seen anything like them!"
  • "Every time we approach the enclave I get a little bit excited. Do you feel the same way?"
  • "Look at all these artifacts. I hope we get to see all of these dungeons some day."
  • "People watching at the enclave is always so interesting. More people pass through here than I saw in my whole life on High Isle."

Speaking with High King Emeric:

  • "It fills my heart with pride to know the High King knows something of our deeds. Hah!"
  • "You talk to High King Emeric so easily! Have you ever read some of his writing? He's actually a very talented author."

Speaking with Queen Ayrenn:

  • "The stories I've heard about Queen Ayrenn are incredible. I wonder if even half of them are true?"
  • "You know, Queen Ayrenn seems like the kind of person I'd like to get an ale with. Hmm."

Speaking with Jorunn the Skald-King:

  • "Jorunn is a skald-king, right? That's kind of like a bard? I wonder if he still sings in public?"
  • "You know, I heard a rumor that the Skald-King is seeing someone. They must be quite a person to stand up to his … personality."

Speaking with Lyris Titanborn:

  • "Lyris is so intimidating. How can you stay so calm around someone so ... powerful?"
  • "Is Lyris ... seeing someone? That you know of? You know what, don't answer that, forget I asked. Where are we going next?"

Speaking with Lyranth:

  • "I know you have to deal with all kinds of people. But I know in my heart Lyranth means to do you wrong."
  • "Lyranth is using you, my friend. I'm going to stay close, try to keep you safe."

When you visit Wayrest:

  • "The Temple to the Divines here in town is so beautiful. Stendarr's grace has been with these people since … well, since they were a fishing hamlet fending off pirates. I … um. I read about it in a book. Don't judge me."
  • "I've been reading about Wayrest since I was a kid. The books don't do it justice. It's so ... big! Hahaha. What should we do first? Visit the docks? Have some food? So many options."
  • "Ships from the Veloise Mercantile make call here in Wayrest every single day. My parents are here almost as often as they're home at Gonfalon Bay. I wonder if they're here now? Probably hip-deep in some deal, no doubt."

When you visit Orsinium:

  • "These walls are incredible! Did you know this isn't the first city to bear the name Orsinium? Tamriel hasn't been very kind to the Orcs ... I wonder if it won't be the last."
  • "The Orcs have worked so hard to make this place a home fit for their people. Amazing. And the Bretons and Redguard are right there. Shoulder to shoulder. Making it happen. Makes me proud."
  • "Have you ever had an Orsinium dessert? Say what you will about Snegh as a knight-in-training, but he brought back the most delicious dishes to share from his clanmatron. Orc moms do not skimp on the sugar."

When you visit the Clockwork City:

  • "I can't believe I'm here. Look at this place."

When you visit Fargrave:

  • "This den of Daedra gives me an uneasy feeling. Let's be careful."
  • "I'll stay close, my friend. The Daedra of Fargrave have no honor."
  • "A city of Daedra, I can't imagine a worse place to be. My blade is ready."

When you feed as a vampire.

  • "Stendarr, please. Forgive them. Their affliction is a darkness on their soul."
  • "Their blood may feed your thirst, my friend. But it also stains your soul."
  • "Please, you're better then this. Look within you, fight the abomination!"
  • "My Friend. I know you have an unnatural hunger. Try to fight it."

When you kill a passive creature:

  • "Poor thing."
  • "Aww. Why did you do that?"

When you steal something / open stolen crate:

  • "You're better than this, my friend."
  • "Stendarr forgive you."
  • "As a knight in your service, your actions reflect on my honor."
  • "Stendarr wants me to tell you he saw that."
  • "I know you can make better choices."

When traveling while riding a mount:

  • "Riding with you is quite the journey. Look around us!"
  • "What do you think about all of this? Incredible."

Exploring around:

  • "What's the story behind this, I wonder?"
  • "Draigh! To think I'd see this one day…."
  • "I just realized…I'm a long way from cleaning the stables."
  • "You know, I've read about this place. Amazing!"

When you get an epic-quality item from a treasure chest, reward container, or Psijic portal:

  • "Oh! That's quite valuable, isn't it?"
  • "You've got coin to spare now."
  • "Draigh! You're paying next time we stop for a meal."
  • "Hah, Stendarr is generous today."

When you summon a dog:

  • "Hold. My. Sword! Look at that that dog! It's so cute!"
  • "By the Divines, look at that dog! Who's a good dog? Who's a good dog?"

When you summon the Scorion Pyreling pet:

  • "Ahh, what is that? Why do you even have that thing?"
  • "Stendarr keep me safe from that thing. Why do you keep it around?"

When you equip the Cadaverous Assassin polymorph:

  • "Nope! I know it's just an illusion, but I don't like it, I don't want it. Uh uh."

When you equip the Xivkyn Tormentor polymorph:

  • "Is this a joke? Because I'm not laughing."

When you use the Juggler’s Knives memento:

  • "Careful! Oh, I can’t watch."

When using the Wall of Life Brush memento:

  • "Stendarr's Breath! It's so beautiful!"

When you're idle:

  • "Someday you'll have to tell me what your secret weakness is. You already know mine. If I smell the glaze of a sweetroll, or moon-sugar syrup, or those little Dark Elf candies…oop. Just a little drool. Ahem."


Isobel Veloise is equally happy hunting Daedra in a dank cave and kicking back in front of a roaring fire. An upbeat addition to any home! After adding Isobel to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Isobel Veloise
Isobel Veloise
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Complete The Princess Detective

You will earn the ability to have her as a houseguest once you've completed The Princess Detective.

Houseguest DialogueEdit

After completing the The Princess Detective quest, you will receive Isobel as a houseguest. When placed within your home, she will say one of the following lines when spoken with. They are a combination of lines heard from her environmental voice-overs and unique lines:

  • "Next time we go back to my parents' house I'll have to show you my little shrine to Stendarr. It's so cute. My father helped me carve this little war horn out of driftwood, and my mom and I painted it silver to look just like the real thing."
  • "Blessed be the name of Stendarr, the God of Mercy. He strengthens and unifies his Resolutes through his wisdom and blessings. He calls us by day to train with sword and shield to strengthen our might; and by night to strengthen our souls …."
  • "I couldn't help myself, I tidied up a bit. Look, you can take the knight out the castle but not the castle out of the knight."
  • "When was the last time you were on a boat? Growing up on High Isle you have to learn to sail, it's like running or swimming for Tamsfolk. Just something you pick up. I'd be happy to take you out someday!"
  • "Aurelia might come to visit from time to time. I told her to make sure to bring Marso, make it a little party. We could play some Tribute together and use candies for bets."
  • "I'm thinking of starting up a letter correspondence with Knight Commander Jourvel, my mentor back on High Isle. I bet she'd like that. She seems so lonely these days."
  • "I'm thinking about taking up baking. I think I'd be quite good at it, I'm organized and careful in my actions. Now cooking on the other hand. That's an art beyond me. Give me a good set of instructions and let me loose."
  • "I cannot believe Aurelia lost my family's signet ring. Just goes to show you how we change over the years, I suppose. The Isobel of today would never trust anyone with something so precious."
  • "Have you seen my copy of. Um. The Maiden's Tight Hold? I haven't had a chance to finish it yet and I just got to the best part."
  • "It's so relaxing here. Quite the change of pace from my days as a squire. Ahh."
  • "I just spoke to my mother the other day. She was wearing this beautiful hat from Wayrest. Apparently they're all the rage right now. Nice to look at, but I could never pull off something like that. Not very practical in a pitched battle."
  • "Do you think I'd be any good as an author? I suppose I've seen enough interesting things to fill a book or two now. We should come up with a nom de plume! Hmm."
  • "All right, this is my final list. No more deliberation. Candied Walnuts, one. Sweetrolls, two. Hmm. Banana Bread, three. Saltwater Taffy from back home, four. And … oh. Moonsugar Candies, five. That's it. Done."
  • "I think Aurelia's finally learned her lesson. And we've cleared my family name, as best we can. Now we can focus on more important things: candied banana bread and exploring ancient ruins."
  • "I'm making a list of places I want to visit now that I'm a knight-errant, out in the world. Where would you like to go? I've got Summerset for sure. I've heard incredible things about those beaches. And maybe Elden Root? I'll keep thinking about it."
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Once you reach maximum Rapport with Isobel, she will soon send you a letter along with (?).

A Gift of Sweets from Stendarr

You're my best friend. It seems trite to say, the stuff of adventure tales and romance novels, but it's true. I was once a girl with a wooden sword who wished to be a knight.

Now? I'm sworn in service of a true hero, I've seen more of Tamriel then I ever thorght I'd see. And you've helped me to be a better person ... because i'm *not* that little girl anymore. And my releationships have grown alonside my friendship with you.

A few days back, I slipped off and found ... a gift for you. This silly, sacrilegious Stendarr candy jar is something I never would have known existed, if not for you. Let it be a Symbol, filled with sweetness, of our companionship.

Your friend, - Izzy


  • She is noted as coming from a minor noble house in High Isle Chapter Preview.
  • Her name was initially spelled as Isobel Velois in promotional material, as seen on the High Isle Chapter and Game Updates website pages.
  • Her remark "Another find for your pack" on the player harvesting materials is a clear allusion to the practice in TES V Skyrim of using your companion as a pack mule, which is impossible here.


  • After completing A Mother's Request, Isobel's greeting dialogue will always be "Hey, friend. So … I received another letter from the knight commander. I haven't opened it yet. I wanted to wait until we were together." ?
  • After completing The Princess Detective, Isobel's greeting dialogue will always be her last greeting line from the quest. ?