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Isobel Veloise
Location Castle Navire
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Isobel Veloise

Isobel Veloise (nicknamed Bella or Izzy) is a Breton noble and companion who can be found at Castle Navire.

You will acquire the ability to have her as a houseguest once you've completed The Princess Detective.

Related QuestsEdit

Likes and DislikesEdit

Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
+125 Complete a Bolgrul delve daily daily
+125 Complete a High Isle world boss daily daily
+25 / +5 Visit an Undaunted Enclave (?)
+10 / +5 / +1 Talk to an alliance leader 1 hour
+10 Talk to Lyris Titanborn 1 hour
+10 Complete a volcanic vent Bugged?(?)
+5 Craft sweet delicacies or fruit dishes 1 hour
+5 Craft an item at a blacksmithing station 1 hour
+5 Kill a world boss 1 hour
+5 Kill a delve boss (?)
+5 Kill a daedric boss 1 hour
+1 Kill a daedra 3.5 minutes
+1 Use a repair kit daily
Actions that give Negative Rapport
-10 / -1 Murder (?)
-5 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (?)
-1 Steal from container or loot a thieves trove (?)
-1 Enter an Outlaw's Refuge
Rapport can be gained from one Bolgrul daily quest and one High Isle world boss daily quest per day, resetting at 6am UTC when the daily quests are reset. Though it is possible to complete more than one of each type of quest per day, either by carrying over a quest obtained on an earlier day or by having another player share theirs, further quests within the same day will not provide additional rapport.

Companion DataEdit

Isobel Veloise
Companion Perk Isobel's Grace: Bestows a chance, after defeating a world boss, to recover the pack of a slain knight. Packs may contain additional loot.
Default Gear Heavy Armor, One-Handed Sword and Shield, base quality Default Style Steadfast Society armor, Ancestral Breton weapons Default Mount Sorrel Horse
Rapport Status
Cordial Isobel is grateful you two are friends. Wary Isobel's not angry, she's just disappointed.
Friendly Isobel thinks Stendarr smiles on you. Irritated Isobel strongly disagrees with your life choices.
Close Isobel is proud to ride in your service. Disdainful Isobel regrets leaving High Isle to work with you.
Allied Isobel likes you more than saltwater taffy.
Companion Isobel regards you as her very best friend.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Tournament of the HeartEdit

When first approached outside the tourney grounds, she will be comforting Aurelia:

Isobel Veloise: "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll figure something out. I always do."

You can then speak with her, to see what is going on:

"I'm sorry, this isn't the best time. My friend Aurelia has a bit of a problem. Her mother has promised her hand in marriage, and I need to get her out of it … somehow.
Hmm. Actually, you look quite capable. Would you mind lending me a hand?"
And who are you?
"Apologies! My name is Isobel Veloise. I'm an aspirant in the Sapphire Tourney, a proving ground for squires looking to join the knightly orders.
Aurelia's mother is Knight Commander, and umm … brashly offered her daughter's hand as a prize."
How are you going to get your friend out of this promise?
"Well, normally aspirants only compete in one of the trials. If I can win all three, the Knight Commander will be compelled to grant a boon of my choosing. I can free Aurelia from her mother's promise!
What do you say? Will you be my second?"
I'll help you, Isobel.

Once you agree to act as Isobel's second, you can ask her about the three trials and you can decide which one to do first:

"The Eight must have me in their hearts. My second just left my service, and here I was thinking I'd have to do it alone.
All right. There are three knightly orders here on the Isle. Let's decide what task to tackle first."
You mentioned the three orders, what are they? What do they want us to do?
"The people of the Systres take pride in our knights, the same as anywhere in High Rock. The Sapphire Tourney hosts three orders: the Iron Knot, the Oaken Order, and the Order of the Albatross."

The Three TasksEdit

The three tasks can be done in any order. You have the option to ask for more information about any of the three orders. Once she has given you the information, you are given the choice of beginning the quest she's just told you about, or hearing about one of the other options.

After the first quest is completed, you return to this dialogue, with only two choices. After the second quest is completed, there is only one remaining, so you have the option to get the information about it again, or begin it immediately.

Task: The Order of the Iron KnotEdit
What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
"They're martial warriors and excellent ahorse. You might say the Iron Knot is the most traditional of the Sapphire Orders.
Our trial will be to find the hilt from a lost sword called Redheart. It was the blade of the first Duke Dufort."
Where was the sword lost?
"Somewhere on these lands, before they belonged to the Duforts. The hilt supposedly had a massive rough-cut ruby in it, should be easy to spot.
My last squire, Berjo, suggested we hit the castle library to get an idea of where to start looking."
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
Let's find that hilt for the Iron Knot. To the library!
Task: The Oaken OrderEdit
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
"Oaken knights tend to be battlemages, conjurers, and support spellcasters. Their power stems from High Isle's strong tradition of druidic magic.
Our trial will be to convince an elder of their order to give us a staff, a symbol of their order."
Do we talk to the mage, or fight them?
"I'm guessing it won't be that straightforward. But who knows?
There's a wayshrine near the coral river to the east. I'll meet you there, and we can make for the site of the trial."
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
Let's get that staff for the Oaken Order.
Task: The Order of the AlbatrossEdit
What can you tell me about the Order of the Albatross?
"Eight above help me … they're artists and sailors. Singers, bards, and pirates, all. Brave swashbuckling warriors that make you recite poetry. Ghastly stuff."
Is our trial a poem?
"No, thankfully. Our trial will be to reclaim the Gilded Lute of Captain Brenvale. The story goes that he went down into the castle crypts years ago, hoping to use song and steel to subdue a spirit.
He never returned. Hopefully we'll do better."
Tell me about the Oaken Order.
What do you know about the Order of the Iron Knot?
Let's find the lute for the Order of the Albatross.
Let's get that staff for the Oaken Order.
"I'm guessing it won't be that straightforward. But who knows? There's a wayshrine near the coral river to the east. I'll meet you there, and we can make for the site of the trial."
Let's find the lute for the Order of the Albatross.
"The catacombs are beneath the castle's chapel. We should just be able to grab a key near the stairs. I'll meet you there.
With luck, this one should be fairly straightforward. Not counting the ghosts, of course."

(Optional) Ask Isobel for more detailsEdit

Before heading to the task, or at various times during the tasks, you can speak further:

Can we talk about what's going on?
"Of course. Draigh, I'm sorry. I bet I came on a little strong. I've spent months preparing for the tourney.
And now the commander's pronouncement has set me adrift. I'll be all right. What would you like to know?"
What does Draigh mean?
"Hah, sorry. It's a curse I picked up from my dad. A word from the old druid tongue that's been co-opted for common folk.
I sort of grew up here at the castle and it's a little more acceptable than the curses the dockhands use. So I use it."
Got it. Why are you so eager to help Aurelia?
"Aurelia and I grew up together. We've been close since we were very young and … well. I can't stand the thought of her marrying one of the other aspirants.
Especially Mortens. My goodness, what a dreary man."
Does this tourney happen every year?
"Nope! The tourney is only called every few years, as schedules and aspirants allow. The commander wants to make sure there are enough people in the mix to make it a challenge.
And the orders are only so large on High Isle, as you might imagine."
How does the tourney work?
"I'm not sure how tamsfolk tourneys work, but here each order sets a challenge. Attempting the challenge for an order marks you in good standing, and each order only chooses one or two aspirants for knighthood.
It's fairly competitive, as a result."
Which order do you belong to?
"I'm not a knight just yet. That's why I'm in the tourney! I was a squire for years before I became an aspirant.
You don't want to know how many stalls I've cleaned. The tourney gives me a chance to prove my worth to the orders, you see."
Which order do you want to join?
"That's a handsome question. I wish I had an answer for you. I can see ways that I'd be a good fit for either the Oaken Order or the Iron Knot … maybe even the Order of the Albatross!
That's a problem for day's end Isobel to face. Heh."
That's all the questions I have for now, Isobel.

Order of the Iron Knot TaskEdit

When you choose this task, Isobel will say:

"Let's meet up at the castle library, in the knight's wing. I've spent many an hour there studying up on monsters, history, and healing.
My only complaint is there aren't a lot of novels."


"Go on, I'll catch up with you at the castle's library. It's easy to find: big room, full of books. Can't miss it."

Going through the main gate to the castle, there is a large door straight ahead to the "Castle Navire Courtyard". Use the smaller door to the left to the "Castle Navire Knight's Wing".

Go to the end of the hall where Elise Moret is standing and turn left. You will hear:

"There you are! Let's see if we can unearth the past, shall we?"
"People left books open all over the place. How rude."

Turn left, then go through the doorway on the right into the library. Isobel will say this if you speak to her:

"My previous second, Berjo, had a good thought. To look for the early history of the Duforts.
He likes reading dry texts. I like hitting things with a sword."

If you read Mad Baron Densil, Part the First before leaving, Isobel will comment:

"What was that one about? I found something about crop rotation. Exciting."

Reading The Battle of Meadow Fort, will attract Isobel's notice:

"Find anything promising? Let's chat."

When you speak to her, she'll continue:

"The book was already open... I bet my old second Berjo offered the same advice he gave me to Aspirant Langley. Draigh!"
I think it had a clue about Redheart. Oldstone Woods?
"Let's see... You're right, looks like the Duforts had a holdfast there, before they became nobles.
Oh, wait. I know this place! It's an old ruin off to the east. Aurelia and I used to pretend it was a witch's lair when we were young."
You knew about this place? Why did we need to look it up in a book?
"Well, in my defense, I didn't know it was owned by the Duforts when we played there as kids.
We also didn't go looking for knightly relics! Which, now I wish we had."
Fair enough. How do we get to the ruin?
"There aren't really roads back there. But I remember a nice wide path we can take. I'll mark your map.
Maybe if we hurry we can beat Berjo and Langley to the ruin!"
Sounds good, I'll meet you there.

She continues, and if you talk to her again after this, she'll say:

"I'll see you there! I'm hoping we can beat the other aspirants to the hilt."
Why are we looking for a hilt? Didn't you say the Iron Knot valued martial skill?
"Each of the captains have their own view on how to earn honor. I've heard stories that the Iron Knot's captain, Orlfeth, has slain trolls twice her size!
So just swinging a sword won't impress her. She wants warriors that can think as well as fight."
Does she hide this hilt out there for every tourney?
"Hah, that's a funny thought. I don't think so? But we can ask her.
The hilt itself is classic Iron Knot. A historic trophy from a mighty warrior who fell in single combat at a crucial battle. And changed history with his blade."

Oaken Order TaskEdit

Order of the Albatross TaskEdit

When met at the chapel:

Isobel Veloise: ""
"We've got a small hitch in this rope. The key to the catacombs entrance is usually right near the door … but someone took it."
Perhaps one of your competitors?
"Draigh, I hope not. The idea of aspirants trying to directly sabotage each other doesn't sit well with me. And I see that look in your eye … no lockpicking. But buff my plates, we still need that key."
No lockpicking, got it. Is there another key somewhere?
"Yes, let's split up. I'll go speak to the castle stewards, and you head for the offices of the knight commander. We can meet back here. Stendarr willing, one of us will have some luck."
I'll meet you back here, then.
"I still can't believe someone took the key. So childish. I bet it's Mortens. Mortens!"
Did you say the Albatross knights are pirates?
"I mean, they're not real pirates. They're knights who ride the waves instead of horses. And sing. By the gods do they sing. There's an old joke around the castle that they're called the Order of the Albatross because they're so damned loud."
Right, they want us to get a musical instrument.
"Yes, a golden lute. The story goes that some years back the head of the order, Sir Brenvale, went down to clear the catacombs of a mad spirit. I think it was some Dufort noble? I'm not sure who. But Sir Brenvale never returned."
Why did a singing, sailing knight go after a ghost?
"I'll be honest, this is one order I'm not likely to join. They're an odd group. But it kind of makes sense. Just think of them as something like chivalric bards. They're constantly on the hunt for new adventures, new tales to tell."

Elise Moret is standing directly in front of you when you enter, and will give you directions to the knight commander's office if you ask.

Companion DialogueEdit

Much of Isobel's companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with her. The following sections list her known dialogue:


When you talk with her, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize her abilities etc.
  • Ask how she feels about you.
  • Ask about her.
Cordial-Friendly Close Companion-Allied Bad Rapport Probably Wary-Disdainful
"My blade is yours."
"How can I help?"
"What would you ask of me?"
"Ready to write the next chapter of our tale?"

"Let's talk about our partnership."Edit

With this option, you can ask about her feelings towards you and about herself:

"What would you like to talk about?"
"I'm at your service, of course."
"Of course. What did you want to discuss?"
How do you feel about our friendship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Alliedgreen end of the bar Companiongreen end of the bar
"I wouldn't have offered you my service if I didn't trust you, my friend. A knight's word is her bond." "I'm so glad we met, the day of the tourney. And I very much hope you feel the same way, my friend."
"It's a pleasure to ride with you. I hope this is just early days in our tale." "This may surprise you but I haven't had a lot of close friends over the years. I hope you stick around."
"Stendarr willing, our adventures have only just begun!" "I offered you my blade hardly knowing anything about you. You've been so kind to me ever since."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
How do you feel about our relationship?[verification needed — see talk page] (Wary to Disdainful)[verification needed — dialogue needs to be confirmed]
Wary Irritated DisdainfulRed end of the bar
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"I've always had a bit of a sweet tooth.
I grew up eating the saltwater taffies of High Isle, and to this day it's a guilty pleasure I allow myself from time to time."
"The Daedra fill me with … loathing isn't the right word. Fury. Their darkness threatens everyone and everything on Nirn.
Stendarr gives me the strength to fight them, and I swear to do so at every turn."
"If you're up for it, my training as a knight has me itching to take on some tougher enemies. I've heard stories about them lurking out in the wilds, or in the depths of delves.
And, of course, perhaps we could net some good stories as well."
"Some of my favorite tales are those of the alliance leaders. And the Companions, the adventuring group? Incredible.
Especially Lyris Titanborn. She's so … impressive. Ahem. Never mind. Forget I said anything."
"My honor as a knight has given me purpose over the years.
Thievery and murder run counter to that code. I hope you understand."
"Draigh, the Undaunted are impressive. I wish I'd known about them when I was a lass. Across the world, a band of adventurers explores the depths and fights monsters.
And they sing! 'Who knows no fear of Daedric blades? We are Undaunted!' Hah!"
"I grew up squiring for the knights at Castle Navire. Just because my family comes from nobility, I hope you don't think I'm stuffy.
I certainly don't think I'm stuffy. Am I stuffy?"
Is there anything else I should know about? (Appears if Character is member of Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood)
"You have quick fingers, and while your skill is admirable, it's also … ugh. I always feel like such a stick in the mud. Aurelia used to joke that I was worse than the guard.
Look, please don't steal things in front of me? Thank you, my friend."
"I understand that you have obligations to your friends in the Dark Brotherhood. If I might ask a favor?
Allow me to step away when you're engaged in such activities. My honor makes it hard to reconcile our friendship and your actions."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Isobel will remark on various situations during your travels.

When summoned:

  • "Did someone call for a knight?"
  • "What new tale will we tell?"
  • "Ahh, good to see your face again."
  • "I was hoping I'd see you today."
  • "Stendarr protect us. Let's get out there." [verification needed — Was at friendly Rapport]
  • "Isobel Veloise, at your service."
  • "I'm right beside you. Let's get out there."

When Isobel levels up:

  • "I've learned so much riding with you, my friend."
  • "Your guidance has made me a better knight. Thank you."

When getting on a mount:

  • "Hyah."
  • "Be nice to get off my feet."
  • "Ready to ride."
  • "Back in the saddle!"
  • "On the move."'

When starting combat:

  • "Shining steel!"
  • "For Stendarr!"
  • "Side by side!" [verification needed — not sure if correct context]
  • "<Confident laughter.>"
  • "<Yelling.>"
  • "Together!"
  • "No guts, no glory!"
  • "To battle!"
  • "Stendarr, protect us from harm."

When ending combat:

  • "I hope I was of some assistance!"
  • "We're still standing. Be proud of that."
  • "Stendarr see you safely to your rest."
  • "Stendarr was with us in that fight."
  • "What do you say to some celebratory sweets?"Template:Vnv
  • "A knight never yields!"

When you get stunned:

When you become snared or immobilized:

  • "Move, get out of there!"
  • "Move your feet, get moving!"

When you get knocked down or knocked back:

When you use an ultimate:

Isobel is low on health:

  • "I'm not doing so well."

When getting healed after being low on health:

When you are running low on Magicka:

  • "Give your magicka a chance to recover!"

When starting a boss fight:

  • "You've met your match." [verification needed — right category?]
  • "This one looks tough. Get your guard up!"
  • "Draigh! Going to be a tough fight."
  • "You and me. We got this."
  • "Riding with you is never dull. Lay on!"

When ending a boss fight:

  • "We are mighty!"
  • "That was just a normal day for you, wasn't it? Always exciting!"
  • "You're like the hero of a fantastic tale. And I get to ride with you. Hah!"

When the Player levels up:

  • "Draigh! I didn't think you could get more powerful."
  • "Like every good story, your tale just grows in the telling."
  • "Your quest to improve never ends. Just like a knight."

Pointing out a Heavy Sack

  • "Hmm. I wonder what's in that sack of supplies."

Opening a Heavy Sack

  • "

When you visit a cooking fire

  • "Ahhh. This is nice. Aurelia and I used to go camping like this on High Isle. Seems like a long, long time ago."
  • "When I was a kid, on cold nights, I used to curl up by the fire in the Castle Navire main hall. I'd sit there with a book and fall asleep over the pages. Heh. Simpler times, eh?"

After crafting a Fruit or Delicacy recipe she likes:

  • "Is there any chance you made extra? I'm just curious."
  • "Draigh, that looks delicious. Please, don't tempt me."
  • "You have to teach me how to make that. It smells so good!"
  • "I'm not drooling over your delicious food. That would be unknightly."

Crafting a Blacksmithing Item:

  • "I admire your technique. Not everyone is so deft with a blacksmith's hammer."

Harvesting a Node:

  • "Oh nice. What did you find?"
  • "Hmm. Good quality, there."

Use a Repair Kit on your equipment:

  • "Hmm! Even my old blacksmith friend at Castle Navire would be impressed!"
  • "Repair your blade to keep the Daedra away. Little rhyme I told myself as a squire."

Completing an Undaunted Delve Daily from Bolgrul:

  • "We could explore a delve every day and … I promise you … I wouldn't get bored."
  • "What do you think Bolgrul does when he's not at the Enclave? Do you think he has any hobbies?"
  • "Another one in the books. I hope you never get tired of exploring dank caves and ruins. Because I love them."

Completing a High Isle World Boss Daily from Parisse Plouff:

  • "Home sweet home. Always makes me proud when we can help the people of High Isle."
  • "Giving aid to the people of High Isle makes me so proud. Thank you, my friend."

Entering a town or a city:

  • "If you see a pawn shop, give a shout. I want to get a gift for Aurelia."
  • "Do you think there's a sweets shop around here? Let's take a look."
  • "Hmm. I bet I can bang the dents from my armor while we're in town."
  • "What do you suppose they do for fun around here?"
  • "Stendarr keep me safe. And my coins in my purse!"

Visiting a Striking Locale:

  • "What do you think about all of this? Incredible."
  • "You know, I've read about this place. Amazing!"

Approaching a Delve:

  • "I'll watch your back. Who knows what's in here?"
  • "Now this is why I joined you. This place is great!"

Visiting an Outlaws Refuge:

  • "Do these people know anything of honor?"

First time you visit an Undaunted Enclave

  • "I cannot believe this place exists. Look at … look at all these people! Look at all this stuff! Are you a part of the Undaunted? Can we go explore a dungeon? I'm so happy."

Visiting an Undaunted Enclave:'

  • "I want to ask Glirion to go drinking someday. I bet he'd have some fascinating tales to tell."
  • "Do you think Maj noticed us returning to the enclave? I hope she did."
  • "I've watched how Chief-bane holds herself, and that lady knows combat. I'd love to spar with her someday."
  • "All of these beasts are so interesting. Before I left home I'd never seen anything like them!"
  • "Every time we approach the enclave I get a little bit excited. Do you feel the same way?"
  • "Look at all these artifacts. I hope we get to see all of these dungeons some day."
  • "People watching at the enclave is always so interesting. More people pass through here than I saw in my whole life on High Isle."

Speaking with High King Emeric:

  • "It fills my heart with pride to know the High King knows something of our deeds. Hah!"
  • "You talk to High King Emeric so easily! Have you ever read some of his writing? He's actually a very talented author."

Speaking with Queen Ayrenn:

  • "The stories I've heard about Queen Ayrenn are incredible. I wonder if even half of them are true?"
  • "You know, Queen Ayrenn seems like the kind of person I'd like to get an ale with. Hmm."

Speaking with Jorunn the Skald-King:

  • "Jorunn is a skald-king, right? That's kind of like a bard? I wonder if he still sings in public?"
  • "You know, I heard a rumor that the Skald-King is seeing someone. They must be quite a person to stand up to his … personality."

Speaking with Lyris Titanborn:

  • "Lyris is so intimidating. How can you stay so calm around someone so ... powerful?"
  • "Is Lyris ... seeing someone? That you know of? You know what, don't answer that, forget I asked. Where are we going next?"

Speaking with Lyranth:

  • "I know you have to deal with all kinds of people. But I know in my heart Lyranth means to do you wrong."
  • "Lyranth is using you, my friend. I'm going to stay close, try to keep you safe."

When you visit Wayrest:

  • "The Temple to the Divines here in town is so beautiful. Stendarr's grace has been with these people since … well, since they were a fishing hamlet fending off pirates. I … um. I read about it in a book. Don't judge me."
  • "I've been reading about Wayrest since I was a kid. The books don't do it justice. It's so ... big! Hahaha. What should we do first? Visit the docks? Have some food? So many options."
  • "Ships from the Veloise Mercantile make call here in Wayrest every single day. My parents are here almost as often as they're home at Gonfalon Bay. I wonder if they're here now? Probably hip-deep in some deal, no doubt."

When you visit Orsinium:

  • "These walls are incredible! Did you know this isn't the first city to bear the name Orsinium? Tamriel hasn't been very kind to the Orcs ... I wonder if it won't be the last."

When you visit Fargrave:

  • "This den of Daedra gives me an uneasy feeling. Let's be careful."

Houseguest DialogueEdit

After completing the The Princess Detective quest, you will receive Isobel as a houseguest. When placed within your home, she will say one of the following lines when spoken with. They are a combination of lines heard from her environmental voice-overs and unique lines:

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Once you reach maximum Rapport with Isobel, she will soon send you a letter along with (?).



  • After completing A Mother's Request Isobel's greeting dialogue will always be "Hey, friend. So … I received another letter from the knight commander. I haven't opened it yet. I wanted to wait until we were together." ?


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