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Quest Hub:
Port Hunding
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Daggerfall Covenant
Discovery ON-mapicon-City.png Leveled XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Stros M'Kai
Central Stros M'Kai
Port Hunding

Port Hunding is a city at the center of Stros M'Kai.

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Shops and ServicesEdit

Transport Services
  • ON-mapicon-Dock.png Dock: Gilzir Boatswain (Daggerfall, Betnikh)(Daggerfall, Betnikh)


Port Hunding Wayshrine

Port Hunding Wayshrine is located outside the walls to the west of the city, east of Bthzark on the road to Saintsport and Rash Merchant's Plummet. It is unlocked as soon as you arrive on Stros M'Kai., and its Discovery XP is added to that of Port Hunding.


A map of Port Hunding
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