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Parisse Plouff
Daily Job Broker
Home City Gonfalon Bay
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dufort
Parisse Plouff

Parisse Plouff is a Breton daily job broker who can be found in Gonfalon Bay.

Related QuestsEdit


When you approach her, she will say:

"Work and gold!"

Parisse will greet you with a random line if you are not currently doing a quest of hers:

"I have work today, but the task can't be handled by you alone. Not unless you're far more capable than you appear—no offense intended! Would you like to hear what I have available?"
"You look strong and brave. Or at least capable. And resourceful! Did I mention that? Can I interest you in a job that involves much danger and requires a small group to complete? The pay is good, I assure you!"'
"If you're looking for hard work for good pay, you've come to the right place! The tasks I dole out require as many strong arms as you can muster, but you appear capable of gathering a group.
Can I offer you a job?"
"Care to take on a job that requires a group of like-minded individuals such as yourself? It could be dangerous, but it pays well. Can I tell you about the task, my friend?"

To which you respond:

I'm interested in a job.

Speaking to Parisse when you have an uncompleted quest:

"Well, you look ready, and this job won't finish itself. Otherwise why would I be in need of adventurers?"
"I expect you'll be in for a tough fight, so be prepared. Good luck to you, adventurer!"
"No need to worry about your pay. House Dufort always has coin for mercenaries who keep up their end of the deal. And come back alive, of course."
Who sponsors these jobs of yours?
"I work for House Dufort. We coordinate the efforts of High Isle's knightly orders, local lords, merchants, and even friendly druids to handle unusual problems. I act as a broker, matching up adventurers like you with jobs that need doing."
Are serious threats common in the Systres Isles?
"Common? I wouldn't say that. But much of the archipelago is wilderness. There are parts of High Isle that have never really been settled. Venture away from the city, and you'll find hostile druids, dangerous beasts, dark knights, and more!"

Upon returning:

"You've got the look of someone who's just seen a battle. Although I get that a lot from our hired adventurers, to be honest."
"I trust you bring good news? Or at least not-disastrous news?"
"Glad to see you've returned, and unmaimed too! Well … mostly. How did it go?"
"You made it back in one piece! That's a very good start. Is the job done?"

If you already completed the daily quest and there's no more quests at the moment:

"House Dufort appreciates your hard work for the people of the Systres. And your eagerness for another fight. But I've got nothing for you just yet."
"I'm sure we'll find more threats to the Systres soon. Just not at this very moment."
"I'm afraid I don't have anything else for you at this moment. But check back with me later!"

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Ascendant ShadowsEdit

"Great! I'm sure you've heard of the Ascendant Order. They're rogue knights, pillaging and murdering in the name of their cause. Two fanatical Ascendants in the western part of High Isle have been using dark magics to ensnare hapless wanderers."
What do you need me to do?
"Defeat the Ascendant Executioner and the Ascendant Harrower, and free any prisoners they're tormenting. If you need a first-hand account of their wicked dealings, there's a survivor named Cienne recovering down by the temple."
I'll defeat the Ascendant Harrower and the Ascendant Executioner, and free their prisoners.

You can ask for further information:

Why are the Executioner and the Harrower ensnaring people?
"The Ascendant Order is hungry for recruits. I suspect it's a join-us-or-die sort of thing, but these two don't just kill the ones who refuse. They use prisons of shadow magic to drain their power first.
By now, they must be very strong indeed."

Upon returning:

I killed the Ascendant Executioner and the Ascendant Harrower, and freed the prisoners.
"You did well! My only regret is that you couldn't bring back their heads to console the families of those who already fell victim to those cruel fanatics. But their reign of terror is over now, isn't it?
Your reward, brave hero."

Avarice of the EldertideEdit

"A local lord's having trouble with a pair of Eldertide theurges who took over land he owns on Amenos. They ran off his retainers, and they've barricaded themselves behind natural defenses.
Apparently, the druids are excavating the property."
Excavating the property? Why?
"The Eldertide theurges are searching for geodes that focus the natural magicka of the earth. Lord Felipe wants someone to deal with them and bring back any geodes they've found. He's here in town, if you need to know more.
What do you say?"
I'll defeat the Eldertide theurges and recover the geodes.

You can ask for further information:

What do you know about the Eldertide theurges?
"The Eldertide Circle refuses to recognize the authority of any lord who doesn't embrace druid ways. And they simply hate mainlanders. I don't know what the theurges want with the stones under Lord Felipe's lands, but it can't be good."

Upon returning:

I killed the Eldertide theurges and recovered the dark geodes they found.
"Excellent work! I knew I could count on you. The druids of the Eldertide Circle detest mainlanders. And some of them are very powerful spellcasters, too.
Here—your reward!"

The Sable KnightEdit

"Ever see a soulrazer knight? It's an animated suit of armor fueled by necromantic magic. And the biggest one anyone's ever heard of threatens priests on pilgrimage near Steadfast Manor. It's called the Sable Knight. The priests want it destroyed."
Anything Else?
"The Sable Knight leaves necromantic energy wherever it goes. You'll need cleansing water to dispel the dark pools in the Knight's area. Fortunately, Priestess Nyrona at the temple gave me a vial. She can tell you more about it.
Still interested?"
I'll destroy the Sable Knight and cleanse the dark pools.

You can ask for further information:

How do I destroy the Sable Knight?
"It's not really my area of expertise, but I presume you just hit it until it stops moving. And given the fact that the Sable Knight animates the bodies of its victims with necromantic power, I'd appreciate it if you didn't join its little army."

Upon returning:

I destroyed the Sable Knight and cleansed the pools of darkness.
"Of course you did! I had great confidence in you. Let's hope the Sable Knight's horrible curse is broken for good.
Take this, with the gratitude of House Dufort. I'd say you've more than earned it!"

A Special ReagentEdit

"The alchemist Bethes Romavel has asked us to find someone willing to harvest brine glands from Hadolids while they're molting. My understanding is you can just scoop the glands out of their soft-shelled bodies. Who wouldn't want to do that?"
Where do I find molting Hadolids?
"There's a Hadolid molting ground south of Coral Cliffs on Amenos. Be careful—it's guarded by a fierce matron. You'll have to kill her to procure the glands. Anyway, you can find Bethes Romavel in the crafting hall if you want to know more."
I'll retrieve the brine glands from molting Hadolids and kill the Hadolid matron.

You can ask for further information:

Tell me more about this Hadolid Matron.
"Ever have soft-shelled mudcrab with a side of melted butter? Hadolids are like that after they molt, but without the butter. So a big, strong, bad-tempered Hadolid that isn't molting guards the others while they've vulnerable.
That's the matron."

Upon returning:

I killed the Hadolid matron. And I've got the Hadolid brine glands.
"Excellent work! Hopefully digging the brine glands out of those shelled monsters wasn't as slimy and disgusting as it sounded. Blech!
Here's your reward. On behalf of House Dufort and alchemists everywhere, thank you!"

Wildhorn's WrathEdit

"Fauns are usually peaceful. Well, not murderous, anyway. But there's a vale north of All Flags Islet where hunters go in and don't come out. It belongs to a faun lord known as Glemyos Wildhorn.
He's hunting the hunters. And it's got to stop."
So I need to defeat Wildhorn. Anything else?
"Wildhorn's most recent victims were minor nobles. If you find their remains, bring back their signet rings. Cold comfort for the families, but better than nothing.
The nobles' guide, a hunter named Marwig, can tell you more. He's by the docks."
I'll defeat Glemyos Wildhorn and bring back the hunters' signet rings.

You can ask for further information:

Do you know anything else about the faun lord Wildhorn?
"Fauns are … fickle. They're protectors of nature, but usually they aren't vicious. Wise hunters steer clear of their lands, but Wildhorn is more aggressive than most.
Be careful. A faun lord can turn the forest itself against intruders."

Upon returning:

I killed the faun lord Wildhorn, and I found the hunters' signet rings.
"Fine work! I know Wildhorn started out by protecting his vale, but once a faun gets a taste for killing he won't stop until he waters the forest with the blood he spills.
Here's your payment, as promised."

The Serpent CallerEdit

"The Stonelore Circle asked for help. A Sea Elf zealot named Serpent Caller Vinsha is meddling with native snakes in the hills east of All Flags Island. She warps them with Maormer magic, making them dangerously aggressive. We need to stop her."
Is that all?
"Not quite. The druids also asked us to retrieve the serpent eggs that Vinsha is altering with her magic. Bring them back here, and try not to drop any.
If you have any other questions, seek out a druid named Farel. He's in Gonfalon Square."
I'll defeat Serpent Caller Vinsha and rescue the serpent eggs.

You can ask for further information:

Why is Serpent Caller Vinsha stirring up High Isle's snakes?
"I couldn't say for sure. But Sea Elves have an affinity for serpents and breed them for warm, or so I hear. And they hate pretty much everyone else.
Perhaps Vinsha is looking for new weapons to unleash against the people of the Systres."

Upon returning:

I killed Serpent Caller Vinsha, and brought back three serpent eggs.
"That's a relief! High Isle's serpents are dangerous enough without strange Sea Elf enchantments. And you didn't drop any of the eggs…that I seem anyway.
The druids will be happy to see balance restored. Your reward, hero."