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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate the Ascendant Order.
Zone: High Isle
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn
Location(s): Breakwater Cave, Castle Navire Courtyard, Castle Navire South Courtyard, Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and Amenos, Lower Castle Navire
Previous Quest: Of Knights and Knaves
Next Quest: Deadly Investigations
Reward: Islander Boots
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6753
The Ascendant Order wrecked the ships carrying the alliance leaders to High Isle, but they were not washed ashore. Lady Arabelle believes that our best chance to find the missing delegates is to investigate the Order and learn who's behind this.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

People of Import
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Jakarn told me that Lady Arabelle needs me to help her investigate the Ascendant Order. I should meet her at Mandrake Manor.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Captain Kaleen told us Dockmaster Arnauld colluded with the Ascendant Order to capture shipwreck survivors at the Shallows. Lady Arabelle wants to go talk to him. I should meet her at his house west of the docks.
Objective: Go to Dockmaster Arnauld's House
Dockmaster Arnauld doesn't seem to be home, but it looks like he left in a hurry. I should look for evidence that might tell us what happened here.
Objective: Search Dockmaster Arnauld's House
We found evidence that Dockmaster Arnauld was taken by the Ascendant Order. We also found a note that confirms he was paid by the Order to overlook their smuggling and salvaging operations. I should speak to Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle believes that a noble may be funding the Ascendant Order. She wants to speak with Lord Bacaro Volorus at his estate, Steadfast Manor, to see if he knows of anyone who opposed the peace talks. I should meet her there.
Objective: Go to Steadfast Manor
I met Lady Arabelle and Lord Bacaro at Steadfast Manor. It sounds like Lord Bacaro is worried about some retainers. I should talk to him and see if I can help.
Objective: Talk to Lord Bacaro Volorus
Two retainers employed by Lord Bacaro and the Society of the Steadfast are missing. With the recent attacks, the Ascendant Order might be involved. I need to look for their wagon on the road south of Steadfast Manor, between there and Castle Navire.
Objective: Find the Missing Retainers
I found the retainers' wagon. It looks like it was attacked. I should search the area and see if I can figure out what happened.
Objective: Search the Area
I found one retainer dead beside the wagon, but tracks leading away from the site suggest another may have survived. I should follow the tracks and see if I can find the second retainer.
Objective: Follow the Tracks
The tracks appear to lead into a cave by the beach. I should head inside and see if I can locate Lord Bacaro's retainer.
Objective: Search Breakwater Cave
I see bodies ahead. It appears I'm too late to save the retainer, but I might be able to learn something if I search the area.
Objective: Search the Area
I should report to Lord Bacaro and tell him what became of his retainers.
Objective: Talk to Lord Bacaro Volorus
The dockmaster's abduction and the attack on the retainers suggest that someone with wealth and power is funding the Ascendant Order. Lady Arabelle believes that might be a noble. By attending a banquet at Castle Navire, we can question a few.
Objective: Go to Castle Navire
I should speak to Lady Arabelle before I depart to Castle Navire.
Optional Step: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Objective Hint: Deliver the Letter to Layla Mirolli
I arrived at the banquet at Castle Navire. I should speak with Duchess Elea Dufort, Count Damard Dufort, and Viscount Jonne Mornard. One of them may let slip something that will help us unmask the Ascendant Order leaders.
Objective: Talk to Duchess Elea Dufort
Objective: Talk to Count Damard Dufort
Objective: Talk to Viscount Jonne Mornard
Jakarn appeared at the banquet, disguised as one of the waiters. It looks like he wants to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
Jakarn offered to create a distraction so I could search the castle. He asked me to request that the bard perform the song Stagger and Sway at the banquet.
Objective: Make a Song Request
Hidden Objective: Talk to Adistair Virane
I delivered the letter for Adistair, so I should return to him and see if he'll grant my request.
Jakarn distracted the castle guards. I should enter the lower part of the castle while they aren't looking.
Objective: Enter Lower Castle Navire
I slipped into the lower halls of Castle Navire. According to Jakarn, Duchess Elea keeps materials related to her investigation of the Ascendant Order here. I need to find them.
Objective: Find Duchess Elea's Notes
I found Duchess Elea's notes on the investigation, but it sounds like the castle is under attack! I need to find another way back to the courtyard.
Objective: Return to the Courtyard
I made my way back to the courtyard. I should look for Lady Arabelle and Lord Bacaro to make sure they're all right.
Objective: Find Lady Arabelle and Lord Bacaro
I found Lady Arabelle and the others. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle wants to meet at her home in Gonfalon Bay to discuss our next move.
Objective: Return to Mandrake Manor
The statue out in the bay just broke apart! The earthquake must have damaged it. I should talk to Captain Tsuzo and ask him what he saw.
Objective: Talk to Captain Tsuzo
I returned to Mandrake Manor. Now I should speak to Lady Arabelle about what we discovered.
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