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Achievements are in-game awards given to you for accomplishing various milestones in the game. Every achievement in ESO awards you with a specified number of achievement points that accumulate on the Achievement screen. These points serve no purpose other than to give an indication of how much you have accomplished within the game.

A number of achievements will grant you a special title for their accomplishments, while other achievements will unlock specific dye colors for your account for use in the armor dye system.

As of Patch 2.6.5, there are 1,017 achievements for a total value of 18,690 achievement points in the base game. The DLCs add 257 achievements worth 5,060 points, and the Holiday Events add another 20 achievements worth 265 points, for a grand total of 1,294 achievements and 24,015 points. Keep in mind that some of the DLC achievements can be attained without having access to the DLCs, such as the Style Motif achievements, which can be completed by purchasing motifs from Guild Stores.

Achievement lists can be viewed on the below pages. More detailed information on how to unlock each achievement can be obtained by clicking on the achievement's name, or by reading the provided description. Console achievements and trophies are listed separately.

Base Game AchievementsEdit


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  Player vs. PlayerEdit

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  Dark AnchorsEdit

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  Veteran DungeonsEdit

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  Holiday EventsEdit

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24pxThe Endless ArchiveEdit

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DLC and Chapters AchievementsEdit

  Ascending TideEdit

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  Clockwork CityEdit

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  Dark BrotherhoodEdit

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  Dragon BonesEdit

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  Flames of AmbitionEdit

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 High IsleEdit

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  Horns of the ReachEdit

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  Imperial CityEdit

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  Lost DepthsEdit

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  Scribes of FateEdit

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  Shadows of the HistEdit

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  Thieves GuildEdit

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  Waking FlameEdit

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Console AchievementsEdit

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