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Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: High Isle
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Investigate the missing ships.
Zone: High Isle
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle Davaux or Jakarn
Location(s): Gonfalon Bay, Abhain Chapel, High Isle and Amenos
Next Quest: People of Import
Reward: Quentyn's Cleaver
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6752
Of Knights and Knaves
Jakarn asked me to meet with his patron, Lady Arabelle Davaux. Apparently she needs help regarding some important conference taking place on High Isle.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StartEdit

You can begin this quest in two ways, the first is by approaching Jakarn near the wayshrine:

"You're a sight for sore eyes! I've been looking for someone to help with a problem, but I wasn't expecting you to come by!
My patron needs someone like you—competent and unknown here on High Isle. I promise, it will be worth your while."
Who's your patron?
"Lady Arabelle Davaux. Maybe you've heard of her? She's a famous investigator and author. Diplomat, too, which is why she's here.
She runs in circles way above my station, but I owe her a debt that I'm trying to pay. Maybe you can help me do that."
What's in it for me?
"A fair bit of gold, most likely. Lady Arabelle works for one of the richest nobles in all Tamriel—Lord Bacaro Volorus. He's sponsoring an important conference here on the island. But there's a problem.
Trust me. The payday will be worth it."
All right. I'll meet Lady Arabelle Davaux.
"Lady Arabelle will appreciate an outsider's perspective. She's at the Gonfalon Bay docks with Lord Bacaro if you want to introduce yourself. The problem I mentioned? It involves some missing ships.
Anyway, tell her Jakarn sent you. I'm her favorite."

You can also begin the quest by speaking to Lady Arabelle Davaux directly by approaching the group near the wayshrine:

Dockmaster Arnauld: "My dockhands are watching for your cargo, Lady Arabelle. They know it's precious."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "There was a storm off the coast. Perhaps it delayed the ships."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Forgive me if I do the job you hired me for, Lord Bacaro. You there, might we speak?"

You will then need to speak to Lady Arabelle Davaux, her dialogue will differ depending on if you have completed the High Isle prologue, or just accepted it:

Accepted quest from Jakarn, then meet Lady Arabelle (not completed High Isle prologue):
Accepted quest from Jakarn, then meet Lady Arabelle (completed High Isle prologue):
Accepted quest from Lady Arabelle directly (not completed High Isle prologue):
Accepted quest from Lady Arabelle directly (completed High Isle prologue):
"I have a keen eye for talent, my dear, and you're practically oozing it from your pores. I am Lady Arabelle Davaux. If you're looking for gainful employment, I have a proposition for you that pays exceedingly well. Care to hear more?"
"So good to see you again, my dear. Remember that little predicament we dealt with not too long ago? Well, now I have a related but larger problem, so let me tell you about my proposition. It pays exceedingly well, I assure you. Care to hear more?"
"Welcome to High Isle, adventurer. I am Lady Arabelle Davaux. My keen eye for talent can practically see it oozing from your pores. Care to hear my proposition? It pays exceedingly well, I might add."
"It's good to see you again, my dear. If you have the time and the inclination to help an old friend out of another problematic situation, I have a proposition for you. It pays exceedingly well, I might add."
What was that about a proposition?/What sort of proposition?
"Oh, nothing tawdry, my dear. We'll be too busy for romantic shenanigans before long, I expect. Some precious cargo was supposed to sail in on the morning tide, but it never arrived. I need someone not known around the island to be my eyes and ears."
Your eyes and ears?
"While tales of my exploits credit me with all sorts of talents, I can't be in more than one place at a time. I could use a fresh face to mingle with the locals. Determine if anyone knows anything about my three missing ships … and their cargo."
All right. I'm willing to help.
"Lord Bacaro's conference can't proceed without that cargo. Here's what I need you to do. Check the inn, the lighthouse, and the Loch Abhain Shallows. See if anyone knows or saw anything. Then meet me outside the north gate to compare notes."

The Ancient Anchor InnEdit

Gonfalon Head LighthouseEdit

The extinguished lighthouse

Travel to Gonfalon Head Lighthouse and enter to speak to Light-Keeper Menoit

"Oh! A traveler. I thought those vile knights had returned.
Forgive me. I must continue praying for the return of our idol. Without it, this tower's light will remain dark."
What happened to the lighthouse flame?
"This lighthouse is special. It's blessed by Kynareth, the god of winds and sea. No fire serves as a beacon for nearby ships, but the divine light of Kynareth herself! But without the sacred idol, the light cannot shine.
Alas, the idol was stolen."
Who stole the idol?
"Knights in unmarked livery broke in and stole the Kynareth idol! I watched the scoundrels flee to the west with the sacred edifice.
Perhaps … dare I ask … would you be willing to recover the idol for the lighthouse so I may restore the beacon?"
Tell me more about these knights first.
"They may wear the garb of knights, but the ruffians who assaulted me carry themselves like robbers and outlaws.
Whoever they are, they're dangerous. Be wary of them and may the wind guide you."
I'll find the knights and retrieve the idol.
"Bless you, traveler! Please understand: To my order, this is more than just a lighthouse. This beacon spreads Kynareth's blessing across both land and sea. But only with the idol in place, so it must be returned."
What else can you tell me about the lighthouse?
"It is marvelous, is it not? This is actually the second beacon to stand atop Gonfalon Head. It dates back to the early first century. When I assumed my duties here, the tower was in poor repair. Dangerous, even."
It seems fine now.
"When Duchess Elea Dufort assumed her father's duties a few years ago, she ordered a complete renovation of the structure. I'm sure she wanted to protect trade in Gonfalon Bay, but she spared no expense in rebuilding the lighthouse."

You will then need to travel west of the lighthouse, along the shoreline to find a campsite of the Ascendant Order, dispatch the enemies found here and retrieve the idol. Return with the idol and Light-Keeper Menoit will speak:

"You return, and with the idol! Place it here and I shall call forth its light."

Place the idol and she will perform a ritual to relight the lighthouse:

"Mother Kynareth, this traveler has set right the desecration of this holy place. Return to us your blessing and let your light shine over the land and sea."

Once re-lit, speak to her to gather information:

"I cannot thank you enough. With the idol returned and the light restored, we can ensure the safe passage of many a weary traveler.
Is there any way a priest of humble means could repay you? A blessing perhaps?"
Three ships never arrive in Gonfalon Bay. Did you see anything from up here?
"Hmm. Shortly after the lighthouse was pillaged, I spied three ships on the horizon. Then suddenly the clouds darkened and a terrible storm began to blow in. I lost sight of the ships after that.
Perhaps they were simply blown off course?"
Is that sort of weather common here?
"Amenos is notorious for its storms, but Kynareth generally blesses High Isle with fair weather.
I wonder … the way this storm swept in seemed unnatural. And it happened so soon after Kynareth's idol was removed."
Do you think that's why the knights attacked the lighthouse?
"The idol has little value outside the lighthouse. It's light does not shine in any other location. My order believes Kynareth's light blesses High Isle. Why steal the idol unless the knights meant to revoke her protection? A troubling thought indeed."

The ShallowsEdit


There is one Achievement associated with this quest:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Agent for Arabelle.png Agent for Arabelle 10 Complete "Of Knights and Knaves" quest on High Isle.

Quest StagesEdit

Of Knights and Knaves
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should go to the docks in Gonfalon Bay and talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle asked me to investigate the inn, the lighthouse, and the shallows to see if I can find any information regarding the missing ships and their cargo.
Objective: Investigate the Lighthouse
Objective: Investigate the Shallows
Objective: Investigate the Inn
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Lighthouse
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Shallows
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Inn
Hidden Objective: Search for the Guild Delegates
Optional Step: Talk to Lord Bacaro
Optional Step: Talk to Dockmaster
Optional Step: Talk to Captain Tsuzo
Optional Step: Talk to Captain Za'ji
Objective Hint: Retrieve the Lighthouse Idol
Objective Hint: Return the Lighthouse Idol
Objective Hint: Talk to Light-Keeper Menoit
Objective Hint: Talk to Sergeant Dayne
Objective Hint: Search the Cave
Finishes quest☑ Lady Arabelle asked me to investigate the inn, the lighthouse, and the shallows to see if I can find any information regarding the missing ships and their cargo.
Objective: Investigate the Lighthouse
Objective: Investigate the Shallows
Objective: Investigate the Inn
I learned that a mysterious band of rogue knights doused the lighthouse flame and recruited salvagers to watch for shipwreck survivors. I should report my findings to Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle asked me to track down Guild General Quentyn and Guild Magister Valessea. They went to visit a local druid named Ryvana.
Objective: Go to the Druid's Hut
I found Druid Ryvana, but there's no sign of the guild delegates. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Druid Ryvana
Druid Ryvana told me General Quentyn and Magister Valessea ventured to the southwest in search of rogue knights that have been robbing travelers. I should find them.
Objective: Search for the Guild Delegates
I found Guild Magister Valessea hiding in the woods. I should speak to her and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Guild Magister Valessea
Valessea told me the Ascendant Order captured Guild General Quentyn, but she might have a way to track them. I need to meet Valessea back at Druid Ryvana's hut.
Objective: Return to Druid Ryvana's Hut
I should speak to Valessea about finding out where the rogue knights took Guild General Quentyn.
Objective: Talk to Guild Magister Valessea
Valessea scried the location of a medallion Guild General Quentyn wore. But before we follow Quentyn's trail, we need to report back to Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Valessea's scrying spell indicated Guild General Quentyn was taken to the old crypts under Abhain Chapel in the northeast part of High Isle. I need to meet the others there.
Objective: Enter the Abhain Chapel Crypts
We entered the crypts beneath the abandoned Abhain Chapel. I should search for signs of Guild General Quentyn or the Ascendant Order.
Objective: Search the Crypts
We found some Ascendant Order propaganda, but no sign of Guild General Quentyn yet. We should continue searching.
Objective: Continue to Search the Crypts
We discovered that the captains of Lady Arabelle's three missing ships are being held in the crypts south of the large burial chamber. We need to find them.
Objective: Locate the Captains
We found the captains, but the Ascendant Order is trying to stop us from rescuing them. I need to defend Lady Arabelle and buy Jakarn time to free the captains from their cell.
Objective: Defend Lady Arabelle and Jakarn
While Jakarn gets the captains to safety, Lady Arabelle and I must continue the search for Guild General Quentyn.
Objective: Find Guild General Quentyn
We caught a glimpse of Guild General Quentyn speaking with the Ascendant Lord and the Ascendant Magus. It sounds like he's decided to join them but we still need to reach Quentyn.
Objective: Reach Guild General Quentyn
Guild General Quentyn struck a deal with the Ascendant Magus and turned on us! The Magus ordered him to eliminate Lady Arabelle. I have to stop Quentyn.
Objective: Defeat Guild General Quentyn
We were forced to kill Guild General Quentyn. I should leave the crypts and speak with Lady Arabelle outside.
Objective: Leave the Abhain Crypts
I should talk to Lady Arabelle about what we learned in the crypts and what we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle told me to meet her at Mandrake Manor, her townhouse in Gonfalon Bay. We need to find out what the captains can tell us about what happened to their ships.
Objective: Go to Mandrake Manor
Lady Arabelle asked me to speak with Captain Kaleen and get her account of what happened to the alliance vessels.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
I should go over what we learned about the Ascendant Order and the missing delegates with Lady Arabelle.
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