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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Track down the Ascendant Magus.
Zone: High Isle
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle Davaux
Location(s): Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and Amenos, Mistmouth Cave, Navire Dungeons
Previous Quest: Escape from Amenos
Next Quest: The Ascendant Storm
Reward: Ascendant Helm
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6765
Now that the alliance leaders have been rescued from the prison island of Amenos, Lady Arabelle wants to find the meeting place of the Ascendant Order and attempt to capture their leaders, the Lord and the Magus.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

To Catch a Magus
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lady Arabelle wants to discover where the Ascendant Order plans to meet. Reports indicate that the Order is active near Mistmouth Cave, on the northern shore of High Isle. She wants me to meet her there to investigate.
Objective: Meet Lady Arabelle at Mistmouth Cave
I met Lady Arabelle near the entrance to Mistmouth Cave. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle wants to search Mistmouth Cave. We need to find a clue as to where the Ascendant Order gathering will take place, as well as anything else that speaks to their plans.
Objective: Search Mistmouth Cave
Hidden Objective: Enter
Hidden Objective: Room 1
Hidden Objective: Search Mistmouth Cave
Hidden Objective: Jakarn 1
Hidden Objective: Jakarn 2
Hidden Objective: Jakarn 3
Hidden Objective: Find Duchess Elea Dufort
Hidden Objective: Enter Ship
Hidden Objective: Steward
Objective Hint: Board the Silver Swan
Finishes quest 
Hidden Objective: Search Mistmouth Cave
Lady Arabelle wants to talk about what we discovered in Mistmouth Cave.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
We found clues in Mistmouth Cave that show where the Ascendant Order plans to meet. Lady Arabelle believes the evidence points to the dungeons beneath Castle Navire. I should meet her at the cemetery east of the castle.
Objective: Go to the Navire Dungeons
I found Lady Arabelle at the entrance to the Navire Dungeons. I should talk to her about our next steps.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle came prepared with Ascendant Order disguises for Jakarn and I. I need to put on the disguise before we try to infiltrate the meeting.
Objective: Equip Ascendant Order Disguise
Now to enter the Navire Dungeons and try to find the location of the Ascendant Order meeting.
Objective: Find the Ascendant Order Meeting
An Ascendant Order sentry stands guard at the door. I should show him the summons to gain admittance.
Objective: Talk to the Ascendant Order Sentry
The sentry accepted my summons. Now I should go to the Ascendant Order meeting and see what I can learn.
Objective: Enter the Hall of the Order
I found the meeting of the Ascendant Order leaders. I should listen to their discussion.
Objective: Observe Meeting
The Ascendant Order knows the alliance leaders are at All Flags Islet! The Ascendant Lord directed the Ascendant Magus to launch an attack. I should follow the Magus.
Objective: Find the Ascendant Magus
I found an underground river beneath the Hall of the Order. There are some boats and documents here. I should investigate.
Objective: Search the Underground Dock
The Ascendant Magus appeared. This is my opportunity to see what he has to say. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to the Ascendant Magus
The Ascendant Magus revealed himself to be Count Damard Dufort, but he also told me that Lady Arabelle is in danger. I must delay my pursuit of him in order to rescue Lady Arabelle!
Objective: Find Lady Arabelle Davaux
I found Lady Arabelle. Now that she's safe, I should tell her who the Ascendant Magus is and what his plans are.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle believes that Count Damard plans to launch his attack from the docks of Castle Navire. I should meet her and Jakarn there before the count sets sail.
Objective: Go to the Navire Docks
We reached the Navire Docks, but there's no sign of the Ascendant Magus. Steward Hercian insists Count Damard is not here and refuses to let us proceed. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Steward Hercian Stalo
Steward Hercian suddenly retreated. Lady Arabelle thinks we need to reach Duchess Elea's flagship, the Silver Swan, before anything terrible befalls the duchess.
Objective: Reach the Silver Swan
Now that I'm aboard the Silver Swan, I need to find Duchess Elea.
Objective: Find Duchess Elea Dufort
I should ask Duchess Elea about what happened and about her brother, Count Damard.
Objective: Talk to Duchess Elea Dufort
Duchess Elea told me Count Damard gave Steward Hercian a letter, and that the steward left it in the cabin in his rush. I should search the cabin for the letter.
Objective: Search the Cabin
We found Count Damard's letter to Steward Hercian. I should talk to Lady Arabelle about what we learned.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
Lady Arabelle and I need to warn Lord Bacaro about the impending attack on All Flags Islet. I should return to Mandrake Manor.
Objective: Return to Mandrake Manor
Lady Arabelle and I rescued Duchess Elea and returned to Mandrake Manor to inform Lord Bacaro about the impending attack. I should talk to Lady Arabelle about what happens next.
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