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Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: High Isle
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Help Isobel Veloise win the Sapphire Tourney to save her friend from an unwanted marriage.
Zone: High Isle
Objective: Castle Navire
Quest Giver: Lord Remard DeFulley; Isobel Veloise
Location(s): Castle Navire Chapel, Castle Navire Knight's Wing, High Isle and Amenos
Reward: (?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6760
Pass three trials of the knightly virtues.
Knight Commander Jourvel has promised the hand of her daughter Aurelia in marriage. Isobel Veloise, a Knight Aspirant in the Sapphire Tourney, has sworn to free Aurelia from her mother's promise.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Isobel Veloise at Castle Navire.
  2. Complete the trials for the three Knightly Orders (in any order):
    1. Collect the Oldwood Staff for the Oaken Order trial.
    2. Collect the Gilded Lute for the Order of the Albatross trial.
    3. Collect the hilt of Redheart for the Order of the Iron Knot trial.
  3. Present the three trial trophies at the Sapphire Tourney ceremony.
  4. Talk to Knight Commander Jourvel in her office.
  5. Talk to Isobel.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You have to complete all three trials, which can be done in any order.

The Gilded Lute (Order of the Albatross)

  1. Head for the catacombs beneath the castle's chapel, next to the wayshrine.
  2. Isobel says you need a key, which could be at the knight-commander's office inside Castle Navire.
  3. Trade a favor to Nilsmon Booklover for the key.
  4. Go back to the chapel and head downstairs to unlock the door.
  5. Soon into the catacombs, you come across Aspirant Mortens. He offers to give you another key if you find his sword.
  6. The sword is south, and a spider miniboss will attack once you pick it up.
  7. After getting your next key, go east to the Deep Crypts.
  8. Kill the Mad Baron and retrieve the Gilded Lute of Sir Brenvale behind him.
  9. Take the shortcut outside and talk to Isobel to begin the next trial.

Hilt of Redheart (Order of the Iron Knot)

  1. Head to Castle Navire's library.
  2. Examine the open books and talk to Isobel, who marks the location of the next clue on your map.
  3. The Dufort Ruin is east, in the area below the Steadfast Hammer and Saw set station.
  4. Talk to Aspirant Langley LeTarte and Isobel Veloise at the ruins.
  5. Go to the opposite side to find the alternate path.
  6. Redheart's Hilt is near a large carved stone.
  7. Leave the area and talk to Isobel to begin the next trial.

Oldwood Oak Staff (Oaken Order)

  1. Head to the Coral Road Wayshrine and talk to Isobel.
  2. The Wizard's Grotto is directly south of the wayshrine, after collecting the nearby Skyshard.
  3. Examine the three pillars, then fetch three items: a heron's feather, cat's paw flowers, and a spriggan's veil. Locations are marked on the map.
  4. Place the items on the pillars and enter Erlibru's cottage. He says the staff is behind the cottage outside.
  5. Talk to Isobel to begin the next phase.

Tourney Pavilion

  1. Head to the Tourney Pavilion, west of Castle Navire, and talk to Isobel.
  2. Participate in the ceremony.
  3. Talk to Knight-Commander Jourvel in her private chambers, inside Castle Navire.
  4. Isobel will join you as a companion once the quest is complete.



  • If you stray too far away from Isobel after retrieving the sword hilt at the Dufort Ruin she may vanish, making it impossible to talk to her and advance the quest ?
    • Quitting the game and logging back in may respawn her and allow the quest to continue.

Quest StagesEdit

Tournament of the Heart
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I met a chatty noble who told me about a brewing scandal involving the Knight Commander's daughter. Sounds like she has a friend looking to help her out. I should seek her out at Castle Navire.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
To win the Tourney, Isobel will need to complete three trials, corresponding to the three Knightly Orders of the Sapphire Coast. I should ask her about the trials before us.
Objective: Choose a Trial
We set out to complete the Oaken Order trial, to find the elder wizard and retrieve his staff. I should find Isobel at a wayshrine to the east of the castle.
Objective: Meet Isobel Near the Wayshrine
I met Isobel on the road. Perhaps she knows more about what we face up ahead in our quest to complete the Oaken Order trial.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
We need to find the wizard Erlibru's home, apparently a family friend of Isobel's. He should be the key to completing the Oaken Order trial.
Objective: Find the Wizard's Grotto
Hidden Objective: At the Magic Barrier
Hidden Objective: Examine A
Hidden Objective: Examine B
Hidden Objective: Examaine C
Hidden Objective: Counter
Hidden Objective: Place the Cat's Paw
Hidden Objective: Place the Spriggan Veil
Hidden Objective: Place the Heron Feather
Hidden Objective: Drop the Barrier
Hidden Objective: Go to the Knight Commander's Office
Hidden Objective: Got to Knight's Wing
Hidden Objective: Talk to Nilsmon Booklover
Hidden Objective: Enter Catacombs
Hidden Objective: Found Lute
Hidden Objective: Defeat the Mad Duke
Hidden Objective: Reach the Ruins
Hidden Objective: Turn Around
The other aspirants appear to have failed the Oaken Order trial. We should look closely at the pillars near the magic barrier to avoid the same fate.
Objective: Examine the Pillars
We examined the barriers blocking our path. I should talk to Isobel about our next step in the Oaken Order trial.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
Isobel asked me to find three items that might help us to bypass the barrier in the Oaken Order trial.
Objective: Collect a Cat's Paw Flower
Objective: Collect a Spriggan's Veil
Objective: Collect a Heron's Feather
I found the items Isobel asked for. Hopefully they will allow us to bypass the barrier in the Oaken Order trial.
Objective: Lower the Magic Barrier
Isobel's idea worked, and the barrier is down. We need to search the wizard's home for the Oldwood Staff, or for the wizard himself.
Objective: Enter the Elder's Cottage
To advance in the Oaken Order trial I should ask the elder Elibru for the Oldwood Staff.
Objective: Talk to Erlibru
Success! Elibru invited us to pick up the staff, which completes the Oaken Order trial. I should grab it.
Objective: Take the Staff
We successfully completed the trial of the Oaken Order. I should talk to Isobel.
Objective: Talk to Isobel
For the Order of the Albatross, we need to retrieve a legendary lute, said to be lost in the catacombs beneath the Castle. I should meet Isobel in the chapel, the door to the catacombs is there.
Objective: Meet Isobel at the Castle Chapel
To complete the Albatross trial, we need to enter the castle catacombs. I should talk to Isobel about what to do.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
To complete the Albatross trial, we need to enter the catacombs. Isobel asked me to see if one of Commander Jourvel's aides has an extra key.
Objective: Get a Key to the Catacombs
Optional Step: Talk to Aurelia
Objective Hint: Deliver Nilsmon's Poem to Aurelia
Objective Hint: Get Nilsmon's Catacomb Key
I acquired a key to the catacombs for the Albatross trial. The entrance is within the chapel, where Isobel said to meet her.
Objective: Meet Isobel in the Chapel
I got the key from one of the Knight Commander's aides. Time to unlock the catacombs and complete the Albatross trial. Isobel said to meet back at the catacomb door on the lower floor of the Castle Navire Chapel.
Objective: Unlock the Catacombs
The lute, our goal in the Albatross trial, could be anywhere in these catacombs. We should search the area.
Objective: Find the Gilded Lute
It seems that one of Isobel's competitors in the Albatross trial, Aspirant Mortens, has locked himself in a small crypt. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Aspirant Mortens
Aspirant Mortens is hiding in a small crypt with the door locked behind him. We need to search for his sword in exchange for the key to get into the oldest parts of the catacombs.
Objective: Find Aspirant Mortens' Sword
We retrieved Aspirant Mortens' sword, I should speak to him and retrieve the key to the old crypts.
Objective: Talk to Aspirant Mortens
The aspirant's fear of spiders has him too rattled to continue in the Albatross trial, so we left him his sword while we continued our search for the Gilded Lute.
Objective: Find the Gilded Lute
We found the Gilded Lute of Sir Brenvale for the Order of the Albatross! The bard knight met a tragic end, and now we need to make our escape from this gloomy place.
Objective: Leave the Catacombs
We successfully completed the Order of the Albatross trial. I should talk to Isobel.
Objective: Talk to Isobel
To complete the trial of the Iron Knot we need to find the long-lost hilt of the blade Redheart. Isobel suggested we start by researching the Dufort family legacy in the castle library.
Objective: Meet Isobel at the Castle Library
The blade belonged to the first Duke Dufort. If we're going to complete the Iron Knot trial we need to research his past.
Objective: Research the Duforts
I found some information about the first Duke Dufort. I should talk to Isobel, perhaps it will help us to resolve the Iron Knot trial.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
Isobel believes the Duke fell wielding Redheart at an old holdfast. We should make our way to the ruin if we're going to resolve the Iron Knot trial.
Objective: Go to the Dufort Ruin
We ran into one of Isobel's competitors in the Tourney, Aspirant Langley. He denied us passage on our quest to complete the Iron Knot trial. I should talk to her about our options.
Objective: Talk to Isobel Veloise
To complete the Iron Knot trial we have to get around Aspirant Langley. Isobel remembers another path she used to use to climb the rise when she was young.
Objective: Find Isobel's Path
We found the path on our quest to complete the Iron Knot trial. The tome we read mentioned an old ruin where we should find the hilt to Redheart. Just have to find the ruin, now.
Objective: Find the Ruin
I found the ruin where the old Duke lost his life. Now it's just a matter of finding the sword hilt for Redheart and we can claim victory in the Iron Knot trial.
Objective: Search for the Sword Hilt
We found Redheart's hilt! I should follow Isobel away from the tower.
Objective: Follow Isobel
We successfully completed the trial of the Iron Knot. I should talk to Isobel.
Objective: Talk to Isobel
Isobel and I have completed all three tourney trials. I'll meet Isobel near the tourney pavilion and we can discuss how we are to present the trophies to the three Knightly Orders.
Objective: Talk to Isobel at the Tourney Pavilion
I need to present Redheart's hilt to Sir Orlfeth the Valiant, the captain of the Iron Knot.
Objective: Present Redheart's Hilt
The Gilded Lute must be presented to Sir Melflen Le Fleury of the Order of the Albatross.
Objective: Present the Gilded Lute
The Staff of the Wild Woods is to be presented to Sir Odelia Ambloc of the Oaken Order.
Objective: Present the Staff
Isobel has more than proven herself in the Sapphire Tournament. I should watch as Knight Commander Jourvel bestows Isobel's knighthood.
Objective: Watch the Ceremony
Knight Commander Jourvel knighted Dame Isobel Veloise and agreed to grant her boon. She wishes to speak to us in her office.
Objective: Go to the Knight Commander's Office
I should speak to Knight Commander Jourvel.
Objective: Talk to the Knight Commander
I should speak to Isobel, and see what she plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Dame Isobel Veloise
Isobel won the Sapphire Tourney at Castle Navire and freed her friend Aurelia Jourvel from a difficult situation. Isobel is now a full knight and wants to broaden her experience with travel and adventure before settling into any knightly order.
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