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Oblivion:Brother Piner

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Brother Piner
(RefID: 0001CB97)
Location Weynon Priory
House Weynon House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC+0 (range=3-12) Class Blade Class
RefID 0001CB97 BaseID 000223AD
Other Information
Health 45 + (6+2.6)x(PC-1), PC=5-19
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC-1) (max=250)
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Weynon Priory Citizen; Chorrol Citizen; Nine Divines Initiate(Initiate)
Brother Piner

Brother Piner is an Imperial monk living at Weynon Priory, together with fellow monks Prior Maborel and Jauffre, and herder Eronor. He was training to become a Blade before he became a monk in the Order of Talos. He can provide you a free copy of The Warp in the West, a Block skill book, after completing the quest Deliver the Amulet.

He sleeps every night between midnight and 1am, when he briefly wakes up before getting back in bed. He then gets up at 5am and goes down to the chapel. He stays there until 10am, when he takes a trip to Chorrol to visit Seed-Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade. However, as soon as he enters the store, he leaves and goes back to Weynon Priory to wander aimlessly upstairs until 6pm. He then goes downstairs and sits down until 8pm, when he goes back upstairs and wanders until going to sleep at midnight.

He wears a curious mix of lower and middle-class attire: a monk robe and pigskin shoes. He also carries the Block skill book The Warp in the West, which he may give to you; a bread loaf he will consume and a meager amount of gold. He is armed with an Akaviri Katana.

Several crumpled notes can be found on the table in the priory, suggesting he had a hard time writing an appropriate letter. The Letter to Mother appears to be the final version.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Deliver the AmuletEdit

Weynon Priory

Should you first enter the priory at night, on your way to deliver the amulet, Brother Piner will approach you, somewhat surprised of your visit:

"Excuse me. Can I help you? Are you looking for Prior Maborel? Or Jauffre?"
My business is private.
"I see. Strange visitors appearing late at night... happens all the time here. Go on. I think you'll find what you're looking for upstairs."
I must speak to Jauffre.
"I think he's sleeping. But it must be important... go ahead upstairs and wake him."

Otherwise, if you greet him for the first time, he'll welcome you:

"Welcome, good citizen. I'm Brother Piner, and this is Weynon Priory. A monastery. Can I help you?"

On the topic of Jauffre, he has a number of responses depending on the time of day and location, which may again contain false information due to the fact Jauffre spends all his time reading at his desk:

"Oh. Yes. He'll be in the Priory House somewhere." (In vicinity of Weynon Priory)
"Brother Jauffre? He should be in the Priory House, I think." (Inside the priory)
"He sleeps with us here in the Priory House." (Inside the priory between 10pm and 6am)
"If he's not in the Priory House, you may find him praying in the chapel." (Other)

Before you deliver the amulet:

Weynon Priory
"We're a Nine Divines priory dedicated to the Order of Talos. Lord Talos teaches us to be prepared to protect his people in peace and war. I'm on night watch here, in case someone needs the chapel, or wants to talk... or has mysterious business, like you. I was just writing a letter to my mother. She's quite upset by the assassinations."
Order of Talos
"We are a monastic order devoted to divine Talos, who was the mortal Tiber Septim, the founder of the empire."
The Blades
"Like members of my order, the Blades are devoted to the divine Talos. We honor them for their dedication and devotion."

After having delivered the amulet:

"Here. Perhaps you will find this useful. One of the books I saved from my Blades training. You go into danger. Jauffre didn't tell us any more than that, but know that our prayers go with you." (He'll give you his copy of The Warp in the West)
Order of Talos
"It isn't widely known, but many brothers of the Order of Talos are also members of the Blades. Chapterhouses of the Order, like Weynon Priory, provide safehouses for travelling Blades as well as our more public religious functions. Blades who are too old for active service often join the Order as lay brothers. We are honored to have Grandmaster Jauffre, or Brother Jauffre as he prefers, as a resident here."
The Blades
"The Blades are closely linked to the Order of Talos. We both serve Talos, of course, and many of our brothers are former Blades. I myself was training as a Blade when I received the call to serve Talos in a different way."

Weynon PrioryEdit

Brother Piner being overwhelmed by Mythic Dawn Agents

When you bring Martin to Weynon Priory during the eponymous quest, you'll discover it is under attack. If you approach him during the fight he may shout:

"I could use a hand here!"

Provided he survives the initial attack, Brother Piner can be spoken to:

"Gods blood! They came out of nowhere. Have you seen Grandmaster Jauffre?"
I don't know where Jauffre is.
"We should check the Chapel. Come on!"
Eronor said he was in the Chapel.
"Quick! He may need our help!"

Should you try to speak to him again, he'll just angrily say:

"Come on! We need to help the Grandmaster!"

Once Jauffre is safe, if approached he can say:

"Poor Prior Maborel. He was dead when I came outside. Who could have done this?"
"Thanks for your help. I didn't think any of us were going to survive the attack."

If he survives the ordeal, he will remain to tend the priory alone, given the fact that Jauffre moves to Cloud Ruler Temple.


With a disposition of at least 60, Prior Maborel will reveal, "Brother Piner is a fine young monk, zealous and energetic. In time, I hope he may add patience and prudence to his list of virtues."


  • Brother Piner will not discuss rumors with you.
  • In addition to his visit to Seed-Neeus, there are a number of other Chorrol-related AI packages with Brother Piner's name on them. These would have seen him visit The Grey Mare at 8am and the Chapel of Stendarr at 12pm, and talk with Teekeeus at 2pm and Valus Odiil at 8pm. These packages were never added to the character in the final game, however.
  • Brother Piner has unused dialogue present in a set called "PinerDEMO1". His lines, together with those of Eronor in a set called "EronorDEMO1", would've formed some kind of demo scene:
Brother Piner: "Good morning, my friend!"
Eronor: "Greetings! How are you on this fine morning?"
Brother Piner: "Fine. Thanks for asking."
Eronor: "Have you spoken to Valus Odiil recently?"
Brother Piner: "I spoke to him yesterday. He seems rather concerned about those boys of his."
Eronor: "Indeed."
Brother Piner: "It looks to be a beautiful day here at Weynon Priory, don't you think?"
Eronor: "Undoubtedly. There's hardly a cloud in the sky."
Brother Piner: "Well, I must be going. Take care."
Eronor: "Goodbye."