Oblivion: Places

There is a chapel in each major city devoted to one of the Nine Divines and specializing in one of the eight attributes, offering Restore and Fortify spells in that attribute, much as the Mages Guild Halls each specialize in a single school of magic. The exceptions to this are Anvil's chapel, which specializes in both Luck and Personality, and Kvatch, which does not have any specialty (it's possible that due to the destruction of Kvatch, the Anvil chapel was forced to take over their duties). Also, Akatosh is represented in two cities—the Imperial City and Kvatch—and Kynareth is not represented in any traditional chapel.

Each traditional chapel contains ten altars—one to each of the Nine, and a tenth central altar which will cure diseases, restore all attributes by 100 points, and restore Health 200 points. The individual altars will each fortify an attribute by 5 points for 5 minutes, with the exception of Arkay's which will Fortify Health by 10 points instead. Additionally, each divine has 3-4 Wayshrines located in the wilderness. In order to receive blessings from the altars in the chapels, you must have visited a wayshrine to the same Divine first. The wayshrines offer a blessing twice as potent as the same altar along with the restorative effects of the central altars.

The staff at each traditional chapel consists of at least three people; the Primate is in charge of all administrative duties at the temples, the Healer provides healing for the citizens of the city (though not for you), and the Priest or Priestess sells mostly Restoration spells, though they'll also have a selection of Turn Undead spells from the school of Conjuration. Aside from standard healing spells, they will each sell spells to restore or fortify the attribute(s) with which their individual temple is associated. The Primate and Healer do not generally offer any services, though a few of them are trainers. Additionally, some temples have a Living Saint, or a mortal representative of their respective Divine.

All of the traditional chapels have the same layout; a large chapel room, and an area below the front doors that has three doors—one to the chapel hall, where residents' living quarters are, and two to the chapel undercroft. Upon joining the Nine Divines faction, entering the chapel hall and the undercroft is no longer considered trespassing, taking items from the chapel is no longer considered stealing, and the sanctified dead in the undercroft will not attack unless your Personality level is under 30 or you initiates combat.

There are several non-traditional chapels as well. The Temple of the One has a single altar, available after the Main Quest, that provides the usual restoration of a central altar as well as the especially powerful Favor of Akatosh blessing, which fortifies Luck and Personality by 25 points each for 24 hours. Gottlesfont Priory, Weynon Priory, and the Priory of the NineKotN all feature only a small central altar. Cadlew Chapel has been defiled by Necromancers, and its blessing cannot be used because of this.

The chapels in each city will also ring bells every in-game hour, though this can only be heard while outside and standing very close to the chapel's entrance.


Non-Traditional ChapelsEdit

Altar BlessingsEdit

The central altar in a chapel cures diseases, restores all attributes by 100 points, and restores Health by 200 points; however, this can only be used if your Fame is greater than your Infamy, and you do not have an active bounty. In addition, each smaller altar along the sides of traditional chapels gives a specific blessing from one of the Nine.

Divine Altar Blessing
Akatosh Favor of Akatosh:
Fortify Luck & Personality 25pt/24hr
(at the Temple of the One)
Blessings of Akatosh:
Fortify Speed 5pt/5min
(at all other chapels)
Arkay Blessings of Arkay:
Fortify Health 10pt/5min
Dibella Blessings of Dibella:
Fortify Personality 5pt/5min
Julianos Blessings of Julianos:
Fortify Intelligence 5pt/5min
Kynareth Blessings of Kynareth:
Fortify Agility 5pt/5min
Mara Blessings of Mara:
Fortify Willpower 5pt/5min
Stendarr Blessings of Stendarr:
Fortify Endurance 5pt/5min
Talos /
Tiber Septim
Blessings of Talos:
Fortify Strength 5pt/5min
Zenithar Blessings of Zenithar:
Fortify Luck 5pt/5min


  • Occasionally when praying at an altar, you may be given the message "You've already received your blessing this day." even if the altar hasn't been activated in the past 24 hours.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 3.4.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • One way around this is to wait an additional 24 hours and then activate the altar again.