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Oblivion:Shrine of Kynareth

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Shrine of Kynareth
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Console Location Code(s)
Great Forest
West of Fanacasecul and north of Ceyatatar
The Shrine of Kynareth

Shrine of Kynareth is an outdoor shrine to the Divine Kynareth in the Great Forest, west of the Imperial City (download-specific).

It only becomes available once you have installed the Knights of the Nine official download, and is located north of the Ayleid ruin Ceyatatar.

According to its worshippers, the shrine has been built in the wilderness to honor Kynareth, who is believed to be the goddess of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. You are directed here during the quest to recover the Crusader's Relics, in order to retrieve the Divine's creation: the Boots of the Crusader.

The following plants grow in the surrounding area:

  • Three Flax plants near the statue of Kynareth, and one near a rock in front of the first row of pews
  • Three Monkshood plants around the statue, three on a rock nearby, and seven on some rocks behind the last row of pews
  • Two Summer Bolete near the altar of Kynareth, and five among some rocks behind the last row of pews


Avita Vesnia

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  • This shrine was originally meant to be part of Sutch as the Chapel of Kynareth (which remains its ID), but after the city was cut, the chapel was cut along with it. This makes Kynareth the only one of the Nine Divines to not have a patron city or chapel dedicated to her.