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Strength is the governing attribute for Blunt, Blade, and Hand to Hand. It affects:

In-game Description: Affects how much you can carry, how much Fatigue you have, and how much damage you can do with melee weapons such as swords and axes. Governs the skills of Blunt, Blade, and Hand to Hand.

Character CreationEdit

  • The Races page provides a table summarizing the initial strength for each race and gender.
  • An initial +10 strength bonus is possible by selecting Warrior as birthsign.
  • Or any custom class can select strength as one of the custom class' two attributes.


  • When you are at 70 strength or higher, NPCs will start saying: "Look at the muscles on you!"
  • Fortifying Strength over 100 will not increase damage dealt with your melee weapon (100 is the cap for damage determination). However, it will continue to affect your maximum Encumbrance and your Fatigue.
  • You need a strength of at least 30 to be able to drag dead bodies.

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