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(RefID: 0000BC6A)
Home City Anvil
Location Chapel of Dibella
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level 4 Class Priest
RefID 0000BC6A BaseID 0000A285
Available Rarely
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 9am-10am; 12am-8am, 12pm-4pm, 10pm-12am
Gold 200 Mercantile Novice (10)
Sells Nothing
Spells Conjuration SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 57 Magicka 97
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Anvil Citizen; Nine Divines 0K(Pilgrim Pilgrim)
Trevaia in the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil
Trevaia is killed at the start of the Knights of the Nine quests.

Trevaia, a Redguard priestess, sells spells and potions in the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil.

Trevaia wears a middle-class outfit consisting of a blue & green outfit and a pair of doeskin shoes. She carries the key to the chapel and a few pieces of gold.

Trevaia doesn't wield any weapons, choosing instead to rely on a selection of spells from the Conjuration and Restoration schools of magic, though she is actually unable to cast some of them (see Bugs). These are the same spells you can also buy cheaply off her, as her Mercantile is a mere 10.


The first time you speak with Trevaia, she will introduce herself:

"Give yourself to love, pilgrim. I'm Trevaia, priestess of Dibella, and this is Anvil's Chapel of Dibella."

If you ask about Anvil, she will reply:

"Dibella has shed her special blessings on Anvil. We greet travelers with hospitality, and the needy with an open hand."


  • You cannot invest in her shop.
  • As soon as you install the Knights of the Nine official download, Trevaia is killed. Once the download's quests are all completed (through Umaril the Unfeathered), she is replaced by a new NPC, an Imperial woman named Selene Duronia who has the same spells for sale (and is somewhat easier to buy from). Like Trevaia, Selene does not sell potions as she has none that are marked as merchandise.
  • She is one of the few NPCs in the game to be marked for a Scripted Death but not to be flagged as essential. Thus it is possible for her to effectively "die twice".


  • She will only offer to do business as she heads downstairs following her prayer session at the altar. Furthermore she has to be standing still when activated, for example because she stopped to talk to someone else on the stairs. She can do business in the chapel hall between 9am and 10am. The easiest way to ensure that you can barter with her is to arrive in the morning (8-9am) and then wait one hour. Do this until you see her begin to leave her post at the altar, and intercept her by walking into her. She will stop to give you a passing greeting, and as soon as she pauses, initiate a conversation.
  • A combination of her magical schools' skill levels and her total available magicka results in Trevaia being unable to cast any spell with a base cost above 98.


Trevaia has the following spells for sale:

Spell Name Level Cost Effects
Turn Undead Novice 11 Turn Undead up to level 3 for 30sec on Target
Repulse Undead Apprentice 29 Turn Undead up to level 7 for 30sec on Target
Minor Respite Novice 6 Restore Fatigue 15pts on Self
Convalescence Apprentice 48 Restore Health 15pts on Target
Cure Paralysis Apprentice 50 Cure Paralysis on Touch
Cure Poison Apprentice 60 Cure Poison on Self
Fortify Luck* Apprentice 42 Fortify Luck 5pts for 90sec on Self
Fortify Personality** Apprentice 42 Fortify Personality 5pts for 90sec on Self
Heal Major Wounds Apprentice 61 Restore Health 25pts on Self
Restore Luck** Apprentice 29 Restore Luck 5pts on Self
Restore Personality** Apprentice 29 Restore Personality 5pts on Self
Consume Health Journeyman 74 Absorb Health 20pts on Touch
Cure Disease Journeyman 140 Cure Disease on Self
Greater Convalescence Journeyman 138 Restore Health 20pts for 2sec on Target
Greater Fortify Luck Journeyman 102 Fortify Luck 10pts for 90sec on Self
Greater Fortify Personality** Journeyman 102 Fortify Personality 10pts for 90sec on Self
Heal Greater Wounds Journeyman 92 Restore Health 20pts for 2sec on Self
Superior Convalescence Expert 277 Restore Health 20pts for 4sec on Target

* Indicates spells which cannot be purchased from anyone else, though spells with the same effects at different magnitudes can be purchased elsewhere.
** Indicates spells with effects which cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Purchased Spell Notes
  • The magicka cost for most purchasable spells matches the value you would calculate from the Spell Cost equation. In other words, if you were to create the same spell at the Spellmaking Altar, it would have the same magicka cost as the purchasable spell. There are a few exceptions. Spells that are a bad deal, i.e. more expensive than a custom spell, are in red; spells that are a good deal are in green. The magicka cost if you were to create a custom spell at the Spellmaking Altar is shown in parentheses.
  • The magicka cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by Luck, see Magic Overview). The provided baseline values are the magicka cost when your skill level is 33. For other skill levels the magicka cost can be determined from:
Cost * (1.4 - 0.012 * Skill)
  • More powerful spells cost more to buy, have a higher skill requirement, and consume more Magicka.
  • Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master.
  • The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and Luck. (The actual cost you pay is further increased based on how well you haggle with the merchant.) Therefore, if you have any Fortify Skill or Fortify Luck spells/potions handy, you can get significantly better deals when purchasing spells.