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Alignment: Telvanni
Region: Grazelands

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


Vos, from the southeast
The Falvillo's Endeavor at the docks

Vos is an ancient Velothi farming village on the eastern coast of Vvardenfell, near Tel Mora. There are few services here. There is a Dark Elf chapel which is too small to serve as a focus for Almsivi intervention, but the resident cleric, Yakin Bael, is a fine healer, and worth a visit by anyone interested in the medical arts. A harbor lies downhill from the town, where there are ships to Tel Aruhn, Sadrith Mora and nearby Tel Mora. The large and friendly Varo Tradehouse is located near the wharves, and is a good alternative to Tel Mora for travelers seeking accommodation.

Apart from passing through on the way to Master Aryon's tower at Tel Vos, there is little cause to visit Vos.

Main VosEdit

The houses in the village have a strange architecture, a blend of Telvanni mushroom and stone. A mushroom to the southeast hosts the Varo Tradehouse, providing beds and sundries. Hairan Mannanalit offers some training there. Maela Kaushad in her farmhouse is a wise woman.

Vos ChapelEdit

The Chapel is the only Temple of the Tribunal deep in Telvanni territory and a recent addition to the town, providing healing services to all. Yakin Bael is the master trainer in Restoration, and Eldrilu Dalen is a spellmaker.

Getting There and AroundEdit

Dirt roads lead west to Tel Vos and southeast into the Grazelands to the stronghold Indoranyon and the Velothi tower Hanud. Tel Mora is very close to the east across the water. The Falvillo's Endeavor at the docks can take you to Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, and Tel Mora. The ship also makes a nice home.


Places of Interest Around VosEdit

  • The wizard tower of Master Aryon, Tel Vos, is just up the hill.
  • The Dwemer ruins of Nchuleft are straight to the west, at the foot of the mountains.
  • The Ahemmusa Camp is directly north of Vos.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Burcanius Varo   Imperial Publican 8 76 122 100 30 Varo Tradehouse Merchant
Dreynos Elvul   Dark Elf Farmer 10 112 94 0 30 [11,14]
Eldrilu Dalen   Dark Elf Priest Service Tribunal Temple Novice(Novice) 7 60 96 100 30 Vos Chapel Spellmaker; Spell Merchant; Merchant
Fanisea Irano   Dark Elf Farmer 9 100 92 0 30 Fanisea Irano's Farmhouse
Ferise Varo   Dark Elf Mage Service 7 58 120 100 30 Varo Tradehouse Entrance Spellmaker; Spell Merchant
Hairan Mannanalit   Dark Elf Scout Ashlanders Hearthfriend(Hearthfriend) 8 93 96 0 30 Varo Tradehouse Trainer
Ienasa Radas   Dark Elf Commoner 8 81 96 0 30 [11,14]
Maela Kaushad   Dark Elf Wise Woman 8 62 96 0 30 Maela Kaushad's Farmhouse
Mandyn Ralas   Dark Elf Farmer 9 105 92 0 30 Mandyn Ralas's Farmhouse
Runethyne Andas   Dark Elf Farmer 9 100 92 0 30 Runethyne Andas's Farmhouse
Sedyni Veran   Dark Elf Shipmaster 4 49 106 0 30 [12,13] Transport
Smokey Morth   Wood Elf Sorcerer 8 70 134 0 30 Varo Tradehouse
Sur Surishpi   Dark Elf Scout 6 83 92 0 90 [12,13] Trainer
Thilse Aralas   Dark Elf Farmer 7 85 90 0 30 Thilse Aralas's Farmhouse
Trilam Drolnor   Dark Elf Commoner 6 74 92 0 30 Trilam Drolnor's Farmhouse
Ulvil Llothas   Dark Elf Farmer 10 112 94 0 30 [11,14]
Yakin Bael   Dark Elf Healer 25 134 132 0 30 Vos Chapel Master Trainer
Yan Assinabi   Dark Elf Barbarian 7 88 90 0 90 [12,13]


Map Key
  • 8. Runethyne Andas's Farmhouse
  • 9. Thilse Aralas's Farmhouse
  • 10. Dreynos Elvul's Farmhouse
  • 11. Trilam Drolnor's Farmhouse
  • 12. Vos Chapel
  • 13. Fanisea Irano's Farmhouse
  • 14. Ienasa Radas's Farmhouse