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Morrowind:Velothi Towers

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Dotted mostly in odd, unexpected, out-of-the-way places around the landscape, are a dozen towers of the ancient Velothi people. These days, many of them function as strongholds for Telvanni mages. If you belong to this House, you can find bed and shelter in these towers, and the inhabitants will not be hostile.

Ald Redaynia — A remote, ruined Velothi tower, located at the western end of the island north of Urshilaku Camp and west of Dagon Fel. (map)
Arvs-Drelen — One of the few Velothi towers to be near an inhabited area, Gnisis. (map)
Hanud — A Velothi tower near Indoranyon stronghold. (map)
Mababi — A Velothi tower taken over by the Telvanni in the wastelands of the Molag Amur region. (map)
Mawia — A Velothi tower on a small island just off the coast southeast of Molag Mar. (map)
Odirniran — A Velothi tower that resembles a tomb located on Azura's Coast, west of the Shrine of Azura on the same peninsula. (map)
Sanni — A Velothi tower located on an island to the west of Ald Daedroth. (map)
Shara — A Velothi tower owned by the Mage-lord Tirer Belvayn. (map)
Shishara — A remote Velothi tower that can be found in the Ashlands. (map)
Shishi — A Velothi tower located northwest of Maar Gan that appears to be the stumbling block between Telvanni and Redoran. (map)
Sulipund — A Velothi tower that is located to the north of Marandus stronghold, across Lake Nabia. (map)
Vas — A remote Velothi tower located on an island in the Sheogorad Region. (map)