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# of Zones 2
Almsivi Intervention Ald'ruhn
Divine Intervention Wolverine Hall
Undead, Telvanni
Console Location Code(s)
Hanud, Tower
Azura's Coast, [13,9]

Hanud is a Velothi tower near Indoranyon stronghold.

A fair-sized dungeon full of undead precedes this tower, and there is little reward to show after. The mage-lord's table holds the obligatory skull, books, and 100 gold. The inhabitants are Telvanni (although the actual mage-lord is named Treras Dres, he does not appear to belong to the House of that name) and will attack you on sight (except Aglaril) even if you are also of that house.


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Aglaril   Wood Elf Archer House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 4 54 84 30 40
Faric Panoit   Breton Healer House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 4 47 106 30 90
Noleon Sele   Breton Spellsword House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 4 57 108 30 90
Treras Dres   Dark Elf Sorcerer House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 12 101 152 30 90


Hanud, Tower