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Maar Gan
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Alignment: Redoran
Region: Ashlands

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

Silt Strider:

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Maar Gan
The shrine, with the Propylon Index on an offering plate
The Temple of Maar Gan

Maar Gan is a tiny temple town deep in the Ashlands to the north of Ald'ruhn. It is walled and built in the House Redoran style, utilizing mud construction and the shells of ancient monstrous insects. It is probably as close to the Ghostfence as any town short of Ghostgate itself and offers few services. There is a Tribunal Temple shrine there, with a captive Dremora, Anhaedra, who has spent many thousands of years perfecting the ultimate insult. Maar Gan is home to House Redoran volunteers making a stand against the Blight. High guard towers offer some advanced warning against the frequent cliff racers that attack villagers.

Main SquareEdit

Along the city walls, the outpost across from the silt strider offers some training. Manse Andus is the publican offering beds and sundries in the Andus Tradehouse. Downstairs, Bugdurash gra-Gashel and Aerin offer some training.

The healer Tashpi Ashibael's hut is south of the stairs to the temple. Someone in the Mages Guild says she's a necromancer.

The ShrineEdit

The priest Salen Ravel is a spellmaker and sells potions and ingredients. The Pilgrimage to Maar Gan will lead you here to reenact some of Lord Vivec's deeds. The Dremora Anhaedra is forever bound to this plane, right here in the shrine.


Aerin is the master trainer of Light Armor in the Andus Tradehouse.

For a complete list, see People.

Getting There and AroundEdit

The silt strider port is along the south wall. Daras Aryon can take you to Ald'ruhn, Khuul and Gnisis. The Foyada Bani-Dad leads north, deep into the Ashlands, Khuul and the camp of the Urshilaku tribe. The dust-swept road to Ald'ruhn is filled with blighted creatures.


  • Huleen's Hut is located outside the city walls, along the road and straight east from the strider.
  • The Falasmaryon Propylon Index is lying on a plate at the big rock in the shrine.
  • Tashpi Ashibael's hut will be abandoned after the quest involving her. It can make a small, but cozy home.
  • The Guard Towers have crates with Bonemold Armor. You can check them all for a full set.

Places of Interest Around Maar GanEdit

  • The site of the Redoran Stronghold, Bal Isra, is about halfway south on the road to Ald'ruhn. The ancient Dunmer strongholds of Falasmaryon and Kogoruhn are a short way down the Foyada Bani-Dad and then through the ashlands.

Related QuestsEdit

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Tribunal TempleEdit



  • Remove the blight from the Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine: In the Maar Gan Outpost there is a small but touching memorial to Ravila Neryon, "killed while crusading to remove the blight from the Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine". Take it upon yourself to complete her mission.

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Map Key
  • 10. Shilipuran Zama-Rasour's Hut
  • 11. Kind Erushara's Hut
  • 12. Shrine
  • 13. Guard Tower 1
  • 14. Guard Tower 2
  • 15. Guard Tower 3
  • 16. Huleen's Hut
  • 17. Silt Strider