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Morrowind:Indarys Manor

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Indarys Manor
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Alignment: Redoran
Region: Ashlands

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

Indarys Manor, the Redoran stronghold after completion

This is an article on player housing. For more information, see the associated Houses page.

Indarys Manor is a Redoran stronghold in the Ashlands region, located on the site of Bal Isra. Players who advance to the House Redoran rank of Kinsman will be able to construct it by undertaking the related questline. Indarys Manor is the most populous stronghold and has the greatest overall storage; for a full comparison of its storage, services, and features, see the article on housing.

The compound consists of a manor and three NPC buildings enclosed by a stone wall. There are three trainers and three merchants located here, including a spellmaker and blacksmith.

The nearest large settlement is Ald'ruhn, although Maar Gan is located a slightly shorter distance to the northeast. Almsivi Intervention teleports to Ald'ruhn, which has Silt Strider service to Balmora, Gnisis, Khuul and Maar Gan. Divine Intervention targets Buckmoth Legion Fort. From Ald'ruhn's Mages Guild, Guild Guide service will teleport you to any other Mages Guild location in Vvardenfell. From the connection to Khuul, one can catch a boat to Fort Frostmoth, which is the only fast travel route to Solstheim. Indarys Manor is also centrally placed in proximity to the ancient Dunmer strongholds of Andasreth, Falasmaryon and Kogoruhn, which offer travel via Propylon Chamber.


  • Indarys Manor will not exist until you have begun the stronghold questline for your faction of choice.
  • The Indarys surname is shared by two other characters in Morrowind: a Dunmer Battlemage named Brelyn Indarys holed up in Mannammu, and Banden Indarys, who is the namesake of this manor. Two characters of note in Oblivion share the surname as well: Andel Indarys, the count of Cheydinhal, and his son, Farwil Indarys.

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Arvs Raram   Dark Elf Master-at-Arms House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 13 154 100 90 30 Raram's House Trainer
Banden Indarys   Dark Elf Warrior House Redoran House Brother(House Brother) 19 205 108 80 90 Indarys Manor Absent if the player constructs the manor for House Redoran.
Galvene Othrobar   Dark Elf Archer House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 14 124 100 90 30
Garila Vedas   Dark Elf Scout House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 13 131 106 90 30 Trainer
Gilyne Omoren   Dark Elf Smith House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 13 148 100 90 30 Manor Services Blacksmith; Merchant
Heniele Milielle   Breton Commoner House Redoran Hireling(Hireling) 3 47 104 100 30 Berendas' House
Ienas Nadus   Dark Elf Battlemage House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 13 102 152 90 30
Lliros Tures   Dark Elf Trader Service House Redoran House Cousin(House Cousin) 17 143 132 100 30 Manor Services Merchant
Mavis Nadram   Dark Elf Drillmaster Service House Redoran House Cousin(House Cousin) 17 148 126 90 30 Trainer
Treram Milar   Dark Elf Warrior House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 17 187 106 90 30
Uvele Berendas   Dark Elf Priest Service House Redoran House Cousin(House Cousin) 17 107 124 100 30 Berendas' House Spellmaker; Spell Merchant; Merchant


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