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Morrowind:Almsivi Intervention

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MW-icon-effect-Almsivi Intervention.jpg Almsivi Intervention
School Mysticism
Type Defensive
Base Cost 150
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Built-in Potions
Magic Apparel

Almsivi Intervention

Transports you instantly to the nearest Tribunal temple. Good for escaping from a sticky situation, or just as a means of fast transportation. The temples to which you can be transported are in the following places:


  • Any followers you may have will not accompany you when you teleport. Thus, this cannot be used to facilitate escort missions.
  • Almsivi Intervention (and the other teleportation spells) are disabled in a few locations. In Morrowind, the only locations are Magas Volar (where you get the Daedric Crescent), and the Akulakhan chamber at the bottom of Dagoth Ur's facility (until you destroy the heart). The expansions add a few more such locations. The Clockwork City in Tribunal has disabled teleporting, and the inside of the Mortrag Glacier area in Bloodmoon does as well. Scripted teleports, such as from items, will still work in these locations, however.
  • The logic of what is and isn't a Temple for the purposes of Almsivi Intervention may be a bit confusing since there are Temple facilities in several locations that you can't teleport to this way. Probably the most frustrating one is the Ghostgate temple, which is a Temple for purposes for receiving Temple quests, but not for Intervention. In some other locations, such as Balmora, the reverse is true.


  • Almsivi intervention will take you to the Tribunal Temple nearest your last exterior location only. This means that if you are closer to another location, for example by entering the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild, using the Guild Guide to get to the Balmora Mages Guild, and you use Almsivi Intervention, you will arrive at the Ald'ruhn Temple, not the Balmora Temple.
  • Certain locations seem to go to the "wrong" location. For instance, casting an Almsivi Intervention spell at Gnaar Mok causes you to appear at Balmora, even though Ald'ruhn is closer. This is because these spells determine the nearest temple using Chebyshev distance rather than Euclidean distance. The map on this page shows the correct destinations.

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Map of Almsivi Intervention zones