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Godsreach is on the west side of Mournhold and is home to the wealthier residences of Morrowind. Located here are manors, The Craftsmen's Hall, a tavern, and the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts, all with their own services and Related Quests. One of several entrances to the Mournhold Sewers is located in Godsreach. It is connected to the Temple Courtyard (North Gate) and Plaza Brindisi Dorom (South Gate). Godsreach, and to some extent the Great Bazaar, is the main residential and tourist area.


Western Godsreach
from left: Geon Auline's House, Sadri/Thendas Manor, Velas Manor

Velas ManorEdit

This manor is located near the Northwest Gate. The wizard inside recently moved in, and might be looking to make a display of power soon. Note: Beware of a possible bug that may occur if the manor is unlocked before the quest, in which the resident will not attack at the appropriate time.

Llethan ManorEdit

This manor is the home of the widow of a late king, Ravani Llethan. It is located in the northwest corner of Godsreach. The manor must be searched for a part of the main quest to find a note.

Sadri/Thendas ManorsEdit

Located across the street from the Craftsman's Hall, these two manors are both in the same building.

Sadri ManorEdit

The Sadri Manor, the home of Golena Sadri, is located up a small flight of stairs on the north side. Sera Sadri has recently begun to act "mad." You can help find the cause of this strange behavior. A forgotten area of the sewers is discovered during this quest.

Thendas ManorEdit

The Thendas Manor is the home of the widow Arnsa Thendas. She currently holds the rare Droth Dagger, which should be acquired for a quest given by Geon Auline, who is in a nearby house.

Vacant ManorEdit

The Vacant Manor, contrary to its name and abandoned first floor, is occupied by Felvan Ienith, Dovor Oren, and Olvyne Dobar, who are unhappy with the state of things between them and the nobles and want to do something about it. You are told to speak with Dovor Oren to get details on their targets.

Andoren ManorEdit

The Andoren Manor, like apparently every other manor, has something to do with a spouse in some sort of trouble or dead. The quest given by the occupier here happens to have a missing husband. The reward of this is 1000 gold, so be sure to stop by to claim this sack of gold.

Auline/Flaccus HouseEdit

This building is right next to the Southwest Gate and home to a pair of men.

Geon Auline's HouseEdit

This house has two quests relating to it. One is related to the aforementioned Droth Dagger, and the other is a minor detour from the Crimson Plague quest, in which you drop off a cure disease potion to Geon Auline.

Ignatius Flaccus's HouseEdit

In Ignatius Flaccus's House, you'll find a Robot arena. The Robots are too beat up to fight, but you can repair them by taking the Dwemer Warbots quest. Of course, having killing robots around does have its risks...

Service BuildingsEdit

Eastern Godsreach
from left: The Winged Guar, Craftsmen's Hall, Museum of Artifacts

Craftsmen's HallEdit

This is a work hall for all crafting services. Found here are many people related to quests. One quest involves a sneaky husband's affair on the top floor. Another has to do with a crazy lady's questions about strange devices. An interesting quest involves a kleptomaniacal pack-rat (a.k.a. "The Clutter King") and his quest to find items to expand his collection. Bols Indalen offers to make custom armor for anyone who provides the materials and a fee. Next to him is Ilnori Faustus who tells you that he's simply too good be a simple apprentice and has ambitions to become an adventurer, and you must find someone to replace him. Elbert Nermarc, the enchanter, can be found on the top floor; his prices may be lowered if you return a book during a quest given by a pawnbroker in the Great Bazaar. A closed door marked "Keep Out!" will lead to a Muckraking Journalist.

Museum of ArtifactsEdit

This heavily guarded building is used to display a variety of unique items to Morrowind. The museum is also willing to accept new items as part of a quest, but the current owner will be reimbursed only in part. No actual services are offered by the museum.

The Winged GuarEdit

The Winged Guar is the only tavern in the Godsreach district, and is also the location of many important (quest-related) people, so don't go on any murderous rampages here. Outside Eno Romari, a cult member, walks around. Inside is an Orc informant, Bakh gro-Sham, who has some information regarding an assassination attempt during the Main Quest. Hession, the owner of the bar, asks anyone willing to stand in for a bouncer. Ra'Tesh, the publican behind the counter, sells drinks and food. Next to the bar, Galms Seles plays a rigged game of shells.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Deldrise Andoren Female Dunmer Noble 20 148 140 50 30 Andoren Manor
Yagak gro-Gluk Male Orc Smith 45 364 130 0 30 Craftsmen's Hall
Elbert Nermarc Male Breton Enchanter Service 30 156 200 100 30 Craftsmen's Hall Enchanter, Merchant
Bols Indalen Male Dunmer Smith 15 165 102 90 30 Craftsmen's Hall Custom Armor, Repairs, Merchant
Detritus Caria Male Breton Noble 20 148 160 0 30 Craftsmen's Hall
Ilnori Faustus Male Imperial Crusader 10 110 100 0 30 Craftsmen's Hall
Trels Varis Male Dunmer Journalist 10 120 130 90 50 Secret Office
Sendel Tedas Male Dunmer Enforcer 10 83 100 90 50 Secret Office
Feranos Hlando Male Dunmer Witchhunter 10 75 158 90 50 Secret Office
Veros Nerethi Male Dunmer Battlemage House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 12 97 148 0 90 Secret Office
Ignatius Flaccus Male Imperial Enchanter 20 119 200 0 / 50 30 Ignatius Flaccus's House Second Alarm rating is after the Dwemer Warbots quest; Does not actually offer Enchanter services
Ravani Llethan Female Dunmer Healer 13 92 106 0 30 Llethan Manor Widow of the late King Llethan
Donus Serethi Male Dunmer Spellsword House Hlaalu House Cousin(House Cousin) 17 135 124 90 30 Llethan Manor
Anrel Female Bosmer Spellsword House Hlaalu Retainer(Retainer) 12 135 98 90 30 Llethan Manor
Tadera Andules Female Dunmer Noble 35 237 288 90 30 Sadri Manor
Alvan Llarys Male Dunmer Noble 30 212 172 90 30 Sadri Manor
Golena Sadri Female Dunmer Thief 40 232/300 200 90/0 30 Sadri Manor Second statistics are during The Thief quest.
Mitanne Limax Female Breton Commoner 25 177 152 0 30 The Winged Guar
Ra'Tesh Male Khajiit Trader Service 25 186 156 100 0 The Winged Guar Trader
Bakh gro-Sham Male Orc Agent 35 221 134 0 30 The Winged Guar Trainer
Hession Female Altmer Publican 40 235 200 100 30 The Winged Guar Merchant
Galms Seles Male Dunmer Commoner 20 158 122 0 30 The Winged Guar Runs a fixed shell game
Holmar Male Nord Barbarian 15 155 82 0 30 The Winged Guar
Denegor Male Bosmer Commoner 15 118 110 0 30 The Winged Guar
Therdon Male Redguard Commoner 10 108 80 0 30 The Winged Guar
Soscean Male Redguard Warrior 20 214 90 0 0 The Winged Guar
Geon Auline Male Breton Noble 25 177 176 0 30 Geon Auline's House
Arnsa Thendas Female Dunmer Noble 20 148 140 100 30 Thendas Manor
Olvyne Dobar Female Dunmer Rogue 30 233 126 90 50 Vacant Manor
Felvan Ienith Male Dunmer Rogue 30 228 126 90 50 Vacant Manor
Dovor Oren Male Dunmer Rogue 50 375 158 90 50 Vacant Manor
Gavis Velas Male Dunmer Mage 30 150 198 50 30 Velas Manor
Torasa Aram Female Dunmer Noble 30 207 172 100 30 Museum of Artifacts
Eno Romari Male Dunmer Priest 20 119 134 0 30 Outside
Salas Valor Male Dunmer Crusader 40 350 166 100 30 Outside
High-Pockets Male Bosmer Thief 10 76 108 0 30 Outside
Venasa Sarano Female Dunmer Commoner 5 63 88 0 30 Outside
Thrud Male Nord Barbarian 25 212 98 0 30 Outside Follows you during The Barbarian and the Book
Taren Andoren Male Dunmer Noble 19 147 138 0 30 Outside
Velyna Seran Female Dunmer Commoner 20 153 122 0 30 Outside
Elanande Female Altmer Battlemage 30 200 200 0 0 Outside

Related QuestsEdit


Map of Godsreach
  1. Trapdoor to the Residential Sewers
  2. Door to the Temple Courtyard
  3. Llethan Manor
  4. Velas Manor
  5. The Winged Guar
  6. Sadri Manor
  7. Thendas Manor
  8. Craftsmen's Hall
  9. Geon Auline's House
  10. Vacant Manor
  11. The Museum of Artifacts
  12. Ignatius Flaccus' House
  13. Andoren Manor
  14. Door to the Plaza Brindisi Dorom