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Varo Tradehouse
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Proprietor Burcanius Varo
Console Location Code(s)
Vos, Varo Tradehouse
Vos, [12,15]
The Varo Tradehouse

The Varo Tradehouse is an inn located near the docks of Vos.

The large and friendly inn is a good alternative to Tel Mora for men seeking accommodation. The publican Burcanius Varo offers food and drinks, as well as beds for 10 gold a night to all visitors. His wife Ferise sells spells and spellmaking services to all who need them.

The inn is split into three sections: the main room (Varo Tradehouse), storage (Varo Tradehouse Storage), and entrance (Varo Tradehouse Entrance); the storage and entrance rooms can both be reached on the main room's second floor, with the entrance also having a locked door that leads outside. In the main room, a bed which you may rent is on the top floor. A rat inhabits the inn's storage room, seemingly because of certain shipments that were stored here. Two locked chests containing gold can be found on the storage room's second floor. Ferise Varo resides in the entrance, where there isn't much else of note.


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Burcanius Varo   Imperial Publican 8 76 122 100 30 Merchant
Ferise Varo   Dark Elf Mage Service 7 58 120 100 30 Entrance Spellmaker; Spell Merchant
Hairan Mannanalit   Dark Elf Scout Ashlanders Hearthfriend(Hearthfriend) 8 93 96 0 30 Trainer
Smokey Morth   Wood Elf Sorcerer 8 70 134 0 30