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This page lists the various master skill trainers found in Morrowind that can train a skill up to the maximum 100 (sorted by skill). A complete list of all trainers can be found on the Trainers page.

For unlimited levels, fortify one of your attributes that one of your major or minor skills is governed by and then go to the master trainer for that skill. You will be able to train without limit. Your skill will not go above 100, but you will still gain the level up points (10/level). Leveling up increases every character's hit points.

Skill Town House/Location Trainer Notes
Acrobatics Vivec, Arena Canton Waistworks, Fighter's Quarters Senyndie Mentioned in the book Realizations of Acrobacy. Recommended by Ahnassi during the Ahnassi, a Special Friend quest.
Alchemy Valenvaryon Stronghold Propylon Chamber Abelle Chriditte Mentioned in the book The Cake and the Diamond.
Alteration Tel Branora Seryne Relas's House Seryne Relas Mentioned in the book Breathing Water.
Armorer Ebonheart Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Sirollus Saccus Mentioned in the book The Armorer's Challenge. Does not give the option to train unless you have the LeFemm Armor plugin installed.
PC Only This bug is fixed by the Morrowind Patch Project.
Athletics Kaushtababi Camp Adibael's Yurt Adibael Hainnabibi
Axe Falensarano Stronghold Upper Level Alfhedil Elf-Hewer Mentioned in the book The Third Door.
Block Buckmoth Legion Fort Courtyard Shardie Mentioned in the book The Hope of the Redoran, although this implies incorrectly that her specialty is Blunt Weapons rather than Block.
Blunt Weapon Vivec, St. Delyn Canton Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise Ernse Llervu Mentioned in the book Hallgerd's Tale. Downstairs in the locked (30) room.
Conjuration Ald'ruhn Temple Methal Seran Mentioned in the book Guide to Ald'ruhn. Requires a high rank in the Tribunal Temple.
Destruction Piernette's Farmhouse Just east of the Farmhouse Leles Birian Has a tendency to wander about a bit, even between training sessions if you want to train more than once in succession.
Enchant Indoranyon Stronghold Near exit Qorwynn May attack you on sight. Use a Calm Humanoid spell in order to talk with him and receive training, or use Chameleon and Invisibility to sneak up on him and talk before he attacks.
Hand-to-hand Holamayan Monastery Lower level, southwest bedroom Taren Omothan Mentioned in the book Master Zoaraym's Tale.
Heavy Armor Vivec, Arena Canton Fighter's Training Seanwen
Illusion Sadrith Mora Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Erer Darothril Mentioned in the book Silence.
Light Armor Maar Gan Andus Tradehouse Aerin Mentioned in the book The Rear Guard.
Long Blade Molag Mar Armigers Stronghold Ulms Drathen May allow you to overtrain to unlimited level.
Marksman Falasmaryon Stronghold Missun Akin's Hut Missun Akin Mentioned in the books The Black Arrow.
Medium Armor nowhere
(***Tel Fyr)
(***Outside, at the boat dock)
Cinia Urtius No master trainer for Medium Armor appears in the game (Cinia Urtius is listed in the Construction Set but does not exist in-game).
PC Only This bug is fixed by the Morrowind Patch Project. She is placed at the docks in Tel Fyr.
Mercantile Zainab Camp Ababael's Yurt Ababael Timsar-Dadisun Author of the book The Buying Game. Oddly enough he is not even the designated trader of the Zainab tribe, a job he leaves to an apprentice.
Mysticism Sadrith Mora Gateway Inn: West Wing Ardarume
Restoration Vos Chapel Yakin Bael Mentioned in the book The Four Suitors of Benitah.
Security Balmora Hecerinde's House Hecerinde Thieves Guild, involved in the quest Master of Security.
Short Blade Balmora Lucky Lockup Cornerclub Todwendy
Sneak Caldera Shenk's Shovel Ri'Shajirr
Sneak Gnaar Mok Druegh-jigger's Rest Wadarkhu
Spear Ghostgate Tower of Dusk, Lower Level Mertis Falandas
Speechcraft Wolverine Hall Mages Guild Skink-in-Tree's-Shade Requires 80+ disposition and magician rank in Mages Guild.
Unarmored Dagon Fel Vacant Tower Khargol gro-Boguk Mentioned in the book The Wraith's Wedding Dowry.