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Some of the different races of Tamriel

Races are the varied forms of intelligent life that inhabit the realms of the Aurbis, both mortal and immortal. The mortal races are generally classified into three categories: men, elves, and beastfolk.[1] The immortal races of the Gods are often et'Ada.[2] Additionally, several races exist that hail from the continent of Akavir. While these are described as beastfolk,[3] conflicting information plagues the races of the faraway land and they are therefore categorized separately. Any races that fit into none of these categories, such as spirits of unclear nature or those known only through myth, may be placed within the Spirit or Other categories. While men and elves are almost always described as such, races may be included—if otherwise belonging to the Other category—in Beastfolk, based on displaying animalistic properties.

Several specific groupings, such as Nedes, beastfolk, and nature spirits, have been considered so broad as to be technically worthless.[4][5] However they are still often grouped together by most sources due to shared traits, as opposed to direct relations. For information on people of mixed descent, see the article on multiraciality.

There are several instances of otherwise animalistic or primitive creatures, such as trolls and mudcrabs,[6][7] being capable of speech or higher intelligence; these are usually unique exceptions or characters in tales either fictional or shrouded in myth.[8][9] These fringe examples are not included on the page as they are not considered reflective of those species as a whole. Additionally, some constructs such as Factotums, despite not being included on this page, can be capable of speech, higher intelligence, and even self-awareness.

Races in bold have been playable in the games.


These races are sometimes grouped together under "Nedes" due to their status as Merethic Era humans; the term however is considered too broad, as most races falling under the term are too different from each other for it to have any real bearing.


§These races, while sometimes grouped together with goblin-kin, are by and large considered to be Mer.



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