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The Mudcrab (or Mud Crab) is a common crustacean capable of camouflaging itself as a small rock. They can be found along every shore and waterway of Tamriel, and are also a common sight underground.[1] They are not typically aggressive unless cornered or provoked. However, if a mudcrab ever gets a taste of meat it becomes a hunter, and may be a threat to livestock.[2] Mudcrabs are usually not dangerous unless they swarm, as they rely solely on their pincers and burrowing abilities in combat.[3] Some mudcrabs can grow to enormous sizes, and rare albino variants are known to exist.[4] Large specimens sometimes cannibalize smaller mudcrabs. Although they are inquisitive by nature and can be kept as pets,[3] most citizens of Tamriel regard mudcrabs as disgusting vermin.[1] Many different varieties of mudcrab exist; two known species are the Nibenay Mudcrab and the Rufous Mudcrab.[3] Mudcrabs are prized for their sweet crab meat and legs, and their chitin is sometimes used in alchemy.[2][5] There have been cases where mudcrabs have shown humanoid levels of intelligence and the ability to speak, and they were rumored to be in control of the Imperial mining operation at Caldera.[2]

Dwarven Armored Mudcrab[edit]

Dwarven Armored Mudcrabs are a variant of Mudcrabs which have been specially outfitted with and fused to Dwarven metals. Only one is confirmed to have existed, having been found deep in Dwarven ruins in Markarth, which suggests that the Mudcrab had survived for some years within the ruins.[6]

Blue Sandcrab[edit]

Blue Sandcrabs are a blue variant of crab found along the coast of the Inner Sea in the Stonefalls region of Morrowind.[3]

Emperor Crab[edit]

Emperor Crabs were gigantic crab-like creatures once native to Vvardenfell, contemporary with the early settled Chimer. The species died out long before 3E 427, and some naturalists believe they are related to the mudcrabs of Morrowind.[7] The most famous Emperor Crab was called Skar, and its giant shell was incorporated into the city of Ald'ruhn. "Under Skar" was the manor district of the settlement, and housed the leaders of Great House Redoran as well as several merchants.[2] Ald'ruhn was destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis by the Daedric armies of Mehrunes Dagon.[1]


Gravelclaws are terrestrial crabs found living on the rocky slopes of the Dragontail Mountains in Hammerfell.[3]

Spectral Mud Crab[edit]

Spectral Mud Crabs were ghostly mudcrabs found in Gaiar Alata, a pocket realm of Oblivion that was destroyed in 3E 433. They were known to hoard enchanted items.[1]


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