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Traditional Perena armor

The Perena were a tribe of Nedes that inhabited Cyrodiil[1] and Hammerfell.[2] They were prominent followers of the Cult of the Stars[2][3] and members of the Duraki kingdom.[4] When Virmaril the Betrayer murdered and subjagted the Nedic kings at Skyreach, the seat of Duraki power, three Perena soul mages - Garalan, Armok, and Shavmar - descended into the city's catacombs and sealed the lich behind a ward that drained his power.[5][6][2] Much of the race's history, including the sealing of Virmaril, is only known through a relic dubbed the Perenaal Fragment.[7][3]

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  • The Keptu and Duraki, other substantial Nedic tribes in Hammerfell.