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Half-Giants are the descendants of Men and Giants or Sea Giants. They take on the qualities of their mixed heritage, which can be passed down to their descendants.[UOL 1] The seed of a Giant or Sea Giant descendant is potent, and those impregnated by a male descendant can actually die during the process of childbirth.[1] Half-Giants tend to be much taller then the other races, but not nearly as tall as their Giant forebears with one unique exception.[2]

Sinmur, also known as Sinmur the Terrible and the Giant of Legend, was a Merethic Era Half-Giant chieftain from Skyrim.[3] Leading hundreds of his kin, he is perhaps best remembered for his epic conflict against Ysgramor and the Five Hundred Companions.[4][5]

Circa 2E 582, Half-Giant and Sea Giant raiders led by Vampire Lord Falgravn stormed the shores of Kyne's Aegis, but were defeated by a group of Undaunted.[6]


  • Individuals with Giant ancestry such as Lyris Titanborn are also colloquially known as Half-Giants.[7]



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