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A Naga from the Dead-Water Tribe in ESO
Nasty characters. Puff adders with legs and arms, seven feet tall, eight when they're mad. Come from the inner swamp, and they don't like it here much so they're particularly peevish.The Argonian Account

Nagas are a breed of Argonian that live in the inner parts of Black Marsh. Nagas have some distinct differences in their appearance compared to the Argonian most commonly seen throughout Tamriel. They are described as having "huge mouths filled with dripping needle-like fangs". Nagas range from anywhere between seven to eight feet tall, though the Naga-Kur tribe found within Murkmire appears to be about the same height as the common variety of Argonian. Naga are sometimes called 'puff adders with legs and arms', suggesting snake-like features.[1] Like other Argonians, Nagas lay eggs, and Naga hatchlings are able to walk right after they hatch.[2] Naga tend to be drawn to war and violence more than other breeds of Argonians.[3]


When Imperial interests were attempting to maintain plantations in Argonia, the Nagas generally acted as highway robbers; however, following the cessation of these efforts, they have since left the roads and have gone back into the inner swamps.[1] They and several of the other Middle Argonia tribes are reputed to kill outsiders.[4]


The Naga-Kur (known as the Dead-Water Tribe in Tamrielic) is a tribe of Nagas, a rare breed of Argonian. However, they seem smaller than the pre-determined average size of others of their kind. Their village is known as Dead-Water Village and they control vast swaths of northern Murkmire and are greatly feared by the Argonians of the surrounding villages.



  • The Hist tree belonging to the Dead-Water Tribe has blue flowers instead of the usual red. It is unknown if this is specific to their tribe or to Nagas in general.
  • A prerelease version of Tribes of Murkmire: Ghost People described the Naga as similar to serpents, frogs, or "cuddlefish". The current version of this book does not include such references.

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