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This page details the ten playable races in Blades, as well as the many non-playable NPC races you can encounter. The mad Breton, Theodor Gorlash, can change your race in Town after Character Creation in exchange for gems.

Playable Races[edit]

There are ten playable races in Blades.

  • Altmer (High Elves) +15% Shock Resistance +5% Magicka Regeneration
  • Argonian (Saxhleel) +5% Health Regeneration +5% Damage with Daggers, Hand Axes, and Light Hammers
  • Bosmer (Wood Elves) +15% Poison Resistance +5% Damage with Abilities
  • Breton +10% Spell Resistance +5% Damage with Longsword, War Axes, and Maces
  • Dunmer (Dark Elves) +15% Fire Resistance +5% Damage with Spells
  • Imperial (Cyrodiils) +5% Health Restored from Healing Effects +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces
  • Khajiit +5% Armor Rating +10% Poison Damage
  • Nord +15% Frost Resistance +5% Damage with Greatswords, Battleaxes, and Warhammers
  • Orc (Orsimer) +5% Armor Rating +5% Damage with Abilities
  • Redguard +15% Poison Resistance +5% Stamina Regeneration
Race Damage Resistance Regeneration
Light weapons Versatile weapons Heavy weapons Abilities Poison Spells Shock Armor Rating Poison Spell Fire Frost Health Healing Effects Stamina Magicka
Altmer (High Elves) +15% +5%
Orc (Orsimer) +5% +5%
Bosmer (Wood Elves) +5% +15%
Dunmer (Dark Elves) +5% +15%
Argonian (Saxhleel) +5% +5%
Imperial (Cyrodiils) +5% +5%
Breton +5% +10%
Nord +5% +15%
Khajiit +10% +5%
Redguard +15% +5%
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