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Centaurs are a nomadic, intelligent beast race that possesses the head and torso of a tall powerfully-built man and the lower body of a horse.[1][2] They are legendary creatures who are worshipped by some and despised by others.[3] Considered to be ancient and mysterious, centaurs are capable of sophisticated speech and refer to others as "mortals",[4] suggesting that they possess a greater lifespan. In Valenwood, centaurs were one of the many civilizations inhabiting the province's vast jungles, predating the elven inhabitants arrival.[5] Following the fall of the Second Empire, they came to inhabit the abandoned human trading posts,[1] and families of centaurs attended revelries in Falinesti alongside Bosmer, Wood Orcs, and Imga.[2] The Elden Hollow beneath Elden Root was the final resting place for generations of centaurs and minotaurs.[6] In High Rock, centaurs made their homes in the woods and hills of Bangkorai, having been more commonly found in the First Era.[7] Their populations dwindled by the Second Era, but proliferated to higher numbers later on.[UOL 1] By the late Third Era, they were still encountered in the Illiac Bay regions of High Rock and Hammerfell.[8]

Legends of their exploits range from being described as epic to pornographic, perhaps for no better reason than that they have varied personalities. Capable of using weapons such as spears and bows, there are few who are equal to them in battle.[3] Speakers of Centaurian, which was taught by the Resolution of Z'en, can prevent them from attacking.[8] According to the Conclave of the Eleven Forces, they are "true followers of the Old Ways", referring to the complex system of ancestor worship that the Psijic Order itself espouses.[3]



  • Spider Daedra are sometimes described as being centaur-like, having a humanoid head and torso atop a spider's body.[9]

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