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The stars of Mundus

Magna Ge (or Magne-Ge), are a family of divine beings that fled Nirn soon after its creation, following Magnus, the architect.[1][2][3] These Anuic spirits left tears in the veil of Oblivion as they retreated to Aetherius, allowing its light to reach Mundus. The Magna Ge are now synonymous with the stars, which they created.[3][UOL 1] Those who separated from Magnus as he withdrew from creation are sometimes called Star-Orphans, and were recognized by the Ayleids as the Nine Coruscations.[2][3][4][UOL 2][UOL 3] Magnus created his offspring from aether, with his daughters emerging from forges. These offspring comprised the Magna Ge, which included the Nine Coruscations.[5][6]

Mnemoli the Blue Star, or Mnemo-Li, is the most well-known Magna Ge. She is associated with "un-time" events, and it is said that she was visible even in the daytime sky during the Dragon Break. Merid-Nunda was once one of the Magna Ge before she consorted with the Daedra and became the Daedric Prince Meridia. Xero-Lyg is a third identified Magna Ge. Mnemoli, Merid-Nunda and Xero-Lyg were referred to as sisters, and together with six other Magna Ge: Iana-Lor, Londa-Vera, Sheza-Rana, Unala-Se, Valia-Sha, and the eldest of them all, the Prime Archon, they formed the group of the Nine Coruscations.[6][3] A Dunmeri folktale also claims the moonlet Baar Dau originated as a wayward Magna Ge named Una who came to rest above Nirn to console it after the other Magna Ge departed, but this story is uncorroborated.[2]

Mankar Camoran credits the Magna Ge with creating Mehrunes Dagon in "the bowels of Lyg".[7] The Order of the Waking Flame embraced Sister Celdina's beliefs that Mehrunes Dagon was created by the Magna Ge to unmake the flawed creation of Mundus in accordance to Magnus's plans.[8] To them, Mundus is a place of pain and suffering, thus they looked to Dagon to move past their mortal perils, hoping that he would purge the impurities of existence so that it may emerge anew.[9][10] This contrasted the ideas of Lyranth, who believes that when the Magna Ge fled, they spat on the conviction of the Aedra that remained to finish creating Mundus, and Dagon's emergence and sphere may be reflective of the destruction caused by their abandonment.[11]

Before it was pillaged by the Reachmen in 2E 541,[12] the Priory of the Golden Staff, a monastery dedicated to Magnus, held forbidden texts that described the Magna Ge's search for a tool that could unmake Nirn's flaws and thus restore it to Magnus's design, and this tool was said to be Mehrunes Dagon.[13]

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  • Una — A wayward Magna Ge who, according to the Dunmeri folklore, became the Baar Dau moonlet.


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