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Ayleid Wells are scattered across the landscape in Cyrodiil; they will not appear on your compass and do not have map markers. Each appears as a circle of low ruined walls surrounding a stone well emitting light. Using a well will grant a blessing consisting of magicka restoration (restore magicka by 400 points) and a spell that fortifies magicka by 50 points for 300 seconds. Wells can only be used once a day, after which the light effect disappears. Each can be reused after midnight, signaled by the reappearance of the light effect. Trying to use the well again before this reset will result in the message "A drained well recharges slowly."

Wells are often found near the Red Ring Road, and are more common in Nibenay than Colovia. They are sometimes found near Ayleid ruins. Built by the Ayleids from meteoric iron and other Aetherial fragments sometime before the end of the First Era, much of their history remains a mystery. The book Magic from the Sky, by Irlav Jarol, Ayleid researcher and member of the Arcane University, describes the creation of the wells and speculates on their inner workings.


The Ayleid Well near Fort Empire

The locations of all thirty-five wells may be viewed on the Oblivion map.


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  • The Fortify Magicka effect does not stack. Therefore, using multiple wells in a short duration will not grant multiple bonuses. The fotification effect is capped at 50.
  • Ayleid Wells also appear in ESO.


  • Characters with Spell Absorption may absorb a well's spell. This is one way for characters with the Atronach birthsign to restore their magicka.
  • When using a well, the game behaves as if you cast the Fortify Magicka spell. Therefore, using a well contributes to your Restoration skill experience, with the magnitude of the magicka bonus affected by your spell effectiveness. For this reason, it is best to remove all armor before using the well in order to receive the highest bonus (at 95% spell effectiveness, you will receive 47 magicka).
  •   Sometimes a well will not recharge at midnight, but will nevertheless display the light effect suggesting the well is again active. Trying to use the well, however, will result in the message "A drained well recharges slowly." ?