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Oblivion:Fat Ramp Camp

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Fat Ramp Camp
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Console Location Code(s)
West Weald
West of Skingrad, south of Cursed Mine
Fat Ramp Camp

Fat Ramp Camp is a campsite west of Skingrad containing bandits.

It is south of Cursed Mine on the Gold Road, with the bandit inhabitants preying on travelers. The site consists of three tents with bedrolls, an unlit campfire with an empty cooking pot, two non-respawning bowls, and a non-respawning basket holding a piece of boar meat. The camp also offers convenient access to the Ayleid Well across the road to the northwest. Typical for the West Weald, the area is densely vegetated; several colorful flax plants grow around the edges of the camp clearing, with a large variety of additional plants in the wider area. During the main quest, an Oblivion Gate may open nearby to the southwest.


  • 1 Campsite Bandit (50% probability melee Bandit, 25% archer Bandit, 12.5% Bandit Hedge Wizard, 12.5% dog)
  • 50% chance of 1 Road Bandit (66% melee Bandit, 33% archer Bandit)




  • The location code references the camp as Fat Rat Camp, which perhaps makes more sense than the in-game label Fat Ramp Camp.