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Oblivion:Roxey Inn

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Roxey Inn
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Room Value 10
Publican Malene
Console Location Code(s)
RoxeyInnExterior01, RoxeyInn
Great Forest
Northeast of the Imperial City, on the Red Ring Road
Roxey Inn

The Roxey Inn is an inn northeast of the Imperial City (quest-related).

The publican, Malene, buys potions and food while only selling the latter. The first floor contains the main reception area, consisting of a bar with a counter and a dining room. Behind the counter is a free bedroll where Malene sleeps. The guest rooms are upstairs.

The room you can rent is the second on the left. It contains a bedroll, a chest, and a sack. The adjacent room is locked with a Hard lock, and contains a free bedroll where Pranal sleeps, a chest, and two sacks.


Brucetus Festinius *
Claude Maric *
Rigmor *
S'razirr *

*Only present at the inn before (and if still alive, after) the quest Nothing You Can Possess.

Quests Starting HereEdit

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  • An Imperial Legion Soldier can be found frequenting the inn.
  • The guards who patrol east and west along the nearby stretch of road turn around directly in front of the inn.
  • The chest in your room won't reset after 72 hours and can be safely used for storing items. However, items retrieved from the chest may become marked as stolen.
  • Be wary of getting Brucetus Festinius, Rigmor, or S'razirr angry with you in the inn. Due to their high aggression, they will attack you in the cramped space, and if anyone else in the inn likes you enough, they will join you in the fight, most likely resulting in a few casualties.


  • The first time you ask Malene about Rumors, she will mention a strange village near the inn, Aleswell. The conversation subject Aleswell will then appear in your dialogue options, and asking her about the village will result in her describing it as "northwest" of the inn, adding the quest Zero Visibility to your journal. However, the village is in fact due west of the inn.
    •   The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, version 3.4.0, addresses this issue. Both the audio and subtitle now correctly refer to Aleswell as being west of the inn.
  • There is a free bedroll outside, along the back wall of the inn.