Oblivion: Anutwyll

Oblivion: Places: Ayleid Ruins
Ayleid Ruin:
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# of Zones 2
# of Welkynd Stones 3
# of Varla Stones 1
(1 boss-level Monster)
Important Treasure
1 boss-level Ayleid Reliquary
Console Location Code(s)
AnutwyllExterior, Anutwyll, Anutwyll02
Nibenay Valley
Northwest of Bravil, south of the Green Road

Anutwyll is a medium-sized Ayleid ruin northwest of Bravil containing monsters. It contains two zones: Anutwyll and Anutwyll Inner Chambers.


  • Carandial has set up a camp near the entrance of Anutwyll and will visit the ruin as part of his Ayleid research.


Key to Maps
Map of Anutwyll Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel 14, -7
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Anutwyll (editor name AnutwyllMapMarker). The entrance door is NNW of the marker, 60 feet away.
  • 0-2 Monsters are near the entrance
  • 1 Chest 04 is found on top of the entrance, and can be reached by climbing up the hill behind it.
  • The following plants can be found near the entrance: 1 Green Stain Cup plant, 2 Mandrake plants, and 3 Nightshade plants
  • There is an Ayleid Well right next to the entrance (A), which will supply you with some potentially useful extra Magicka.
  • 1 bedroll is at b (part of Carandial's camp)

Zone 1: AnutwyllEdit

Carandial explores the ruin

This ruin is structured with chambers and overhanging corridors and enemies located on both. This means that, in the majority of cases, fighting with an enemy in a room will alert one on a corridor and vice versa. To avoid this, use Sneak or try to lure your opponents to areas that you have already cleared out.

Instead of picking gate G, jump down in the room below. Try to avoid the Gas Room Trap E while fighting the four enemies nearby or if you are resistant to gas, use it to your advantage. Work your way anti-clockwise, passing door C to the next zone and brave the various gas traps (D) in the next room, which is shaped like an "L". The secret wall at F is opened by pressing the push block (cyan dot on map) next to it and gives you access to a Varla stone (V). To exit the dungeon, open gate G by operating the push block next to it.




  • 1 Gas Room trap at location E on map
  • 14 Gas traps at D

Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors in/out of this zone
  • 1 Gate at G (locked). You can either pick the lock or navigate the dungeon in reverse, then open the gate using the "Push Block" on north side of door (cyan dot on map).
  • 1 Hidden Door at F

Zone 2: Anutwyll Inner ChambersEdit

Anutwyll Inner Chambers

By turning left just after having reached the end of the stairs you will arrive in a small alcove. Pressing the push block (cyan dot on map) in front of you will open the Hidden Door at D, which will reveal a room with a gas trap (T) and a minor loot chest. The room at the end of the corridor contains three Welkynd Stones, the Boss chest (B) and a boss-level monster (A) guarding it. Although theoretically possible, luring the boss inside the gas trap room is quite complex and isn't worth it in general.


  • 1 boss-level Monster at location A on map



  • 1 Gas trap at location T on map

Doors and Gates:

  • There is one door (at C) in/out of this zone, leading to the zone Anutwyll
  • 1 Hidden Door at D