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Of the many small towns dotting Vvardenfell, few are without a Tavern or Inn of some sort. Almost all taverns serve the various local alcoholic beverages: Shein, Mazte, Greef, and Sujamma, while fancier establishments may also stock more exotic spirits such as Cyrodiilic Brandy and Flin. Additionally, some taverns offer beds for the weary traveler, as well as a small selection of common potions to cure what the Mazte won't. In smaller towns, the tavern is the center of social life, and those offering services to travelers do so within. Taverns in larger towns with dedicated shops rarely offer such hospitality.

List of Taverns and InnsEdit

Here is a list of all the taverns in the game, sorted by location.

Tavern Location Beds Proprietor Gold Faction
Ald Skar Inn Ald'ruhn Yes  Boderi Farano 150
Council Club Ald'ruhn No  Darvam Hlaren Thieves Guild 0(Toad)
The Rat In The Pot Ald'ruhn No  Lirielle Stoine 250 Thieves Guild 1(Wet Ear)
Council Club Balmora Yes  Banor Seran 350 Camonna Tong 1(Tough)
Eight Plates Balmora Yes  Dulnea Ralaal 350
Lucky Lockup Balmora Yes  Benunius Agrudilius 300
South Wall Cornerclub Balmora Yes  Bacola Closcius 500 Thieves Guild 2(Footpad)
Shenk's Shovel Caldera Yes  Shenk 400
The End of the World Dagon Fel No 
Six Fishes Ebonheart Yes  Agning 150
Tower of Dusk Ghostgate Yes  Galore Salvi 650 House Redoran 4(Kinsman)
Madach Tradehouse Gnisis No  Fenas Madach 400 Thieves Guild 1(Wet Ear)
Andus Tradehouse Maar Gan Yes  Manse Andus 300
The Pilgrim's Rest Molag Mar No  Selkirnemus 50
Halfway Tavern Pelagiad Yes  Drelasa Ramothran 400
Fara's Hole in the Wall Sadrith Mora Yes  Fara 600
Gateway Inn Sadrith Mora Yes  Ery 300
Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Sadrith Mora No  Muriel Sette 50 Thieves Guild 2(Footpad)
Arrille's Tradehouse Seyda Neen No  Arrille 800
Desele's House of Earthly Delights Suran No  Helviane Desele 75
Suran Tradehouse Suran No  Ashumanu Eraishah 75
Plot and Plaster Tel Aruhn No  Drarayne Girith 350
Sethan's Tradehouse Tel Branora Yes  Llorayna Sethan 300
The Covenant Tel Mora Yes  Thaeril 250
Black Shalk Cornerclub Vivec, Foreign Quarter Yes  Raril Giral 250
Elven Nations Cornerclub Vivec, Hlaalu Canton No  Gadela Andus 50
No Name Club Vivec, Hlaalu Canton No  Brathus Dals 75
The Flowers of Gold Vivec, Redoran Canton Yes  Sorosi Radobar 500
The Lizard's Head Vivec, Telvanni Canton Yes  Manara Othan 350 House Telvanni 1(Retainer)
Varo Tradehouse Vos Yes  Burcanius Varo 300