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No Name Club
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Proprietor Brathus Dals
Console Location Code(s)
Vivec, No Name Club
Vivec, Hlaalu, [2,-11]
The No Name Club

The No Name Club is a tavern in the Hlaalu canton of Vivec, frequented by the Camonna Tong.

It is situated on the plaza across from the Hlaalu Weaponsmith. The publican Brathus Dals sells food and drinks, and even Moon Sugar.

Though there is not much of note on the first floor, behind a locked door you can find a trapdoor that leads to the lower level. Unlocking this door is not considered a crime. Downstairs hosts a number of trainers and merchants, and also a few chests and crates holding weapons and miscellaneous items.

The bar in the No Name Club


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Belos Falos Male Dunmer Thief Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 81 106 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Brathus Dals Male Dunmer Trader Service 9 96 32 100 30 Merchant
Gilan Daynes Male Dunmer Smith Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 116 92 100 30 Merchant; Repairs
Llavesa Drom Female Dunmer Master-at-Arms Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 114 92 0 30 Trainer
Lliram Alvor Male Dunmer Scout Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 105 98 0 30 Trainer
Nevos Urns Male Dunmer Drillmaster Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 94 112 100 30 Trainer
Rarvela Teran Female Dunmer Pawnbroker Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 70 126 100 30 Merchant
Traldrisa Tervayn Female Dunmer Savant Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 88 33 100 30 Trainer; Merchant