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Balmora Council Club
Proprietor Banor Seran
Console Location Code(s)
Balmora, Council Club
Balmora, [-3,-3]
The Council Club of the Camonna Tong

The Balmora Council Club is the local hangout of the Camonna Tong in Balmora.

In this tavern, you'll find no warm welcome, just sneers. The Bad People plot against their upstart rivals of the Thieves Guild. Thanelen Velas acts innocently, even though he fits the Murderer's Description. The publican Banor Seran might, unwillingly, donate some Cyrodiilic Brandy for the Imperial cause. Sovor Trandel carries a sought-after key.

Thanelen Velas is directly to the left of the entrance; Sovor Trandel, Vadusa Sathryon, Marasa Aren and bartender Banor Seran are in the larger bar area downstairs, along with a small amount of gold on a shelf behind the bar and a blue Glass Lantern on top of the counter.

Through the other doorway is small storage room containing crates of ingredients, one of which possibly contains some Cyrodiilic Brandy. Various sacks, barrels and baskets nearby contain more ingredients. Downstairs in one bedroom is the final bad person, Madrale Thirith, as well as a locked (75) chest at the end of bed containing smith Thanelen Velas' wares; Madrale Thirith and the rest of the club will turn hostile if they catch you unlocking it. The other bedroom is locked (50) and can be unlocked without consequence, but contains nothing of note.

On the rooftop, you'll find Tedryn Brenur and Dranas Dradas. Tedryn offers training.

Some bad people meeting in the Balmora Council Club

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Banor Seran   Dark Elf Publican Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 8 76 122 100 30 Council Club Merchant
Dranas Dradas   Dark Elf Drillmaster Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 94 112 0 30 Outside [-3,-3]
Madrale Thirith   Dark Elf Thief Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 76 106 100 50 Council Club Trainer; Merchant
Marasa Aren   Dark Elf Pawnbroker Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 76 126 100 50 Council Club Merchant
Sovor Trandel   Dark Elf Savant Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 79 130 100 30 Council Club Trainer; Merchant
Tedryn Brenur   Dark Elf Master-at-Arms Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 119 92 0 30 Outside [-3,-3] Trainer
Thanelen Velas   Dark Elf Smith Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 116 92 100 30 Council Club Blacksmith; Merchant
Vadusa Sathryon   Dark Elf Scout Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 100 98 0 30 Council Club Trainer